Great Bernese Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Great Bernese is a solid and quite large dog. These are designer dogs made by mixing the Bernese mountain dog and the Great Pyrenees. These canines are active, alert, and family-friendly who love to spend time with their families. They have a long-length coat that can come in black, white, fawn, brown, and it can be tri-colored. 

The Great Bernese are best known for their well-behaved and calm personality. These dogs are welcoming, and they make noises if they sense any threat, so they would make a good guard dog. However, they are great around small children, and they find it amusing to have a company of other pets.  

Great Bernese History

Great Bernese Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Great Bernese has been known since the mid of the 19th century, so there is not much about this breed to explore, so let’s look at the history of its parents to get a better idea. The Pyrenees has been found in the cities of Europe during ancient times, where people were using this breed for herding sheep. Later on, they used them for guarding their livestock. They got registered in AKC by 1933.

The Great Bernese mountain dogs have their origins in Switzerland. These canines are related to Swiss dogs. Some of their traits and colors are similar. They were used in farms to guard livestock and cattle against dangerous animals. The AKC registered this breed by the end of 1933.

Great Bernese Characteristics

Great Bernese is a muscular, powerful, and highly energetic large-sized canine. These canines weigh something around 70 – 115 pounds. They have a long-length coat that comes in brown, black, white, grey, and red, but mostly, they are tri-colored. Their wooly and dense coat protects them from harsh weather, and their oval-shaped eyes give them alert expressions. In addition, their compact feet and hairy tail increase their beauty. 

How Big Do Great Bernese Get

Being a descendent of two large-sized canines, the Great Bernese is also a tall, muscular and sturdy-built dog. After their full growth, the males’ height can reach anywhere between 26 – 28 inches, and they weigh between 85 – 115 pounds, while females’ weight can be around 70 – 100 pounds and reach a height of 27 inches. 

How Long Does a Great Bernese Live

The Great Bernese is a hybrid canine, so their lifespan would vary depending upon the dominance of the parent breed. Usually, they live around 7 – 10 years. You can enhance their lifespan by taking good care of them. Don’t give them food idly and meet their daily requirements.  

How much Does a Great Bernese Cost?

The Great Bernese is a unique mixed breed, and they are not that popular, so finding these canines requires real work. However, this breed can cost you something around $800 to $1200. Under certain conditions like healthcare assurance, lineage confirmation, and reputed breeder, expect to pay more than average price. 

Great Bernese Temperament/Personality

The Great Bernese’s temperament, nature, and personality totally depend on which parent breed is dominant. Usually, they are loving, caring, and affectionate dogs. But their affection and love are dedicated to only one person (their owner). However, they are intelligent and smart who loves to learn new tricks, making them quick learners. 

The Great Bernese is very adaptive, and they can fit in any environment easily. These canines get along great with small kids and other dogs, and other animals as well. They love to spend as much time as they can with their family members and loved ones. Because of these characteristics, they are prone to separation anxiety, so don’t leave them on their own for long periods. 

Caring for Great Bernese

Great Bernese is a hybrid canine, so they need special attention and care to maintain their good look and health. Feed them healthy and organic food to reduce health issues and give them enough playtime to keep them in their possible best shape.  

Great Bernese Nutrition

Great Bernese have a powerful, muscular, and strong body that requires a huge amount of food to maintain its shape. On average, this canine consumes 4 to 5 cups of top-notch organic dog food to meet a daily nutritional need. A vet’s recommended diet would be best for your pup.  

How to Groom a Great Bernese

Great Bernese has high shedding levels, so they would require special maintenance. Brush their coat daily with a special dog’s pin brush to decrease the shedding. Occasional bathe is more than enough, but don’t forget to brush their teeth daily with dogs’ toothpaste. Clipping of their nail with a nail clipper is also necessary when needed. Check their ears and the area around their eyes and clean that with a soft cloth.    

Great Bernese Activity Levels

The Great Bernese is a fairly active dog who requires daily activity and exercise to be in its best possible shape. Indoor games aren’t for them; take them on daily walks or run for at least 45 minutes. They also enjoy a trip to the dog park, agility training, hiking, and traveling. Their eagerness to explore let them enjoy outdoor activities, so if possible, take them with you when you go outside. 

Caring for Great Bernese

Great Bernes isn’t for busy people. They require daily interaction and playtime with their family members to function. Leaving them alone may cause the development of separation anxiety and self-harming behaviors, so spend quality time with them and make sure to provide them toys and tasks to stimulate their mind as well. 

Great Bernese Health

Unfortunately, the Great Bernese isn’t a healthy canine. They inherit some diseases from both of their parents, and they have some of their own. The major health issues include bloat, histiocytosis, Addison’s disease, joint conditions, and Meningitis. Other recorded diseases are Cataracts, Epilepsy, kidney problems, and many others. So if you want your pup to be healthy and sound, then a monthly visit to their vet is compulsory.   

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