Goldador Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Goldador Dog Breed InformationGolden Retriever and Labrador are two of the most beautiful dog breeds to have existed. What if you could get your hands on a mixed pup of the two? Well, though Goldador may not have the best qualities of one, it has some of both.

A Goldador is a master of several fields. Be it hunting and sniffing or companionship and affection—the Golden Labrador is an all-rounder. The doggo is a people pleaser, and thus, very easy to train. Needless to say, the shiny coat of your golden or black furry baby makes it the talk of the town.

Read along to learn more about the versatile traits of this unique breed.

Goldador History

Goladors are not too ancient. In fact, they were bred just about a decade ago, which is why they do not have a profound historical presence. Breeders crossed the Retriever and Labrador breeds with hopes to get the traits of the two in one.

They wanted an intelligent work dog who was easy to train.

With quite successful results, you have the Goldador. The doggo is smart, intuitive, and serves as an excellent guide, rescue, and therapy dog. That is not all. It is also a fantastic companion and loves its humans passionately.

Thus, the canine will be indefinitely loyal to you. That said, you must also know that this particular designer breed has not yet gained much popularity.

Goldador Characteristics

Depending upon their parents’ breed, a Goldador may vary in specific traits. Still, the general nature of these pooches is friendly and outgoing. Since both Retrievers and Labs have multiple common characteristics, Goldadors are athletic yet lovesome, and intelligent yet social.

How Big Do Goldadors Get

Since both its parent breeds have similar sizes, most Goldadors will have a large, athletic body. They grow up to be 20 to 24 inches in height and weigh approximately 65 to 80 pounds. On average, these canines will reach their adult size by their 18th month.

How Long Does Goldador Live

If you want a companion for a prolonged period, a Goldador fits quite well. Your furry mate will be by your side for almost 10 to 15 years. Make sure to attend to its nutrition and activity needs to ensure the healthy life of your canine friend.

How Much Does a Goldador Cost

Both Golden Retrievers and Labradors have quite the fame in the world of pet owners. However, a Goldador’s popularity is nothing close to this. Still, if you look for a well-bred pup, it will cost around $4,500. Do not worry, as you can also go for a more affordable range of $400-$600.

These doggos fall under pet quality puppies and may not have purebred, registered parents.

Goldador Temperament/ Personality

Goldadors love their humans to bits and often get lonely if you leave them alone. So, make sure your furry friend always has a companion. The best part is that this canine will easily mingle with other pets and humans. So, leaving the doggo with other house members and doggies is not at all a concern.

That said, you must ensure not to leave little kids near the pup. Owing to its energetic nature, the canine may knock the child over, even if unintentionally. Also, you must teach your kids to approach the furry lad with respect and caution. Doing this will avoid any mishaps or abrupt reactions by the energetic doggo.

Caring for Goldador

Goldadors love to run around, which is why a large open space or yard is the best home for this pup. This section will further inform you about the factors you need to remember to keep your Goldador healthy and thriving.

Goldador Nutrition

Though individual doggies have varying food requirements, all Goldadors pretty much need high-energy foods. Since the furball loves to run around, you must give them about 3.5 to 2.5 cups of quality dog food daily. However, make sure that the doggo works out well and does not overeat.

How to Groom a Goldador

A Goldador may have a yellow-goldish coat or a red-brownish one. Irrespective, its double coat will be short, thick on the outside, and dense on the inside. Make sure to brush the furry mate 1-2 times a week. Also, give the pup a nail cut twice a month and teeth-brushing 2-3 times a week. Regular grooming is essential for the Golden’s mental well-being while keeping infections at bay.

Goldador Activity Levels

Similar to their parent breeds, Goladors are among the most energetic dog breeds. They require almost 30-40 minutes of heavy workouts every day. You can take your doggo for a long walk or a quick run to suffice the exercise needs. Nevertheless, the canine will be running around your house the entire day.

Caring for Goldador

Due to their exercising needs, it would be best to keep a Goldador in a house with a yard. However, the doggo will also love to live with you in an apartment, given you provide enough playtime outdoors.

Additionally, you must know that due to its thick coat, this doggie is not hypoallergenic. Its fur can be a breeding ground for allergens, which is why regular grooming is quintessential.

Apart from physical work, you must ensure that you keep the furball mentally busy. Teaching acts like fetching the newspaper, slippers, etc., will keep the baby overall healthy. Also, make sure to treat the doggie every time the Golden listens to you.

Goldador Health

The more active the doggo is, the fewer health issues it will face. Still, some common concerns are hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, and diabetes. Doggies may inherit dysplasia issues in their genes, which is a problem or dislocation of their bones.

As far as eye problems are concerned, your Goldador is prone to cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). While the former causes blurry vision, the latter may get severe, causing permanent blindness. Diabetes is another problem that this breed may be vulnerable to but can be controlled with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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