Gordon Sheltie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Gordon Sheltie is a mixed canine developed by mixing adorable dog breeds: the Shetland Sheepdog and the Gordon Setter. These medium to slightly large-sized dogs were originally developed for herding livestock. These pups are loving, affectionate, and caring, which loves their owners and other family members in every way they know. 

The Gordon Shelties are intelligent, smart, and energetic canines that get along well with small kids and other dogs. Due to their hunting genes, they would try to snatch and hunt smaller animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, and cats, so make sure to protect your small pets by supervising them. These easy-going pups can settle in any environment so that they wouldn’t be a problem for first-time owners. 

Gordon Sheltie History

Gordon Sheltie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGordon Sheltie is a mixed dog that has only be known for less than 20 years. However, both of their parent breeds have been known since the 15th century, and they have origins in Scotland. The Shetland Sheepdog is an agile, powerful, and energetic canine produced to assist farmers while herding livestock. Despite its size, it is perfect for doing its job. The American Kennel Club officially recognized this dog in 1911. 

The Gordon Setter, also called Tan and Black Setter, has a great amount of stamina and energy. These dogs were famous for their great ability to hunt and retrieve. They have their origins in North America, where they were seen in the 1800s for the very first time. The AKC (American kennel club) officially recognized this breed in 1884. 

Gordon Sheltie Characteristics

Gordon Sheltie is a medium to slightly large-sized sturdy-built and muscular dog. Their coats are smooth, dense and double-coated that looks flawless. The possible coat colors are white, black, fawn, brown, and pied, or it can be a mixture of these colors. Their face is slightly square-shaped and smaller than Gordon Setter. The muzzle is slightly pointed and has a black nose at the end of it. They have erect ears with longer hair than other areas of the body, and their eyes are almond-shaped that can come in blue or brown color. 

How Big Do Gordon Sheltie Get

Gordon Sheltie is a hybrid dog breed of two different-sized canines, so its size would depend on which parent breed is dominant in them. Usually, the males are bigger and their height can be anywhere between 16 – 26 inches, and their weight can vary between 55 – 80 pounds. The females would be shorter than the male ones. 

How Long Does Gordon Sheltie Live

Due to its healthy parents, the Gordon Sheltie enjoys a longer life than most dogs in this category. On average, they can live somewhere around 12 – 18 years. You can tip this number up by taking care of their diet and meeting daily activity requirements. 

How Much Does a Gordon Sheltie Cost 

Gordon Sheltie is a designer breed, and their price depends on several factors like parents, healthcare assurance, confirmation of lineage, breeder’s reputation, and many others. On average, these pups can cost you something around $600 to $800.   

Gordon Sheltie Temperament/Personality

The Gordon Sheltie is an intelligent, smart, and gentle dog. These family-friendly have this eagerness to please their owners Due to their adaptive nature, they love to learn new tricks and tips, making them quick learners. They can develop separation anxiety quite easily, making sure to spend quality time with them to keep them happy and stimulated. 

The Gordon Sheltie is great with small kids and other pets, but it is best to socialize them during their early age to build confidence and manners. Supervision is recommended when they are around small children and animals, as they have hunter genes and may try to attack them.

Caring for Gordon Sheltie Dog

Gordon Sheltie dog is a great family-friendly, caring and loving dog. Ensure their healthy diet and groom them accordingly to keep them looking amazing. Meet their daily requirements and spend enough time with them to avoid bad behaviors. Keep on reading to learn more about your canine.

Gordon Sheltie Nutrition

Gordon Sheltie has moderate levels of energy, so it would need normal amount of food to maintain good health and to stay it. Give them at least 3 cups of high-quality food to fulfill their daily nutritional need. Make sure to add meat and vegetables in their diet.  

How to Groom a Gordon Sheltie 

Gordon Sheltie has a double-coated, dense, and smooth coat, that isn’t easy to handle, so you would have to give a lot more attention to keep their coat flawless. Brush their coat with a special bristle brush for dogs to remove tangles and matts and wipe down with a soft cloth to remove loose hair daily.

Brush their teeth with special dogs’ toothpaste to avoid dental issues, and clipping of their nails with nail clippers is also important when needed. Use special scissors to cut the extra hair from their face. Bathe them only when they have a bad doggy odor and they are dirty, and make sure to use special dog shampoo. 

Gordon Sheltie Activity Levels

Gordon Sheltie has high energy levels, so they would need a lot of daily exercise and activity to stay healthy and fit. At least 45 to 70 minutes of enormous exercise would be essential for them to function properly daily. It’s best to let them play in a fenced yard if you have got one. Some of their favorite activities are running, field trails, and agility training. Make sure to meet their daily nutritional requirements to avoid destructive and self-harm behaviors. 

Caring for Gordon Sheltie 

Gordon Sheltie’s have good hunting abilities who love to go on a hunt, so take them with you if possible. Good family time and interaction is also a great factor that affects their mind. So, you’re responsible to give them enough time to keep them engaged.

Gordon Sheltie Health

Gordon Sheltie is a quite healthy dog, but it may inherit some conditions and diseases from parent breeds including Gastric Torsion and Hip Dysplasia. Ensure monthly visit to their vet for complete checkup.

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Best Dog Food for Gordon Shelties

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Best Puppy Food for Gordon Shelties

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Best Dog Crate for Gordon Shelties

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Best Dog Bed for Gordon Shelties

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Best Dog Harness for Gordon Shelties

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