Hartz Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats

Hartz Ear Cleaner

Our dog, Carmine, has had reoccurring ear problems the entire 20 months of his life. Upon taking him to the vet, they usually told us Carmine had some earwax in his ears. At times his ears have gotten infected from the wax build-up in his ears. So, when we noticed Carmine scratching his ears a lot again a few weeks ago, we wanted to take care of the problem in the most economical way we could, since our finances have been tight lately.

We found Hartz Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats at our local department store. We read the back of the bottle and found its contents seemingly harmless, so we decided to give the product a shot. We put the ear cleaner in Carmine’s ears for several consecutive days, as the instructions suggested.

Since the product claimed to break up earwax, we expected positive results from the product. However, we soon noticed Carmine scratching his ears more than he had been before we started putting the cleaner in his ears. His ears appeared more irritated, and we noticed increasing amounts of wax in his ears, rather than less. Carmine began to cry occasionally as he scratched his ears. It was then, we decided, that we should call our vet and inquire about the steps we should take for our cat.

We were surprised our vet told us using the ear cleaner was not a good idea for our cat. Upon Carmine’s examination, the vet discovered Carmine had an ear infection in both ears. He is currently being treated with antibiotics to heal his infection.

While Carmine likely already had an ear infection before we began using the Hartz Ear Cleaner in his ears, the cleaner appeared to perpetuate the infection. We aren’t sure what caused the increase in earwax build-up.

Other individuals who have used Hartz Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats have had success using the formula. Before you use this product, ask your veterinarian for his or her opinion and experiences with the product. Your veterinarian may have another recommendation for ear cleaner for your pet. He or she may even sell ear cleaner one recommends in his or her office.

If you cat or dog has a history of reoccurring ear problems, I recommend not using Hartz Ear Cleaner. Using this product may result in further harm to your pet’s ears.

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