Gull Dong Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Gull Dong is a wise and faithful canine that is vigorous and solid-willed as well. This canine isn’t for the newbie trainers because they require an energetic person who constantly watches him. Due to its huge size, this amazing canine should not be left alone to play with kids even though they are loving and faithful. They were functioning canines and became more joyful when given something important task to take care of. They are exceptionally dynamic and alarm. They are hard to train and educate them to respect people. They are overly possessive about their family and property.

Gull Dong History

Gull Dong Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Gull Dong is the crossbreed of the most flawless and greatest Gull Terriers, also known as “Pakistani Bull Terrier,” as it was created in Pakistan. It is also known by the name Pakistani Bully Kutta (Pakistani Mastiffs). It is an uncommon and mysterious variety not commonly present around the world.

They have been utilized as watch canines, fighter canines, and bear trackers. This variety takes after the first English Bull Terrier that was transported by the British. This dog finally came into being by mixing the Bulldog and Terriers and accomplished their objective of a bold and forceful canine.

Gull Dong Characteristics

The Gull Dong is a huge variety, which has a short and leveled coat. They have a large head and a space between their little round eyes; however, they have an outstanding vision. Their incredible gag has lightly saggy lips. They have a huge dark nose and little pointy ears. They have a strong build with an inclining back and a profound wide chest. They have incredible solid legs, cylindrical cushioned paws, and a long slim tail. Their coat possibilities are brindle, black, grey, and white.

How Big to Gull Dong Get

The average height of a male Gull Dong is around 34 to 42 inches, whereas their weight is around 90 to 140 pounds. The female Gull Dong is around 30 to 34 inches tall, and they weigh around 90 to 140 pounds.

How Long Does Gull Dong Live

Overall the Pakistani Gull Dong is a healthy variety with an average life span of 10 to 12 years. They are not prone to any major health issues, but you have to consider everything as they are hybrid dogs.

How Much Does a Gull Dong Cost

Their price can vary from breeder to breeder, but you can also adopt them from shelter homes. They are considered expensive dogs in Pakistan, and their average cost is around $120 to $150.

Gull Dong Temperament/Personality

The Gull Dong is a mainstream breed in Pakistan, while uncommon all through the world. They are faithful and committed to their lord yet have the characteristics of doubt and carefulness of outsiders. They generally have a bad temper with an imposing and predominant nature, making them difficult to train. Try to teach them from a very early stage because it’s impossible to train them as they grow up. Their trainer must be strict and persistent who can put forth their authority for this canine.

The Gull Dong is a smart dog and learns things very fast. Give them Interactive Dog Toys and Toys for Hyper Dogs when you leave them alone in the house. Toddlers must not be around them as they are aggressive and require extra care in homes with kids. They are not suitable for apartments as they are working dogs so, they will need a lot of exercising and physical work to be in good shape.

Caring for Gull Dong

When you take them out, put a Leash for Dogs that Pull and a Dog Costume to avoid severe weather conditions. Exercising should be a must for this huge canine.

Gull Dong Nutrition

The average food consumption of Gull Dong is almost 3 cups of best quality kibbles or organic Food for Large Dogs. Their daily food costs around $1.50 to $1.90, and the monthly food cost will be around $39.00 to $52.00.

How to Groom a Gull Dong

The Gull Dong is not difficult to keep up. Their jacket is short to medium in thickness, so a decent brushing once every week is required to take out any extra hair. They seldom need a bath as their short hairs consistently look prepped. Their little pointy ears can get infected, so checkups are fundamental. To stay away from dental issues, brush their teeth regularly and also clip nails when required.

Gull Dong Activity Levels     

The Gull Dong is a functioning canine that enjoys working and using its power in a good manner. A daily decent long walk in a dog park is a must. They make great allies for walkers and appreciate being all over town. They require a huge yard that is safely fenced to consume their energy, making them perfect canines. These medium activity level dogs require 70 minutes of activities per day to keep them healthy and stable.

Caring for Gull Dong

The Gull Dong (Pakistani Bull Dog) is appropriate to being a watch canine or defender as they are normally sensitive about outsiders around them. It’s important to make them socialize at an early age for great social conduct. When they are around other pets and dogs, it’s better to keep them on a leash because they are violent. They are not appropriate as home pets and can cause accidental harm to small kids.

Gull Dong Health

The Gull Dong is a healthy hybrid dog which doesn’t have any major health problem. Some of the minor health concerns are Ear Infections and Deafness (Whites). They may also occasionally diagnosed with bloating issues. Visit your veteran after every few months to get occasional tests of Hearing (Whites), Ear Examination, Full Blood Work, Serum Chemistry Tests, and Blood Glucose Tests.

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