Haldenstover Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The dog is also known as Halden Hound, which was developed in Norway in the nineteenth or twentieth century. The dog is named after Halden city and a medium-sized scent hound. Haldenstover was developed to hunt hare and was employed just finely to hunt and track foxes. They are loyal, loving, and show affection to their trainer or owner, though if the owner trains them, it’s a great way to bond with your dog overall. It has grabbed attention towards their transition from hunting dog to beloved family dog/pet. 

Haldenstover History

Haldenstover Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAs in Norway, people have used dogs for hunting for centuries. Thus Halden Hound is the most recent addition to the list. They were bred in the early twentieth and end of the nineteenth century due to the keen interest of Norwegian people to develop a dog with amazing hunting traits. Thus, they cross local scent hounds, Foxhounds, and Beagles to inculcate various traits in a hunting dog.

The Halden Hound became a popular dog amongst hunters, but population density in that area and the spread of the canine virus in World War 2 led to the extinction of this breed. After the world war ended, the trend to have a Haldenstover rose. Currently, less than 25 Halden Hounds are affiliated with Norway Kennel Club. It is rare for them to be found other than in Norway. 

Haldenstover Characteristics

 Halden Hound is a medium-sized dog and is similar in appearance to American Fox Hound but is slightly smaller in height. They have medium size dark brown eyes and keeps the tranquil expression on a face. The ears are spade in shape with a fold on the head and long, strong necks going down into shoulder muscles. Haldenstover has short hair and has spots on their coats. Their front legs are straight along with legs; their shows deep chests give them a well-built appearance. Lastly, they have a thick and low-carried tail as an ending but defining feature of the body. 

How Big to Haldenstover Get

This hunting but also company-friendly dog reaches to the height of 20-24 inches male and 19-23 inches female. At the same time, the weight for both male and female Halden Hound is 40-55 Ibe’s. Catering your dog needs to avoid overweighing is important to give your pet a healthy life.

How Long Does Haldenstover Live

When you look for a dog, you are looking for a companion and protector. So, many owners are concerned about the average life expectancy of the dogs they would like to pet. The Haldenstover lives around 12 years. But as a pet lover, remember healthy environment influences the long life of your pet.

How Much Does a Haldenstover Cost

The cost to purchase a Halden Hound is around $1200, and they are only to be found in Norway. Other average annual expenses start from $1400, which includes food and veterinarian check-ups.

Haldenstover Temperament/Personality

 This amazing hunting dog breed is the most well-mannered dog when listening to the owner’s instructions. Still, they are very few in numbers despite their affectionate nature. The Halden Hound is a highly adorable, loving, loyal, and friendly dog. They are welcoming towards other pets and children. Like any other healthy dog, exercise, training, and socialization are an important part of their development.

They are suited for spacious and big houses; they are not encouraged to be kept alone for long periods. Their initial purpose was to bred was hunting, so they have a high energy level and can develop disruptive behavior if left alone for an extensive duration. Haldenstover shows high energy and sensitive nose to prey alone, so they bond well with the trainer who knows how to be assertive at the time for proper training purposes.

Caring for Haldenstover

This amazing energy pup does not have high maintenance but requires proper training from the first day. Toys for hyper dogs can be helpful to keep them busy and bonded with the owner. Out-door dog kennels to keep a line between dogs and guests who are sometimes phobic to dogs are necessary.

Haldenstover Nutrition

Your dog nutrition depends upon the age as consumption of food vary in every age. But your dog will require 3 cups of dry dog food and dog treats with training sessions. Avoid doubling meals as it can cause health issues and give them proper 3 cups a day according to their energy level. 

How to Groom a Haldenstover

Haldenstover is considered an average maintenance dog and requires a bath once or twice a month. Dental brushing and dog ear cleaners from falling into any serious issue are crucial. Please get your dog’s teeth cleaned professionally once a year to avoid dental decay. 

Haldenstover Activity Levels

Halden Hound is a high-spirited animal with the energy levels of a hunting dog and requires 70 minutes of exercise activities per day. There are various activities for these hunting dogs, which start from basic training commands of sit, stand, and stop to hunting games. Large yards and fenced areas for your dog to play are encouraged.

Caring for Haldenstover

Giving a bath and brushing teeth and hair are some of the common grooming requirements. The nails need to be trimmed from getting them cracked or hurt. The food and exercise need to be balanced with the daily activities and energy absorbed by the Halden Hound. Overeating can cause obesity and low life expectancy due to inactivity. Thus, meal and dog treats need to be balanced while bringing your dog up.

Hadlenstover Health

Halden Hound is a healthy dog, but some of the health problems diagnosed in this breed are hip & elbow dysplasia. In comparison, some minor issues are ear infections and toenail injuries. All of these problems are easily treatable and even can be avoided with care. Lastly, your companion and pet dog need your attention and love for a healthy life.

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