Great Pyredane Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Great pyredane is a hybrid canine produced by crossing two popular dog breeds: the Great Dane and Great Pyrenees. These dogs tend to inherit the best qualities from both of their parents. Both parent breeds don’t require much care and attention for their grooming, so the resulting breed would also be low-maintenance. 

The Great pyredane are easy-going and get along well with small children and other animals. These dogs need quite a lot of space to fit in, so make sure to make a good room for your pup. They would be all over you, and they tend to create a mess in the house, so if you don’t like dogs’ mess, this dog is not recommended for you. 

Great Pyredane history

Great Pyredane Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGreat pyredane is a mix of two quite big dogs. Both parents have been known for a long time, and this resulting breed’s origins are unclear. Their history isn’t well-documented as well, so let’s look at the history of their parents. The great Dane, also called Boar Hound, has been known since ancient times when Greeks and Romans used them as guard dogs during traveling. Their name has kept on changing since they have been known. 

The great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean dog, is a famous dog and has its origins in Pyrenees Mountains. These dogs were used for guarding, herding, and different departments like the military and police. These are great family pets and watchdogs due to their suspicious and calm nature. They have been known since ancient times, and they were quite popular canines. The American kennel club didn’t register this breed, as these are not common in the United States. 

Great Pyredane Characteristics

Great pyredane is a hybrid of two giant dogs. The resulting breed is fairly large-sized canines with muscular and sturdy bodies. They are likely to have dense, straight, and short to medium-sized coats that can come in various colors like white, blue, brindle, and fawn, and they can be tri or bi-colored. Their well-proportioned muzzle with upright ears and oval-shaped eyes looks perfect against their body. 

How big do Great Pyredane Get

Great pyredane are large to giant-sized dogs. The males’ height can vary between 29 – 33 inches, and their weight would be anywhere around 95 – 120 pounds. The females’ height is likely to be between 27 – 31 inches, and their weight can be anywhere around 80 – 105 pounds. 

How Long Does Great Pyredane Live

Due to its large size, The Great pyredane lives less than other smaller dogs. They are likely to live anywhere around 8 – 12 years. Take good care of them and keep them on a healthy diet to enhance their life. 

How Much Does a Great Pyredane Cost?

Great pyredane is a mix of two quite popular dogs so that they would cost you more than your expectation. On average, they would cost you around $1000 to $2000. Some of the factors that affect the canines’ price are breeders’ reputation, parents’ healthcare assurance, and the place from where you’re buying. 

Great Pyredane Temperament/Personality

The Great pyredane is a calm, caring, and lovely dog. They are great family dogs due to their parents’ genes. These canines are family-friendly and feel comfortable around their owners and other family members. They can develop self-destructive and bad behaviors if left alone for long periods, so it would be your duty to accompany them. 

The Great pyredane are quite clever and intelligent dogs. They have affectionate and loving personalities, and they love to play with children and other small animals. However, supervision is necessary, as this giant dog could hurt unintentionally, and the small size of kids won’t help them. These pups are easy-going and get along with strangers after knowing them.  

Caring for Great Pyredane Dog

A great pyredane dog is a good, family-friendly dog. However, they can sometimes react aggressively and timidly, so try to socialize them early to teach them good behaviors and develop confidence. Continue to read to explore more about your canine. 

Great Pyredane Nutrition

Due to its giant size and high energy levels, Great pyredane would require a good amount of food to stay healthy and fit. 4 to 5 cups of top-notch dog food that may cost you around $80 to $90 a month would be necessary to fulfill their daily nutritional requirement. 

How to Groom a Great Pyredane

The Great Pyredane is a low-maintenance canine. They have short to medium-sized coats that don’t shed that much, making them hypoallergenic. However, their coat needs to be brushed at least once a week to maintain the blood flow under their coat and remove tangled and matted hair. Make sure to use a bristle brush specially made for dogs. Bathe them only when they are really dirty and use a mild shampoo to prevent their skin from drying out. Brush their teeth twice a week using special dogs’ toothpaste and clip their nails with a nail clipper especially made for dogs. Professional grooming after 6 to 8 months is also recommended. 

Great Pyredane Activity Levels

Great pyredane has low levels of energy. They don’t need enormous or serious exercises and activities to maintain their health and body. Usually, they fulfill their daily activity requirements by wandering around the house. However, they would enjoy going on a walk or jog with you, so take them with you if possible. Apartment life isn’t suitable for them, and try to have a fenced yard for them to wander around. 

Caring for Great Pyredane

Great pyredane are family-friendly and social dogs, requiring constant family interaction and a good activity to function properly. Keep them on a healthy diet and make sure to meet their daily requirements to keep them happy and healthy. 

Great Pyredane health

Great pyredane is a big hybrid dog that inherits some of the parents’ diseases like bloat, hip dysplasia, and heart diseases and disorders. Make sure to visit their vet at least once a month for a proper checkups.  

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