Golden Border Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Golden Border Retriever mixes the personality and name of its incredible parents, the Golden Retriever and Border Collie. Generally, it is a medium to a large-sized dog that perfectly balances its parents’ traits and features. Owing to the size and high energy levels, this dog is not suited for an apartment lifestyle but rather in a spacious area. Read on to know all about this incredible hybrid.

Golden Border Retriever History

Golden Border Retriever Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBeing a fairly recent breed, Golden Border Retriever does not have much of a history to discuss. So, let us look at its parent’s history to find out more. The Golden Retriever is a medium to large-sized dog that originated in the 1800s. It was widely used as a water retriever and gundog. According to experts, these dogs might descend from other retriever dogs like Flat-coated/Wavy-coated Retriever, or else. The breed was originally bred in Scotland in the mid-19th century. In 1925, the AKC officially recognized Golden Retriever and declared it the third most popular dog breed.

On the other hand, the Border Collie originated in Europe when invading Romans come to England with their sheepdogs. The breeding of these dogs with the Vikings’ dog produced Border Collie. It is an ancient dog with and the frescoes of the 18th century revealed its presence also. Some theories suggest that the now-extinct dog “Old Hemp” is the progenitor of Border Collie. In 1995 the American Kennel Club registered this breed.

Golden Border Retriever Characteristics

The Golden Border Retriever takes on more characteristics from the parents who contributed many dominant genes into the bio gene pool. Generally, it is a medium to large-sized dog and a perfect balance of the Golden Retriever and Border Collie. The body is longer than it is tall, with the head proportionate to the overall body. The muzzle is pointy with a black nose, while the ears are also pointed.

How Big to Golden Border Retriever Get

The males have an average weight of about 50-75 lbs and an average height of 21-24 inches. Their female counterparts are comparatively small and have an average weight of 45-70 lbs and an average height of 19-22 inches.

How Long Does Golden Border Retriever Live

Being a healthier hybrid, the Golden Border Retriever lives a prosperous life. It has an average life expectancy of around 10 – 14 years. Your dog’s life span depends on how much effort you’re willing to invest in its care of diet, exercise, and other needs.

How Much Does a Golden Border Retriever Cost

Being a designer dog belonging to purebred parents, the Golden Border Retriever is a rare hybrid and not easily available. You will have to invest a little time searching for a reputable breeder. With all these prerequisites, this hybrid can cost you almost $700 to $800.

Golden Border Retriever Temperament/Personality

Golden Border Retrievers are active and fun-loving dogs that bond with you like a beloved family member. It is a kind, friendly and confident hybrid that is equally amiable with strangers and those familiar to them. It is, however, quick to sense any danger or suspicious person and is very protective of its owner’s family and material belongings.

Other than giving love, these adorable puppies are very demanding, playful, and energetic. They thrive best in homes where they can get plenty of play and exercise. They are intelligent and highly trainable, so you must use their talent to learn various things. They can live excellently with other pets if given proper socialization.

Caring for Golden Border Retriever

Golden Border Retriever is a large-sized dog that is not suited for an apartment lifestyle. It is best to keep it in a house with a yard as this athletic doggy can be a great escaper, so there must be an Electric Dog Fence around the yard.

Golden Border Retriever Nutrition

Golden Border Retriever is a medium to large-sized food-driven dog. Please take notice of what your dog is eating and make sure to assign its feeding duty to one person to notice the meal intake. Canine Caviar Dog Food, Cloud Star Dog Food, and Dave’s Dog Food are some good quality dog food brands to consider.

How to Groom a Golden Border Retriever

A Golden Border Retriever may have a double coat with a short, thick, straight topcoat and a soft, dense undercoat. Weekly brushing with a Dog brush will remove dead hair. However, daily brushing is recommended during seasonal shedding periods. Check the ears weekly and clean them along with trimming nails and brushing your dog’s teeth.

Golden Border Retriever Activity Levels

The Golden Border Retriever is a hybrid of two breeds with high energy. It will need an hour of vigorous exercise daily to keep the energy out and maintaining physical and mental health. Lack of exercise, especially to such an active hybrid, can lead to serious behavioral and health problems.

Caring for Golden Border Retriever

Your Golden Border Retriever is easy to groom and easy-to-maintain canine. You have to take its care, without any exaggeration, like your kids. Provide it with a high-quality diet and ensure the availability of fresh water at all times.

Don’t overlook its activity needs and take it outside to a doggy park to make him excited and happy. This doggy prefers moderate regions, and while he tolerates hot and cold environments, he does not do well in extreme climates.

Golden Border Retriever Health

Golden Border Retriever is are prone to certain diseases. It’s important to be aware of them if you’re considering this hybrid. These diseases are Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Elbow Dysplasia, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Skin Allergies, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, and Periodontal Disease.

Follow a health regimen for your dog and seek medication as organized by the veterinarian. Especially if you notice anything unusual with your pup’s behavior, take it to the vet immediately.

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