Great Dasenji Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Great Dasenji is energetic, independent, and active. This Hybrid is a decedent of two well-known breeds, The Great Dane and The Basenji. These active dogs can adopt their traits from either parent, but mostly they adopt the gentleness of their basenji parent that makes them affectionate, but they are also reserved when it comes to strangers.

They have a moderate litter size which can be anywhere between 4 – 8 puppies, and each of these puppies will be slightly different from the other, personality-wise. Most Great Dasenjis have a fun side to them, but they can also be quite reserved; it all depends on which parent breed dominates in them. 

Great Dasenji History

Great Dasenji Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThis new breed of companion dog has emerged recently, and more people are getting to know about them every day, but there isn’t much of a history when it comes to these new breeds. The Basenji has a foggy history, but it is believed they have their origin in ancient Egypt; from there, they slowly spread throughout Africa.

The Great Dane is an old dog; it is believed to have its origin around 3000 BC. Many of the drawings of dogs found in the Babylonian temples resembled this breed. This great dog spread around the world was the trade between the Assyrians, Romans, and Greeks. These well-built dogs are believed to be the decedents of Irish Wolfhounds, English Mastiffs, and Irish Greyhounds. 

Great Dasenji Characteristics

Great Dasenji is sleek, athletic, and sturdy; they have a compact body supported by their well-muscled legs that help them run fast. Their ears are triangular and stand erect on a tapered head that has a long muzzle with a black snout at the tip. These pooches have round eyes, which are usually black.

Great Dasenjis have a smooth fine coat with short straight hair. This coat can be either solid or have multi-color combinations. The most common colors for this breeds coat are brindle, red, white, black, fawn, and blue. No matter what color that you might choose to get, these beautiful dogs will win your heart through their graciousness.

How Big Do Great Dasenji Get

Great Basenji is a medium-sized dog. The males in this breed have an average height of 23 – 24 inches and an average weight of around 65 – 85 lbs. In comparison, the females have an average weight of 60 – 80 lbs and an average of between 24 – 25 inches. 

How Long Does a Great Dasenji Live

As with all the other large and medium-sized dogs, this breed tends to have a shorter lifespan than the small-sized ones. But before you start worrying about that, keep in mind that you can ensure they live a long and prosperous life by taking good care of them and using the right products. On average, a Great Dasenji lives between 6 – 12 years. 

How much Does a Great Dasenji Cost

Great Dasenji is a hybrid of two well-known breeds, but they are still not that famous that you can easily find them in the market. So, due to low availability, you can expect to pay a good price for this pup. On average, the cost between $800 – $1500. Other expenses may include things like insurance, toys, and training books

Great Dasenji Temperament/Personality

As a hybrid dog, every Great Dasenji tends to have a slight variation in its temperament within the same litter. Some are more extroverted and social; others are more introverted and like to keep to themselves more often. So, there is a slight element of luck in the type of pup you’re going to get.

But generally, these canines are affectionate, loyal, and energetic. This fun-loving dog loves spending time with its family and bonding with them by playing with them and doing whatever they can to participate in their daily activities. But when it comes to strangers, they usually act aloof. 

Caring for Great Dasenji

The Great Dasenji requires moderate levels of care. But if you want to ensure that your dog lives a healthy, prosperous, and stress-free life, then you must spend some time learning a few things about their grooming, daily activity requirement, and their daily food intake level. And this is exactly what we are going to be discussing in the next section. 

Great Dasenji Nutrition

Great Dasenji is a highly active breed; they love playing and being chaotic like most dogs are. This means that they move around a lot and need a lot of food to make up for the lost energy during these endeavors. They do well on four cups and high-quality dog food per day.

How to Groom a Great Dasenji

Because of their short fine coat that sheds moderately, grooming the Great Basenji is a piece of cake. They need brushing once a week or once every two weeks with a wire-bristled brush. Bathe these easy-to groom dogs only when necessary, when they start to stink, or when you can see that their coat is visibly spoiled.

Great Dasenji Activity Levels

As we have already mentioned, the great Dasenji is highly active with plenty of energy that needs to be exhausted. As a result, they require at least 60 – 75 minutes of exercise per day, equivalent to around 9 miles of daily walk. You can also take them to the daycare, where they can interact with other dogs as well. 

Caring for Great Dasenji

As an active dog that likes to get its paws dirty, the Great Dasenji can damage its nails easily. So, it is important to clip their nails at least once a week. They also have large hooded ears prone to infections, so cleaning them once per week is also recommended. 

Great Dasenji Health

Great Dasenjis can inherit certain health concerns from their parents; these include Entropion, Gastric Torsion, Cardiomyopathy, Fanconi Syndrome, Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Immunoproliferative Enteropathy, Myotonia, Persistent Pupillary Membranes (PPM), and Pyruvate Kinase (PK) Deficiency.

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