Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees is a hybrid mix of two popular breeds: the wirehaired pointing griffon and Great Pyrenees. Both parent breeds have a lot of difference in their physical traits and characteristics and this resulting breed inherit best qualities from both.

The Great Wirehaired Gryfenees are easy-going and get along well with small children and other animals. As their name suggests, they have medium-sized, dense, and wiry coats that can come in various colors like gray, brown, and white. Their friendly and energetic nature makes them good apartment doggy. 

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees history

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Breed Information All You Need To KnowGreat Wirehaired Gryfenees is a mix of two quite famous dog breeds. Their origins are unclear, and history isn’t well-documented, so let’s look at the history of their parents to get an idea. The wirehaired pointing breed is quite a new breed, produced by Eduard Karel by the end of the 19th century. They are good hunter god and has high prey drive. People used them for hunting, retrieving, and tracking. The AKC(American kennel club) registered this breed in 1887.

The great Pyrenees, also known as the Pyrenean dog, is a famous dog and has its origins in Pyrenees Mountains. These dogs were used for guarding, herding, and different departments like the military and police. These are great family pets and watchdogs due to their suspicious and calm nature. They have been known since ancient times, and they were quite popular canines. The American kennel club didn’t register this breed, as these are not common in the United States. 

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Characteristics

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees is a hybrid of two big dogs, so they are likely to have big sizes as well. Strong muscular and sturdy-built bodies give them astonishing beauty. They have a wiry, dense, and medium-length coat. The possible coat colors are gray, white, and brown. They have a square-shaped muzzle with V-shaped ears. Their deep, oval-shaped eyes can be brown or amber-colored. Their wooly coat defends them from harsh and fierce weather.  

How big do Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Get

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees are large-sized canines. The males’ height can be anywhere between 26 – 38 inches, and they weigh around 95 – 110 pounds. The females’ height may vary between 24 – 26 inches, and their weight can be anywhere around 70 – 95 pounds. 

How Long Does Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Live

Both parent breeds have a shorter lifespan because of their large sizes. So the Great Wirehaired Gryfenees enjoys a lifespan of 10 – 12 years. Ensure to take care of their diet and meet their daily requirements to help them live a happy and healthy life. 

How Much Does a Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Cost

Being a hybrid of two popular breeds, the Great Wirehaired Gryfenees would cost you more than your expectations. On average, expect to pay something around $1200 – $1500 for a pup. The cost of any hybrid canine depends on various factors like parents’ healthcare assurance, breeders’ reputation, and the buying place. 

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Temperament/Personality

The Great wirehaired Gryfenees is a smart, intelligent, and caring dog. Both parent breeds have quite a lot of difference in their personality and nature, so the temperament of this resulting breed would depend on which of the parent breed is dominant. Usually, they inherit high prey drive from Great Pyrenees and protective traits from pointing griffons. 

The great wirehaired Gryfenees is an independent canine that doesn’t allow any stranger in its personal space. They are caring and would protect their family in case of any danger at any cost. These pups get along well with small children; however, supervision is recommended, as they can be overwhelming sometimes. Make sure to socialize them early to teach them some manners and to build their confidence. 

Caring for Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Dog

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees is a good, family-friendly dog that can develop self-destructive and aggressive behaviors if left alone for long periods, so taking care of them and spending quality time with them would be your responsibility. Keep on reading to learn more about your canine. 

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Nutrition

Despite its large size and high energy levels, they don’t need that much food to fulfill their daily nutritional requirements. 3 to 4 cups of high-quality dog food that can cost you around $39 to $52 a month would be more than enough to maintain their energy and health. 

How to Groom a Great Wirehaired Gryfenees

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees is an easy to maintain and simple to groom dog. Some people think their wiry coats would get them into trouble, but that’s just a thought. This breed has water and dirt-resistant coat that need to be brushed once a week. Make sure to use a special bristle brush dog brush to remove loose hair. Clean their ears with a soft cloth to avoid infections. Clipping of your pups’ nails using a special nail clipper is also necessary when needed. Brush their teeth using special toothpaste and bathe them with mild shampoo only when they are really dirty. 

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Activity Levels

Both parent breeds have different energy levels, one is more energetic, and the other is easy-going, so the great wirehaired Gryfenees are likely to have moderate energy levels. Sometimes, they love to play enthusiastic and vigorous games. 90 minutes of daily activity is necessary for your pup to stay fit and healthy. Jogging, walking, and running are their favorite activities. It is best to have a fenced yard to let them play there to keep them functioning properly. 

Caring for Great Wirehaired Gryfenees

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees would react aggressively and destructively if not treated well, so try to be calm and patient during their teaching and training sessions. Positive feedback and a favorite treat may help you in this regard.  

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees Health

Great Wirehaired Gryfenees is a hybrid of two sensitive dogs, and they would inherit some diseases from their parent breeds. The major health concerns are hip dysplasia, eye diseases and disorders, and osteosarcoma. Visit your pups’ vet at least twice a month for proper checkups. 

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