Guide to Easing Pet Post-Neutering Trauma with Neuticles

Guide to Easing Pet Post-Neutering Trauma with Neuticles

Neuticles are testicular implants for pets. An available cosmetic surgery for dogs, this product elicits headshaking from some and interest from others. Do neutered pets really need implants? The answer might surprise you.

Cosmetic Surgery for Dogs Makes Up for Lost Testicles

Neuticles is the kind of product for the pet lover who never really bought the vet line, which claims the dog would never miss that which gets snipped during neutering. The company counts on the compassionate pet lover with the necessary funds to provide a testicular prosthesis for the canine companion in the hopes of easing the perceived trauma of the experience.

Cashing in on Compassion?

Available as a plastic surgery for pets, Neuticles are actually to be had for cats, dogs, horses and bulls. Materials include polypropylene, solid silicone and textured solid silicone. Costs vary by size and material.

For example, a pair of polypropylene Neuticles for a dog weighing between 11 and 30 pounds costs $129. The same pair in solid silicone costs between $259 and $264. The textured variety is even more expensive, requiring the pet lover to pay between $389 and $399. Top of the line Neuticles set the pet lover back between $1,159 to $1,169.

Keep in mind that the cost only covers the actual Neuticals. Thereafter the pet owner must still pay the veterinarian for the plastic surgery. For dogs – and other animals – the surgery is said to be without complications.

Scam or Fulfilling a Need?

The manufacturer of Neuticles asserts that in the last 15 years more than 230,000 pets received Neuticles and there is no record of consumer complaints. A quick cross-check with the Better Business Bureau appears to validate this claim.

The manufacturers further suggest that the products counteract undesirable pet overpopulation merely by encouraging the hold-outs – those who cannot come to grips with the idea that the animal might be missing a part of its anatomy – to get on board with the surgery.

There may be some credence to this claim. Dr. Brad Coolman considers the notion that a neutered dog will miss his testicles to be a case of anthropomorphism: a human – in this case a male – will attribute human male feelings and thought patterns to an animal. As such, the testicular implants are not truly for the animal’s wellbeing but more for the (male) human owner’s peace of mind.

If Neuticals serve to make animal neutering more palatable to concerned males, this is one plastic surgery for pets that is well worth the expense.

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