Great Cambrian Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Great Cambrian Shepherd is a dog of great presence, literally and figuratively speaking, and is believed to be the result of a cross between the Great Pyrenees and the Welsh Sheepdog. It is quite an unusual breed and is rarely seen due to the rarity of the Welsh Sheepdog, who is also not recognized by the American Kennel Association.

It usually has a straight, dense, and rough coat that sheds often and will require weekly brushing, and it comes in different colors such as brown, black, white, red, and gray. Its eyes are round and alert, and its ears are triangular and slightly rounded at the tips.

Great Cambrian Shepherd History

Great Cambrian Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe Great Cambrian Shepherd is a very rare, new breed and has no detailed history. However, the same cannot be said about its parents. The Great Pyrenees is believed to be of Central Asian origin, and it eventually moved to Europe to settle in the Pyrenees Mountains. It was utilized for herding sheep until the 1600s, when it was proclaimed the royal dog of France.

The Welsh Sheepdog is from Wales and has worked on farms for centuries. Its name is pretty self-explanatory as it was used to herd sheep and other livestock. Later on, it got replaced by Border Collies, which were more popular, and the Welsh Sheepdog was bred with other dogs as well, making the purebred Welsh Sheepdog incredibly rare.

Great Cambrian Shepherd Characteristics

The Great Cambrian Shepherd is an incredible dog breed that seems to have all the wonderful qualities we look for in pets. They are wonderful companions who are vigilant, calm, patient, sweet, affectionate, and playful. They prefer colder climates because of the presence of an undercoat that helps them bear harsh conditions. They enjoy going for long walks with their owners and are always looking to spend a maximum amount of time with them.

How Big Do Great Cambrian Shepherds Get

The height of a male Great Cambrian Shepherd is 28-32 inches, and it weighs between 75-115 pounds. On the other hand, the female grows 24-28 inches tall and weighs around 60-100 pounds. They are quite large balls of fluff and joy and prefer wide-open spaces and a colder climate.

How Long Does a Great Cambrian Shepherd Live

The usual lifespan of a Great Cambrian Shepherd is 10-12 years. It’s a pretty healthy dog who will get to live a long and healthy life.  We can also play a substantial role in increasing the years by taking good care of our dog, ensuring that it has a good diet, enough physical and mental exercise, and lots of love and attention.

How Much Does a Great Cambrian Shepherd Cost

A Great Cambrian Shepherd can cost around $1500-$2500, and the price may vary depending on the quality of the dog and the breeder we buy from. Annual expenses may go up to $500 per year and include collar and leash, flea collars, vaccination shots, etc.

Great Cambrian Shepherd Temperament/Personality

The Great Cambrian Shepherd is like a host of paradoxes! Its temperament depends on the inherited behavioral traits of both of its parents; it is playful yet reserved, calm yet active, and vigilant yet patient. In a nutshell, these dogs are wonderful companions who will stay by our side in times of danger and make sure their family is well-protected.

They are friendly with their owners and are also gentle with children, but supervision is advised. They are wary of strangers initially, but once they make sure there are no red lights, they are super welcoming! These wonderful dogs are not aggressive but do become vocal when they sense danger or anticipate a threat.

Caring For Great Cambrian Shepherd

Great Cambrian Shepherds prefer to play outside in cool climates rather than stay inside because this keeps them happy and mentally active. We should ensure that our dogs are included in different family activities so that they know they’re loved. In addition, a healthy diet, enough exercise, and lots of attention are the key to taking good care of our dogs.

Great Cambrian Shepherd Nutrition

Because of their fairly active nature, these dogs need plenty of good nutrients to have the energy to perform daily activities. We should make protein an essential part of our dog’s diet and consult a veterinarian before deciding on a proper diet plan. We can give 3-4 cups of good organic dog food divided into 3-4 meals per day.

How to Groom a Great Cambrian Shepherd

Great Cambrian Shepherds shed a lot, particularly when seasons change, so they require consistent brushing (once or twice a week). Using clippers to prevent matting is also helpful. In case they shed way too much, we might want a vacuum to take care of the mess! In addition, they need to be bathed once a month, but we should brush their teeth daily for good dental health, and their nails should be clipped once or twice a month.

Great Cambrian Shepherd Activity Levels

The Great Cambrian Shepherds are moderately active dogs and require at least 45-60 minutes of physical activity daily to stay fit. They should have at least 9 miles of walk mileage per week. They like going for hikes and long walks with their owners in cool conditions and are suitable for families living in suburban areas. In addition, they enjoy simply being around their family and will have a great time just laying on a comfy pillow bed and having a comfortable evening.

Caring for Great Cambrian Shepherd

Great Cambrian Shepherds are super loyal, gentle, calm, and playful, and they like being appreciated now and then. Like all other dogs, they will require a constructive and positive attitude during training, a healthy diet, enough exercise and mental stimulation, and lots of love to stay happy and fit.

Great Cambrian Shepherd Health

Great Cambrian Shepherds may inherit a few diseases from their parents, but there’s no guarantee that these brave dogs will suffer from them, as they are quite healthy dogs. However, we should watch out for hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, patellar luxation, Addison’s disease, cataracts, entropion, dermatomyositis, and ulcerative dermatosis.

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