Golden Sheltie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Golden Sheltie is a crossbreed of Scottish dogs the Golden Retriever and Shetland sheepdog. This designer dog is a clever pup who loves his family and easy to train.

This triple-coated dog is widespread among people for its enchanting look and nature. Having pretty and friendly nature from his oldsters, Golden Sheltie can live indoors in a healthy environment.

Golden Sheltie History

Golden Sheltie Breed Information – All You Need To KnowGolden Sheltie is a mixed breed of Golden Retriever and Shetland sheepdog; not abundant history of this hybrid dog is out there. We are going to explore his parents’ background from this perspective. The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland, the American Kennel Club in 1925 registered it as the Golden Retriever, and it was classified as the Flat-Coat. Golden Retriever is known as man’s best friend. He does tend to shed, and he is sharp-witted and loyal.

The Shetland sheepdog, whose nickname is Sheltie; it is originated within the Shetland Islands of Scotland. The dog was originally used for herding livestock such as sheep here. In the early 1900s, the Sheltie was dropped to England and delineated as miniature Collie. So, the Golden Sheltie is considered to be organized by American Kennel Club as a result of these two hybrid dogs.

Golden Sheltie Characteristics

This designer dog is a mild, intelligent, and friendly canine that can be an elegant family member. Many people are pursuing this puppy as their companion dog. It is a medium-large dog and has a water-repellent coat dense double coat. Scan on to know further details concerning Golden Sheltie.

How Big to Golden Sheltie Get

Golden Sheltie is a medium-sized dog, have limited height and weight. On average, the Golden Sheltie height is approximately 13-20 inches, and the weight is 25-55 lb. The female dogs are marginally smaller than the male counterparts.

How Long Does Golden Sheltie Live

The tiny or medium-sized puppies comparatively live a long life. This adorable, intelligent, affectionate medium-sized dog has an approximate life span of 11-15 years. If you bought a Golden Sheltie Retriever in its puppyhood and carried his upbringing with a lot of care, he is likely to live for about 16 years.

How Much Does a Golden Sheltie Cost

The cost of the Golden Sheltie cute little puppies ranges from $800-1000 USD. It is good to shop a dog when it is young, and you will train it with ease. Make sure to buy from a reputable pup store. Other dog stuff like Dog Collar, Dog Harness, Interactive Dog Toys, etc., also needs investment.

Golden Sheltie Temperament/Personality

Golden Sheltie is a highly intelligent canine with high trainability skills. It is known as a “good boy dog.” He is sharp, agile, calm, loyal, and likes to be along with his family. He can be a bit barker for strangers due to being unsocial.

This designer dog has friendly and playful behavior, and it is a big-hearted pooch. This hybrid likes to enjoy cuddling and snuggling, but it also feels alright to spend some time alone while you are at work. The Golden Sheltie likes to learn tricks and commands and likes to swim.

They are highly energetic and thrive best in homes where they can get plenty of play and exercise. Their intelligence makes them highly trainable, so you must use their talent to learn various things. They can live excellently with other pets and people if given proper socialization.

Caring For Golden Sheltie

The Golden Sheltie is a sensitive creature; it needs your care and attention. You must serve it a high-quality diet and watch out for its necessities listed ahead. Over time, even the healthiest dog’s joints can become damaged and cause them pain due to jumping up and down. Use a Dog Ramp, especially in the puppyhood of your canine, to avoid joint issues.

Golden Sheltie Nutrition

A medium-sized dog, Golden Sheltie, has an average size tummy. Three cups per day of healthy food are enough for it. An important thing about this hybrid is inherent to an allergy to grains; one should watch this factor. You can also plan his diet time for his better health. It’s better to pick out a brand of Grain Free Dog Food for them. You can go for the following well-known dog food brands Purina Dog Food, Merrick Dog Food, and Wellness Dog Food.

How to Groom a Golden Sheltie

You can groom your Golden Sheltie at a higher level by brushing it weekly. It is good to use a pin brush to do weekly grooming. It has long hair, so use water spray to spew the coat and brush from the bottom to the tip of the hair. Brush its teeth 2-3 times a week and give it a bath when it is very dirty.

Golden Sheltie Activity Levels

The Golden Sheltie is a very active hybrid but not overly energetic. It loves to play games and outside adventures. He will require proper exercise. A good amount of exercise for this medium-sized fluffy hybrid is an hour. He loves to play with balls, bones, and toys and hold them in his mouth. For his healthiness and long life, you can offer him an exercise of an hour or more than an hour; it makes his mind active and fresh.

Caring for Golden Sheltie

The Golden Sheltie has honey-colored long triple coated hair, so keep it in a colder climate. They love to live with family, giving him proper time, attention, care, a healthy diet, and a moderate environment.

Along with daily routine home care, one should take it to a skilled groomer twice a year additionally take it for a proper health checkup at least once a year. Make sure you are giving him all the things that he needed.

Golden Sheltie Health

Golden Sheltie is a healthy hybrid; however, it will have some inherent diseases from its parents, like patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and Legg-Calve-Perthes illness. It will be liable to be allergies and skin problems.

Golden Sheltie can live a long, healthy, and joyful life span if you take the above measures. Ensure a regular medical visit to keep it healthy and fit.

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