Golden Dox Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The hybrid dog is a crossbreed between Golden Retriever and Dachshund. Golden Dox is a medium-sized dog also known as Golden Winnie dog and Golden Retriever Dachshund mix. This crossbreed is highly energetic, playful, and loyal.

Golden Dox is a good companion and family dog. This designer breed was also developed within these two decades to get intelligent, smart, beautiful, and faithful traits from the parent’s crossbreed. It requires average to high maintenance and grooming. Below is the list of every piece of information regarding this excellent doggy.

Golden Dox History

Golden Dox Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe history archives of Golden Dox are not well-documented. The parent’s breed was crossbred to develop unique characteristics. The Golden Retriever has its origin in Scotland; a medium-sized dog bred to retrieve shot waterfowl during hunting parties. Their friendly, tolerant and intelligent characteristics make them great human companions.

Dachshund is a German origin dog known as a badger dog and hunting animals; foxes and bears. The long hair Dachshund was probably created by breeding it with Spaniel and wire hair Terrier. It used to dig into badger and fight to the death if needed. Golden dox has dominated all good traits from parent breeds, such as high energy levels and loyalty.

Golden Dox Characteristics

It is usually a medium-sized dog, but the size and buildup can vary. The breed of this variety has a strong and muscular buildup. Its coat color has four possibilities red, yellow, brown/black, golden. The furry body is more like Golden Retrievers whereas, the body size is inherited from Dachshund. The ears are hanging long, reaching to the neck area. It a good dog to be kept in apartments according to physical characteristics.

How Big to Golden Dox Get?

Compared to the parent Golden Retriever, it is small in size; its maximum height reaches from 10-23 inches, and weight around 30-60 lb.’s for both males and females.

How Long Does Golden Dox Live

The average life span of Golden Dox is almost 10-14 years. But keep in mind proper health checkups, good quality lifestyle/environment, exercises, and a balanced diet can add few more years to this estimate.

How Much Does a Golden Dox Cost

It may cost $500-$1000 for a Golden Dox pup. The availability of the doggy is moderate; maybe you have to contact the breeder, or you may find its pup easily from someone already having it.

Golden Dox Temperament/Personality

It is a spirited animal with lovable nature. Nature and traits will depend upon which side of the parent breed has dominated genes. The Golden dox is incredibly intelligent, friendly, and welcoming to strangers. They are a great pup to have other pets and children as they love to play in the company.

For adequate behavioral development, they need positive reinforcement. They may love to be trained and be good pups, but early life socialization and dog boundaries to be safe are necessary to build as an owner of any dog breed. It might occasionally bark for various reasons. It needs activities to direct its high energy. Golden Dox express his/her feelings by digging in the garden or tearing your furniture. 

Caring for Golden Dox

This breed will require you to look after, groom, and meet their basic needs. Give your pup interactive dog toys for learning socialization and a dog crate for keeping a fine line between the dog and your boundaries. Use treats to train the dog and litter train them strictly to avoid any inconveniences later.  

Golden Dox Nutrition

The high-level energy shows it will require qualitative food. Your Golden Dox should be given three proper meals a day with treats that he should earn and should be of great quality. Despite his nature, he may not gain weight due to the low back and body structure but still learn to maintain a balanced diet that is high protein dog food than being a filler. You can also use jerky treats to train them and boosting their power.

How to Groom a Golden Dox

Your pup requires grooming every 4-6 weeks. It is not considered a hypoallergenic dog and sheds less throughout the year. Daily brushing is suggested to avoid hair damage through tangled hair and may also remove dirt. It is recommended to bathe this breed every 6-8 weeks. Tooth brushing with Toothpaste for dogs is also required to avoid tartar buildup. Clean their ear properly and carefully avoid damage, and preventing ear infections.

Golden Dox Activity Levels

Your pup needs 45-60 minutes of activity daily. It is recommended to take them out two times a day and plan other activities to stimulate their mind. Involve them in dog puzzle games to enhance your dog’s skills. Open big houses are more suitable for your dog. As intense brisk doggy may get into property destruction thus, apartment living is prohibited for them. 

Caring for Golden Dox

Golden Dox is a medium-sized doggy with grooming needs and maintenance of their high energy through exercise and activities. You can use nail clippers to cut their nails every 5th week and dog shampoo to clean them well. Try preventing them from catching a cold or get injured due to their hyperactive nature.

This hybrid will require grooming from professionals every month. Balance their diet as excessive eating can make them fall sick.

Golden Dox Health

The crossbreed tends to be healthier than the parent breed. Still, you need to look into the details to understand your new member better so any serious issue can be dealt with timely. It can inherit diseases from parent breeds. From Golden Retriever, it can inherit hip dysplasia and intervertebral disc disease. Dachshund can inherit keratoconjunctivitis and progressive retinal atrophy in your puppy.

But your dog will not necessarily suffer these. It can lead healthy and long life with caring and regular yearly checkups from the vet. Remember to love and provide your dog with care and a conventional environment to bloom fully.

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