Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Greater Swiss Mountain dog is a hybrid that combines the outstanding qualities of two well-known dogs. On the one hand, we have the assertive Greater Swiss Mountain dog, and on the other, we have the calm Great Dane. Typically, this dog can be best described as affectionate, loving, and fun. 

 This breed is still new, and there isn’t much known about them, so that we will be looking at the characteristics, personalities, and histories of their parents to get to know these dogs better. With both of its parents being large-sized canines, the Greater Swiss Mountain dog will certainly be a big pooch that is unsuitable for an indoor apartment lifestyle. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane History

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGreater Swiss Mountain dogs have been known since ancient times. These loyal dogs are considered one of the oldest dogs and were used as Guard dogs by many. The farmers also used them to protect livestock from wild animals, and this breed became almost instinct during the 1900s.

The Great Dane is an old dog; it is believed to have its origin around 3000 BC. Many of the drawings of dogs found in the Babylonian temples resembled this breed. This great dog spread around the world was the trade between the Assyrians, Romans, and Greeks. These well-built dogs are believed to be the decedents of Irish Wolfhounds, English Mastiffs, and Irish Greyhounds. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Characteristics

The appearance of this canine depends on the parent breed that dominates in them the most. If they resemble their Greater Swiss Mountain parent, they will have a sturdy build with a broad and flat skull. On the other hand, if they resemble the Great Dane parent, they will have a more muscular body and a narrow head with a long muzzle. 

Their coats are usually very dense and thick with short hair. This coat can adopt various colors, but the most common ones are fawn, black, blue, brindle, and white; they can also adopt a tri-colored coat that is white, rust, and black.

How Big Do Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Get

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane is a large-sized dog; the males’ average height lies between 23 – 33 inches and their average weight between 90 – 200 lbs. The female’s average height lies between 23 – 32 inches and their average weight between 80 – 160 lbs.

How Long Does a Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Live

Generally, these large-sized canines live shorter lives than small-sized ones. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dane has a lifespan ranging between 6 – 11 years. You may move this number towards the upper end of the scale by caring for their health, looking out for symptoms of various common diseases in this breed, and taking them to the vet at the right time.

How much Does a Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Cost

The cost of any dog depends on different factors like the breeder’s reputation, age of the dog, and lineage. So, there isn’t a single fixed price for all the Greater Swiss Mountain Danes, but typically, they can cost between $800 – $1500. Other charges may include health insurance, accessories, and grooming tools.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Temperament/Personality

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane is affectionate, gentle, and alert. These qualities are inherited from their parents, both of which are known for their respective personalities. Despite their large size, these fun-loving dogs like to act as puppies well into adulthood; they will try to curl up in your lap like they are no taller than a 10-inch pup.

These pooches are usually quite gentle and caring, but they also have a stubborn and free-willed nature that can make them hard to handle. So, if you are new to dogs, we suggest going for a more easy-to-deal dog like the Golden Retriever because handling the Greater Swiss Mountain dog will require a firm hand.

Caring for Greater Swiss Mountain Dane

Caring for this independent dog is quite easy if you keep a few things in mind; feeding them properly, ensuring that their activity requirements are met and that they are groomed properly. So, keep on reading to know everything related to this and develop a better understanding of your canine.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Nutrition

Greater Swiss Mountain Danes are big and heavy; they also have a fast metabolism, giving them a lot of energy. So, they require a lot of calories to maintain a healthy weight. They do well on Four cups of high-quality dog food daily. You can also give them treats, but ensure that you are not over-feeding them as it can lead to obesity.

How to Groom a Greater Swiss Mountain Dane

The Great Dane is a heavy shedder while the Greater Swiss mountain dog sheds minimally; this means that either you’re going to see a lot of hair lying around, or you won’t notice any hair at all. So, If your Greater Swiss Mountain Dane is a heavy shedder, brush them 2-3 times per week with a pin brush

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Activity Levels

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane is a dog that was bred to work, so they will constantly require something to do and expend their energy on. Keeping them indoors is a bad idea because they usually require a large fenced yard or garden to roam freely, play, and exhaust themselves.

Caring for Greater Swiss Mountain Dane

As a large dog with plenty of energy, this puppy will need a lot of playtime and walks. If you don’t meet their daily activity requirements, they may become irritable and develop self-destructive behavior. So, it would be best to ensure that they are getting plenty of exercise. You can also invest in a treadmill if you can’t take them out that much. 

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane Health

Greater Swiss Mountain Dane inherits some major health concerns from its parents and a couple of minor ones. The major ones include Entropion, Gastric Torsion, Cardiomyopathy, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Osteochondritis Dissecans. The minor health concerns are Distichiasis and Myotonia.

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