Gran Mastín de borínquen Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Gran Mastín is a tough, powerful, and energetic purebred canine that originated from Puerto Rico. This is an ancient breed dated back to 16th century. These dogs were especially used for guarding and hunting sports. They have a direct relation to Spanish Mastiff, their descendent, and many other native breeds. 

The Gran Mastín have independent nature, and they love to be on their own. These canines are not suitable for families with small kids because of their uncanny temper. However, you can train them to behave well around family members and other loved ones, but training them is surely hard. 

Gran Mastín de borínquen History

Gran Mastín De Borínquen Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Gran Mastíns is an ancient breed that originated from Puerto Rico. These pups have been known since the 16th century, when the Spanish military used them as guard dogs. Spanish military adopted this breed for hunting and killing dangerous animals like boar and bears. Civilians also used these dogs to protect their estates, properties, and livestock. 

The Gran Mastíns was considered one of the most bloodthirsty and wild dogs due to their high prey drive and ability to hunt the desired animal. When slavery was legal in Puerto Rico, owners used these canines to keep the slaves alert. This breed is adaptive, as they can survive in any weather. The SCC (Sociedad Cynologica Caribena) registered this breed in 1979. 

Gran Mastín de borínquen Characteristics

Gran Mastín is a muscular, powerful, and highly energetic large-sized canine. These dogs have massive heads with a strong jaw that helps them to catch the prey more effectively. Despite their large size, they don’t look obese at all. They have a moderate-sized muzzle with scissor bite, and their nose is black with open nostrils. Their short to medium-length coats can come in fawn, brown, black, brindle, and bone white color.  

How Big Do Gran Mastín de borínquen Get

Gran Mastín is one of the big-sized and muscular canines. The males’ canines can be anywhere between 24 – 28 inches tall, and they weigh something around 99 – 150 pounds, while the females are slightly shorter and can anywhere around 22 – 26 inches, weighing around 90 – 130 pounds. 

How Long Does a Gran Mastín de borínquen Live

On average, the Gran Mastín lives around 9 – 12 years. There are no recorded major health conditions for this breed, but keep them on a healthy diet to enhance their lifespan. Keep them engage in your daily activities to prevent the self-harming behavior that can cause sudden death. 

How much Does a Gran Mastín de borínquen Cost?

Being a unique, rare, and significant breed, the Gran Mastín would be a pricey canine. They should cost you something around $1500 to $2000. Make sure to check the lineage of the breed and try to contact a high-reputed and experienced breeder. If you’re given the DNA test report of the dog, they would cost you more than the average price. 

Gran Mastín de borínquen Temperament/Personality

Gran Mastín is a caring, loving, and loyal dog. They a strong bond with their owner, and if you’re willing to put a little more effort into their training, they will make a good family pet. Due to their protective trait, they would not let anybody come near their owners and themselves, making them the perfect guard dog. 

Gran Mastín dogs aren’t for everyone to have as a pet. They need a dedicated and firm owner that can treat them accordingly and train them perfectly. Otherwise, they would get harsh and will try to snatch anyone. Due to their tough personalities, these canines aren’t suitable for households with small kids and pets. 

Caring for Gran Mastín de borínquen

Gran Mastín is an alert and smart dog. They need daily activities to stay active and sound, so try to meet their daily requirements to stimulate their body and keep them on a healthy diet to maintain their body shape and health. Keep on reading to learn more about your canine. 

Gran Mastín de borínquen Nutrition

Gran Mastín, with a muscular and sturdy-built body, requires a good amount of food to maintain energy and good body shape. Give them at least 3 cups of high-quality dog food to fulfill their daily nutritional desire. The vet’s recommendation would be a big help in this regard. 

How to Groom a Gran Mastín de borínquen

Gran Mastín is a low-maintenance canine that needs a moderate amount of grooming. Use a bristle brush and brush their coat weekly to remove the loose hair and tangling. As they don’t have a bad doggy odor, they shouldn’t be bathed too often. Clean their ears, face, and ears with a soft cotton cloth and clip their nails with a special nail clipper when needed. Use special toothpaste to brush their teeth at least twice a week.  

Gran Mastín de borínquen Activity Levels

The Gran Mastín is a large-sized canine so that they would have moderate to high levels of energy. They may show laziness sometimes, but keep them active by daily exercises and activities. They need at least 45 minutes of enormous exercise a day to release energy and to stimulate their minds and bodies. As they have a high prey drive, they love agility training, hunting, and aggressive games. 

Caring for Gran Mastín de borínquen

Gran Mastín can be a couch potato sometimes, but taking care of their health would be your responsibility. Take them on short walks and runs daily to avoid behavioral problems. Leaving them alone would cause the development of separation anxiety, so spend enough time with them and take good care of their diet. 

Gran Mastín de borínquen Health

Being a rare, unique, and quite healthy canine, Gran Mastín doesn’t have any recorded major health issues. However, due to their large size, they are prone to elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. Other minor health concerns include Entropion and Skin allergies. Visit their vet monthly for complete checkups. 

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