Griffon Nivernais Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Griffon Nivernais is a rare and ancient French Scenthound that faced extinction after the French revolution.  In 1920, it was recreated from few similar dog breeds. The dog is highly known for its hunting prowess and was largely used for hunting wolves and wild boars.

It is best suited to live in rural areas but can also adapt to city living if you give them a spacious area to live. Being a hunter, this dog can have high chasing instincts, so you must never take it out off-leash. It is a well-balanced natured dog that is best suited for mature or working people. Read on to know more about this hunter dog.

Griffon Nivernais History

Griffon Nivernais Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Griffon Nivernais is a scenthound type dog that originated in France. It was an ancient breed that originated some seven hundred years ago in the former Nivernais region of France. However, the original version of this dog is quite different from today. The dog used to assist hunters as hunting wolves and wild boars in packs or individually.

However, the original dog disappeared after French Revolution, and the present-day version of Griffon Nivernais is a reconstruction of that dog. The reconstruction started in 1925 when some hunters and their dog Canes Segusii or the Celtic Hound arrived in Europe. Experts believed their ancestors to be the ancient Gallic Hound or the Bulgarian Barak dogs.

Griffon Nivernais Characteristics

The Griffon Nivernais is a medium-sized dog characterized by its long grizzly and shaggy coat. The ears are long and drop covered with fur; the tail is also furry and carried up in a curve. The body is longer than tall, and the coat color assortments fawn and black, fawn and blue, or sometimes with a white patch on the chest. The dog is known for its speed and hound-like features.

How Big to Griffon Nivernais Get

An average weight estimate of a fully grown-up male and female Griffon Nivernais is around 46-52 lbs. Besides, the height of the male dog is about 22-24 inches, while the female stands up to 20-23 inches tall.

How Long Does Griffon Nivernais Live

The life expectancy of a Griffon Nivernais is between 13 to 15 years on average. However, you can increase this value by providing the best living conditions, good hygiene, and proper care to your pup.

How Much Does a Griffon Nivernais Cost

Griffon Nivernais can cost up to $300 to $800. However, it is not a final price range as it can vary depending on many factors. It is the initial cost, excluding the dog’s medical and non-medical expenses.

Griffon Nivernais Temperament/Personality

Griffon Nivernais is intensely loyal and affectionate to its owner and makes the best companion dog. It is very protective and starts barking loud if you notice anything unusual or a stranger coming; thus, it can be our watchdog or guard dog. It is a well-balanced natured dog that is best suited for mature or working people.

The dog doesn’t need much of your time as it does suffer from boredom; however, if you fail to provide him sufficient exercise, he can be a rebel. Then he will be taking out its energy by barking loud, scratching and chewing stuff, etc. To avoid such disasters, train your dog well at an early age and better keep it large.

Caring for Griffon Nivernais

Like all other canines out there, your Griffon Nivernais needs attention and immense care. You must give it a good quality diet, best grooming, and sufficient exercise. Being a hunter, this dog can have high chasing instincts, so you must make it wear a Dog Collar, Dog Harness, and Leash for Dogs that pull before taking it outside for a walk.

Griffon Nivernais Nutrition

You can put your Griffon Nivernais on the same diet plan as any other dog of its size and energy, i.e., give it 2-2.5 cups of a dry dog diet. It would be best to split this meal into regular portions as it promotes better digestion and prevents obesity. You can opt for homemade dog food or commercial dog food brands such as Eukanuba Dog Food, Royal Canin Dog Food.

How to Groom a Griffon Nivernais

The harsh and coarse coat of the Griffon Nivernais has the great tendency to hide and dirt, and it rarely gets matts. The brushing must be regularly taking the interval to be 3 or 4 days. Must remove the coat tangles before giving bath as it would be difficult for you to detangle the pup’s coat after it gets wet with tangles and dries.

Griffon Nivernais Activity Levels

Griffon Nivernais is a scent hound, and it needs the regular exercise of around 40-50 minutes. Lack of exercise or negligence to take your dog out for a walk or exercise can lead to serious outcomes. The outcomes can be a dog’s negative behavior, anxiety, or health concerns.

Caring for Griffon Nivernais

Griffon Nivernais do best if provided with the required amount of healthy diet and exercise. It can adapt to apartment life, but the best area for its living can be a house with a yard. In both cases, you have to take your pup outside for fresh air and a walk.

As a hunter, it has great stamina to withstand harsh climatic conditions, but still, you have to take care of your part. Please don’t take it outside when it is extremely hot or cold. Furthermore, ensure the availability of clean and fresh water all the time to keep your furry being hydrated.

Griffon Nivernais Health

No common ailments of extraordinary health claims have been documented for this breed. It is a healthy one with fewer health concerns, including joint issues and ear infections. It is likely to develop ear infections (otitis externa). You can prevent it by checking its ears regularly and cleaning with a veterinary-approved solution or special dog ear cleaners.

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