Hamiltonstovare Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Hamiltonstovare is a purebred dog that is originally bred to be a hunting dog. It has top-notch scenting abilities and is known for its hunting prowess. This handsome hunter’s ancestors are German hound and English Foxhound. It is very similar to the English Foxhound in characteristics.

The dog is famous for its unique signature white blaze on its head going down the neck and covers its chest, front legs, and paws. As well as being athletic and bold, it is also kind, gentle, and highly protective of its family. It is not recommended for novice owners. Read on to know about this incredible dog in detail.

Hamiltonstovare History

Hamiltonstovare Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Hamiltonstovare is a purebred dog that originated in the 1800s. It is a purebred that developed in Sweden as a medium to large bred hunting hound. We can trace many German hounds and English foxhounds in their lineage. The breed was used for hunting small animals like hares and also to hunt fox.

Originally this dog was named a Swedish Hound. Later in 1921, it was renamed after its breeder named “Count Adolf Hamilton.” Initially, it was native to Sweden and was rare outside but then gained popularity after coming to the US, although it is unclear how it came to the US. The signature white blaze and unique tri colors became the reason for its popularity. In 1930, after its official breed standard was set, the dog was recognized by the UKC, FCI, and other canine clubs.

Hamiltonstovare Characteristics

The Hamiltonstovare dog displays unique characteristics, especially its unique white blaze that starts from the head going down the neck and reaching its front legs paws covering forelegs. This white color is also present in its tail’s tip and four paws. It is an attractive and handsome dog with a medium to large size, muscular built, and athletic frame. Its classic tri-colored coat is smooth and water-resistant.

How Big to Hamiltonstovare Get

The sturdy and strong Hamiltonstovare is a medium to a large-sized dog. Its average weight estimate is around 50-60 lbs (for male and female dogs). Besides, the height of the male dog is about 21-24 inches, while the female stands up to 19-22 inches tall.

How Long Does Hamiltonstovare Live

This handsome hunter comes with a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. Give him suitable and required living conditions to live his best. The dog is happiest when living in more rural settings; if not, then give a large home with a yard.

How Much Does a Hamiltonstovare Cost

Everyone wants a dog that can be the best family companion, work dog, and guard/watchdog. Hamiltonstovare hound is one of them, and it can cost up to $300 to $800. This price range can vary depending on the type of breeder. The rest of the expenses of the dog is another story.

Hamiltonstovare Temperament/Personality

Hamiltonstovare’s ideal temperament is described as being courageous, sometimes obstinate, and independent. Regardless of being a bold hunting dog, this dog is very happy and friendly with people. It is different when on the hunt and when in the house as a companion.

Having worked in packs for so long, it can coexist well with other canines and is highly tolerant. However, it would help if you did not keep it with smaller pets such as rabbits. Also, please don’t leave it unsupervised while with small children, as we don’t know when dogs’ hunting instincts are dominant.

This dog tends to be a friendly and highly devoted dog that gets on well with families. Expose your pup to people of a variety of ages, encouraging their acceptance. If you raise them with the child from puppyhood, they will be very kind and gentle.

Caring for Hamiltonstovare

Keep your Hamiltonstovare in a yard covered with Electric Dog Fence. Here your dog can run and play, meeting its activity needs. Place and Outdoor Dog Kennel here for additional security and safety of your pup. This heading entails the important aspects of your Hamiltonstovare’s care.

Hamiltonstovare Nutrition

Your Hamiltonstovare needs a high-quality diet that is free of grains or additives. Grab high-quality Dog Food from the supermarket and give around 3 cups full of it to your canine per day. To avoid issues like obesity and weight gain, split these meals into frequent regular short meals.

How to Groom a Hamiltonstovare

The resistant coat of the Hamiltonstovare rarely gets dirty or matted. It requires brushing no more than once a week. The bathing must be infrequent using a Dog Shampoo after 5-6 months. The ears need checking and cleanliness regularly. You can do so by taking a cotton swab damped in dog ear cleaner solution.

Hamiltonstovare Activity Levels

Hamiltonstovare is a large hybrid that will grow destructive if not getting a proper exercise of an hour daily. It is an intelligent hound that doesn’t only need physical exercise but also mind stimulation. Play mind-engaging games with your canine and also give him puzzle toys or interactive dog toys.

Caring for Hamiltonstovare

Hamiltonstovare is a highly adaptable dog that can thrive in extreme weather conditions. It is best suited for rural living and enjoyment there. However, the pup can also adapt to urban living if kept in a house with a large yard.

Other than coat brushing and bathing, brush your pup’s teeth weekly and clean its ears. If the nails start producing sounds on scratching the ground, the nails are overdue and need clipping. Further is health care that is stated below.

Hamiltonstovare Health

Hamiltonstovare is a fairly healthy dog, excluding few common issues. It can get hip dysplasia, epilepsy, bloat, and cancer. You can avoid bloat by giving proper exercise and monitoring the dog’s calorie intake. Must get your dog vaccinated to strengthen its immunity and to remain free from ailments. Last but not least, ensure regular veterinary visits for the health and well-being of your wonderful doggo.

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