Golden Irish Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

High-spirited and loyal, the Golden Irish is a hybrid breed developed from the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter. It is a designer dog as both of its parents are purebreds. The other names of this wonderful hybrid are Irish Golden, the Irish Retriever, or the Golden Irish Setter.

Taking on medium to large size, the Golden Irish dog has a long and smooth dense coat with color assortments. The personality, physical and other personality attribute depends upon the dominant genes from either parent into the bio gene pool. Continue reading this article to all about this incredible doggy.

Golden Irish History

Golden Irish Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGolden Irish is a hybrid dog produced in the latest year, so we have its limited history. Let’s look at its parent history to know its background. The Golden Retriever has its origin in Scotland in the 1800s. It is was considered exceptionally intelligent and was used widely to retrieve waterfowl. The breeder named Tweedmouth bred this medium-sized intelligent dog with a sniffing prowess. In 1925, the AKC officially recognized this breed, declaring it the third most popular dog breed.

The Irish Setter is a gundog and companion dog that might be originated around the 18th century. However, the manuscripts from the 15th century also marked the appearance of a similar dog. The English Setters and Gordon Setters and other dogs like Spaniels and Pointers are considered their progenitors. In 1875 a man name Elcho imported this breed to America. The name Irish Setter is due to this dog’s solid red coat, which is its distinguishing feature, while the AKC registered it officially as a show-bred dog in 1878.

Golden Irish Characteristics

The Golden Irish hybrid doesn’t have any standards, and it can look more like one parent or the other or sometimes a perfect balance of the two. It has a long and smooth dense coat with color assortments usually yellow, chestnut, light brown, golden brown, and red. With the feathering on the tail, ears, chest, legs, and body, this dog appears adorable and athletic as well.

How Big to Golden Irish Get

The Golden Irish is a medium to a large-sized dog with a height anywhere between 21 and 28 inches. At the same time, the average weight of this hybrid ranges between 55-80 lbs. These dogs may appear lean sometimes, but they are sturdy and powerful.

How Long Does Golden Irish Live

A Golden Irish’s life expectancy tends to be around 11 to 12 years. Being a large-sized crossbreed, this is its average life span.

How Much Does a Golden Irish Cost

Golden Irish may cost you $500-$800 for a puppy. The grown-up dogs are less pricy than the smaller puppies. However, it is best to adopt the canines in their puppyhood so that you can train/socialize them well. Don’t hesitate to invest in your pup, as buying different stuff can make him very happy.

Golden Irish Temperament/Personality

The Golden Irish is an intelligent hybrid with a dynamic personality. They are obedient, eager to please, and consequently, easy to train. Overall, it is kind, loyal, and protective of its family. These traits can also make him your best guard or watchdog. They are noticed to be kind and gentle with kids and smaller pets.

It is best to train your puppy in its puppyhood to ensure obedience and tolerance level. Considering its massive size, don’t trust it with smaller animals and kids. It is best to keep them away from smaller kids, and with little grown-up kids, supervision is necessary. It is highly active, so you must give them a job because lack of activity will lead to destructive behavior.

Caring for Golden Irish

Your pets are joy and fun, but they also need a lot of care and attention by your side. If you’re not prepared for the level of commitment that your Golden Irish requires, you might end up in a disaster. To avoid any inconvenience, read below, where we listed the salient aspects of your pup’s care.

Golden Irish Nutrition

The moderate dietary needs of this hybrid can be fulfilled with 3 cups full of good quality Dog food. Fetch dog food of well-known brand when you are in the supermarket considering Nutro Dog Food and Royal Canin Dog Food. Being a hybrid of Golden Retrievers, you can also feed them on Dog Food for Golden Retrievers.

How to Groom a Golden Irish

The Golden Irish is a moderate shedder requiring brushing three times a week to keeps matts and tangles away. It is essential to trim the fur after every two to three months when it gets immensely long. Bath with a dog shampoo after regular intervals to keep the coat in the best condition.

Golden Irish Activity Levels

The Golden Irish is a highly active doggy that needs an hour of vigorous exercise daily. He enjoys daily strolls and walks, different games, and also obedience trials. It would be the wrong thing to accommodate this pup in an apartment or condo. You better keep them in a house with a yard where they can live happily in an outdoor dog kennel.

Caring for Golden Irish

The easygoing and less demanding Golden Irish can go well in any climate. It has a double coat which helps it survive harsh climates. Check their ears once a week for infection and regularly clean to prevent infections. Brushed their teeth at least three times a week and clip nails when they start producing sound on scratching.

Golden Irish Health

Golden Irish tends to be a fairly healthy hybrid and not as prone to congenital conditions as many purebred breeds. However, they can have certain major and minor health conditions such as Hip Dysplasia, dental issues, ear, and skin infections. These conditions can affect your pup’s working abilities, so you must regularly take it to the vet’s checkup.

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