Golden Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Golden Shepherd, also known as Golden German shepherd and German Retriever, is energetic, loyal, and faithful. These agile dogs adopt their admirable traits from their parents, both purebred and very popular dogs. This Dog is a hybrid that results from a cross between the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever.

We know, even thinking about a cross between these awesome breeds sounds exciting, but trust us, it is even better than we can think. This cute and energetic canine is a dream for a dog lover that wants an affectionate partner to accompany them wherever they go and in all phases of their lives. They are large-sized dogs, so you might want to reconsider your options if you live in an apartment.

Golden Shepherd History

Golden Shepherd Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGolden Shepherd is a new designer breed that is still struggling to make its name in the dog world, and there isn’t much we know about its history. So, let’s look at their parent’s histories to get to know them better. Lord Tweedmouth developed the Golden Retriever by crossing a Water spaniel with his Dog, Nous. He was aiming to get a dog that had an excellent nose and outstanding Retrieving skills.

The German Shepherd was created in the last part of the 1800s in Germany. They were at first evolved to crowd sheep and stroll with them for significant distances and ensure against hunters. The underlying German Shepherd was chubby than the advanced one, which is a result of current reproducers’ rearing decisions.

Golden Shepherd Characteristics

Golden Shepherd is one of the most beautiful, majestic, and huggable Dogs out there. They have ears similar to their German Shepherd parent; Large, upright, and triangular. The ears can also resemble that of the Golden Retriever, long and folded. Their heads are broad with a long muzzle that supports a black snout at its tip.

Their coats vary according to the parent breeds that dominates the cross. But generally, they have a long to medium coat that is dense with straight hair. This Dog can adopt many different coat colors, but the most common ones are black, blue, gray, sable, and white. 

How Big do Golden Shepherd Get

As we’ve already mentioned, Golden Shepherds are big boys. The males tend to have an average height of 23 – 25 inches and an average weight of 75 – 80 lbs. The female Golden shepherds are slightly small; they have an average height of 17 – 20 inches and an average weight of 55 – 60 lbs.

How Long Does a Golden Shepherd Live

These large canines with athletic and well-built bodies look stunning; there is no doubt in that. But this large size and too much activity can take a toll on them. On average, they can live anywhere between 7 to 10 years. We know that’s not a lot, and as Agnes Sligh Turnbull said, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really”.

How much does a Golden Shepherd Cost   

The price of any pup depends on various factors that include; the reputation of the breeder, the parent’s bloodline, and the litter’s size. On average, a Golden Shepherd may cost you between $500 – $1500. 

Golden Shepherd Temperament/Personality

Golden shepherds are smart, loving, and brilliant. They make excellent watchdogs and can be trained easily. But it would help if you kept in mind the fact that a hybrid dog can adopt different qualities from any of their parent. Still, luckily, this canine has a lot of good, admirable traits.

They are very easy-going and have the drive to please their owners at all cost. They are usually good and playful around kids, so this pooch is an excellent choice if you have a family. But keep in mind that they are large and energetic; they can accidentally knock over your little ones with ease. So it would be best to supervise them when they’re playing with your kids. 

Caring for Golden Shepherd

Caring for your Companion will require some effort from your end. It would be best to ensure that you’re using the right kinds of products. You need to take care of their coats, nails, and teeth, so they keep looking their best. Feeding them the right kind of food in the appropriate amount is essential to avoid any weight issues. Finally, making sure that they get their activity requirements met so that they don’t become lousy.

Golden Shepherd Nutrition

Golden shepherds are large canines with high levels of energy. They need to eat a lot to maintain a healthy weight. But feeding them too much can cause obesity. Generally, they do well on 3 cups of dry dog food per day. You can also give them wet dog food to mix things up. Giving them treats now and then is acceptable if you don’t overdo it.

How to Groom a Golden Shepherd

Grooming a Golden Shepherd isn’t that hard, thanks to their dirt-proof coat. These gracious dogs have a double coat with is perfect for protection against snow, water, and dirt. The dense outer coat is usually long or medium. It sheds all year long, and during the shedding season, it will shed excessively. So, brush them at least 3 – 4 times daily with a pin brush and bathe them with a wet approved shampoo, only when necessary. 

Golden Shepherd Activity Levels

Golden shepherds have a lot of energy in them that needs to be dissipated. They also need to exercise to maintain good cardiovascular health and a healthy weight. So it would be best to take them out for walks, swims, or hikes and ensure at least 40 – 50 minutes of activity per day. 

Caring for Golden Shepherd

As an intelligent and affectionate dog, The Golden Shepherd needs constant mental stimulation and human contact to remain sane; otherwise, they can develop self-destructive behavior and separation anxiety. So, ensure that you don’t leave them alone for long periods and spend a lot of quality time with them.

Golden Shepherd Health

In addition to their good looks and admirable traits, the Golden Shepherds also live healthy lives. Usually, they don’t develop any diseases or health concerns early on. Still, they can develop problems like Hip Dysplasia, Bloating, and Allergies, with age. 

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