Golden Labrador Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Golden Labrador, also known as Goldador, is one of the most popular hybrids in the mixed breeds list. It is produced by crossing two water retrievers and extremely intelligent dogs Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. In this article, you will know all about this amazing canine.

Golden Labrador History

Golden Labrador Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Golden Labrador is a modern dog with little documentation over the last decade of intentional breeding. Its parent history can help in understanding its instincts. The Golden Retriever has its origin in Scotland in the 1800s. You can see the traits of other dogs, including the Tweed Water Spaniel, Wavy-coated Retriever, Flat-coated Retriever, Yellow Retriever, and the Red Setter in his lineage. It is typically bred to retrieve waterfowl safely from the water.

In 1925, the AKC officially recognized this breed, declaring it the third most popular dog breed. The Labrador Retriever or Labrador dog is a medium-large gun dog that originated around the 18th century. Typically, the Canadian fisherman used this dog to retrieve fishes from water.

It is also a hunting dog and one of the most popular dogs around the world. Around 1903, British tourists loved this breed in Canada and brought them to England from Newfoundland. In 1903 it got recognition from the English Kennel Club, while the AKC accepted it as a breed in 1917.

Golden Labrador Characteristics

The Golden Labrador has sized a large dog with usually short and straight water repellant coat. Like both of its parents are water retriever dogs, there are great chances that the hybrid inherits their webbed toes. Thus, you can also use it as a retriever dog like its parents. This type of toe also makes them efficient to walk on snow; thus, they are best suited to colder climates. However, make them wear Dog Sweater before taking out in the snow.

How Big to Golden Labrador Get

The excellent swimmers Golden Labrador takes on medium to large sizes showing a great variation in their height and weight. It has an average weight of approximately 65-80 lbs and a height range between 22-24 inches, with females slightly smaller.

How Long Does Golden Labrador Live

The life span of a healthy Golden Labrador is between 10 to 12 years. It is said that mixed and smaller breed dogs live long; on the other hand, mixed and large breed dogs have a short life expectancy. In comparison, certain other factors can increase the lifespan of a dog, such as spaying or neutering.

How Much Does a Golden Labrador Cost

The Golden Labrador is a popular hybrid, and you can get it from a reputable breeder somewhere in the range of $900 and $1000. Besides the initial cost, you must consider the investment in Dog Food, Dog Food Container, Orthopedic Dog Bed, and the like.

More information on the cost of owning a Labrador can be found in this article.

Golden Labrador Temperament/Personality

Your Golden Labrador is an affectionate, friendly, and intelligent pup with retrieving, working, and herding abilities. Its temperament and traits largely depend upon which side of the parent breed has dominated genes. This doggy is alert enough to make an excellent watchdog but too friendly to be an effective guard dog.

Gentle and friendly towards kids and other pets, it can bond with them more if raised together. Due to so many reasons, it is best to adopt the doggy in its puppyhood so that you can train and groom him well. With the right training and socialization, Goldador hybrid can be your excellent choice for a family dog.

Caring for Golden Labrador

Golden Labrador or Goldadors are high-energy dogs with high nutritional and exercise requirements. It can live at its best in a spacious area with an outdoor space to explore. Read further to get to know other aspects of its care.

Golden Labrador Nutrition

Golden Labrador has a bigger tummy but keeping your pet’s weight under control is essential as obesity can lead to fatal issues. It is best to feed these pups on high-quality food without any fillers. You can either opt for homemade or commercially prepared dry dog kibble.

How to Groom a Golden Labrador

The Golden Labrador tends to shed hair biannually or regularly throughout the year. However, each dog is different, and this might not be the case with all of them. On your part, you have to ascertain weekly brushing with a pin brush that helps to remove the tangles from your dog’s soft hair effectively. Brush its teeth, clip its nails and clean the ears after regular intervals.

Golden Labrador Activity Levels

The moderately active Golden Labrador requires 40-50 minutes of less intense exercise daily. However, please keep it safe from hot weather and don’t take it out when the sun is burning. He has the talent for agility, obedience trials, and field competition so give him chances to participate in such activities.

Caring for Golden Labrador

Golden Labradors needs frequent nail trimming to avoid the bacteria growing inside. Check their paws after outdoor activities to avoid any issues. Make a routine for your doggy, as it is difficult to divert from this routine once it is developed.

This hybrid is prone to obesity, so monitor its calories and diet with the right amount of all the nutrition. A veterinary recommendation is advisable in this regard. Not suitable for apartment living, he will enjoy a home with a yard where he can romp and play freely.

Golden Labrador Health

Golden Labrador is a healthy hybrid, but its larger size with a lean body puts it at risk of orthopedic conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. We recommend using a dog ramp or stairs until its joints are fully formed to avoid such issues.

Moreover, please take it to a vet immediately if you notice anything unusual in its walk or other activities. Other diseases to which this hybrid is prone are Patellar Luxation, Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and Eye Problems.

Breeds Similar to Golden Labrador


Best Dog Food For Golden Labradors

Merrick Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato

The best dog food for Golden Labradors is Merrick Real Texas + Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Adult Dry Dog Food. The food contains essential nutrients for the healthy growth of your Golden Labrador. It contains proteins and every necessary fiber.

  • It contains fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin for healthy joints.
  • It contains real beef and sweet potato.
  • It doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or wheat, corn, or soy. 

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Best Puppy Food For Golden Labradors

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Golden Labradors is Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food. It has a small kibble size, containing all the healthy nutrients essential for the body’s healthy growth. It contains chicken and barley.

  • It contains DHA from fish oil for healthy brain and eye development. 
  • It contains antioxidants and vitamins E and C for a healthy immune system.
  • It is made from natural, high-quality ingredients and doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors or any corn, wheat, or soy.

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Best Dog Crate For Golden Labradors

Elitefield 3 Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Golden Labradors is EliteField 4-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate with Curtains. Easy to set up, it can be folded, making it a perfect traveling home. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

  • It is made from clean hex mesh fabric and polyester.
  • It has four mesh doors to let in sunlight and air.
  • It is made for the safety, security, and comfort of your Golden Labrador.

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Best Dog Bed For Golden Labradors

Serta Quilted Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Golden Labradors is Serta Quilted Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. It is made from orthopedic foam, has a cushy base, and has a cotton-padded rim to support the neck. It reflects the Golden Labrador’s warmth to keep them comfortable.

  • It is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.
  • It has a removable cover and is machine washable.
  • The bottom of the bed is provided with a non-slip rubber backing to prevent slipping or sliding.

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Best Dog Harness for Golden Labradors

Puppia Black Trim Polyester Back Clip Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Golden Labradors is Puppia Polyester Back Clip Dog Harness. It is easy to use, lightweight with super-soft air mesh padding and design. It has a comfortable neck opening and adjustable quick-release chest belts.

  • It is made from cotton and polyester.
  • It is made for the safety, security, and comfort of your Golden Labrador.
  • It is provided with a D-ring to attach the leash. 

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