Hava-Welsh Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Hava-Welsh is a good doggie with both looks and charisma. We know that it is small and can’t be a guard dog. Yet, it will still look out for its humans and try to protect them at every turn. We have collected a lot more info about this amazing breed below. Please read on and fall in love with it, just like us.

Hava-Welsh History

Hava Welsh Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Hava-Welsh is a hybrid that we do not have much data on. Its parents, on the other hand, have enough history available. The Havanese is a breed that has tugged at the hearts of people for centuries. Spanish settlers first developed the breed. The settlers landed on the Cuban coast with their dogs. Those dogs crossed with the local Cuban dogs and gave us the ancestor of the Havanese. The Havanese have remained almost sacred in Cuba to this day.

The Welsh Terrier, as you may have guessed, was birthed in Wales. Yes, that is why it is called the Welsh Terrier. Popular theorists and experts believe that the first breed was developed for hunting otters and foxes in Wales. Theorists also believe that the Old English terrier was the ancestor of this breed. The AKC registered the Welsh Terrier in 1888.

Hava-Welsh Characteristics

The Hava-Welsh will usually be small in size. It will have well-defined muscles. The eyes of the Hava-Welsh will be even livelier than its parents. The coat of the Hava-Welsh will usually be medium-sized in length. The coat colors will usually be Sable, Black, Grey, White, and Tan. The legs of the Hava-Welsh will be short and cute. It will usually have a short muzzle with some features of the Welsh Terrier.

How Big do Hava-Welsh Get

The Hava-Welsh is a small to medium-sized breed. The height of the Hava-Welsh will usually be 9 to 16 inches, and it will weigh 9 to 20 lbs. The female Hava-Welsh will usually be 8 to 16 inches tall and 8 to 18 lbs heavy. You will have to be very careful about its weight because the Hava-Welsh can gain weight quite quickly. You will have to pay superbly close attention to the diet and nutrition section.

How Long Does Hava-Welsh Live

The lifespan of the Hava-Welsh is usually supposed to be between 12 to 14 years. Yet you can give it a longer lifespan with a healthy diet and ample exercise.

How Much Does a Hava-Welsh Cost

The markets for the Hava-Welsh are unknown and underdeveloped. Thus the prices of the Hava-Welsh are subjective to the breeder. Usually, you should expect to pay 300 to 900 dollars for the Hava-Welsh. The price will usually vary widely between these figures. Remember, the healthier your potential buddy is, the more he will cost you.

Hava-Welsh Temperament/Personality

The personality of the Hava-Welsh is a friendly and people-oriented breed. It loves being around its family and being in on the jokes. If you can’t give it your time and love, there is no point in having the Hava-Welsh. It would rather stay beside your family than run around doing stupid things. We do recommend giving it certainty in life and consistency in socialization.

Training the Hava-Welsh won’t be that hard. It does have terrier genes which means that it most probably experience a surge in stubbornness. If its stubbornness doesn’t resurface, then good for you. If its stubbornness does surface, then please remain calm and consistent. The most important thing is remaining calm and diligent. You should also incorporate some professional guidance into your training routines if you are facing difficulties.

Caring for Hava-Welsh

Like every other breed, the Hava-Welsh will require the help of its human to maintain its health. We recommend paying attention to the next section for both your convenience and the health of your buddy.

Hava-Welsh Nutrition

The Hava-Welsh is a small to semi-medium breed. This breed consumes 3 cups of food per day. You should make sure that it does not get more than this because it can affect its weight badly. The cost of food for this breed is roughly 1.40 dollars per day. You can give it food from trusted brands such as Iams Dog Food or Pedigree Dog Food for better growth. You can check for better brands in Food for Small Dogs area to ensure the best growth of your buddy. It would help if you looked into different possibilities of food for small dogs.

How to Groom a Hava-Welsh

The Hava-Welsh has a coat that won’t shed much. The best thing to do is to keep brushing her coat at least three times per week. You should use a good Dog Brush and be gentle with its coat. Bathing the Hava-Welsh is the second most important thing. You will have to use a Dog Shampoo that can keep its skin safe from rashes. Excessive bathing will flush its skin of nutrients. The nails of the Hava-Welsh should be trimmed after every two to three weeks. Keeping her dental health in check is also important.

Hava-Welsh Activity Levels

The Hava-Welsh, according to the books, is a highly active dog. The average time that the Hava-Welsh needs per day is 40 to 50 minutes. You will have to find the best possible combination of both physical and mental exercises. It would be best if you ideally took it to the park or a jogging track. We would recommend keeping it on a leash because it tends to run around.

Caring for Hava-Welsh

The Hava-Welsh doesn’t need much, but if you do want the best for your buddy, then there are some things that you can take care of. First of all, you can keep it safe by sheltering it from the sun. It has sensitive skin and can warm up very quickly. The second most important thing is to keep the ears of the Hava-Welsh clean. If you can’t do that, a lot of problems will come their way. Infections will be the least of your concerns.

Hava-Welsh Health

Regarding the health of the Hava-Welsh, we only have bad news for you. The Hava-Welsh is a hybrid and thus suffers from a whole list of conditions. The most prominent conditions are Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, Mitral Valve Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Hypothyroidism, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, and PRA. Yes, we know that all of these conditions are quite problematic.

Yet this isn’t something that you should be disheartened about. All of the conditions mentioned earlier are perfectly avoidable. The only thing that you should be careful about is its weekly check-ups. You will have to take your buddy to your buddy to the vet at least that often. Please ensure that it receives a healthy diet.

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