Havachin Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

The Havachin is a hybrid dog made up of a mix between Japanese Chin and Havanese. It is a small or medium-sized dog. It takes its qualities and appearance from both of its parents. As it does not grow too much in length and is a small-sized dog, it is not recommended in families who already have bigger pets. Due to its small size, it needs a lot of care and protection. The coat takes on different colors like black, brown, white, ebony, grey, and tan, long for its ears and legs. Read on to know more about this adorable hybrid.

Havachin History

Havachin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAs Havachin is a hybrid dog, so it was not present in ancient times. Its history is not well known, but its parent’s history is quite interesting. The Havanese belongs from Cuba, a city of

Havana and was very well known there. It was considered the national dog of Cuba. Due to its cute appearance, it also became popular in Europe. It is thought that the Havanese were developed from the Blanquito de la Habana.

The other parent of Havachin is the Japanese Chin. As the name suggests, the origin of Japanese Chin is Japan. It was very famous in Japan, making its way around, especially Britain and the US. Initially, the Japanese Chin was bred as a lap dog for Royal Families and was a favorite among eminence. American Kennel Club officially recognized it in 1888.

Havachin Characteristics

This dog is small to medium-sized. It has a long silky and glossy coat, while the hair can be slightly curly or straight depending upon its genes. It has a variety in its coat colors ranging from yellow, blue brindle, golden-white, etc. The long hair of this pup needs daily brushing. It is a relatively friendly and calm canine but can be anxious and rude if not provided with the proper care and attention.

How Big to Havachin Get

The Havachin is a medium-sized dog that does not grow as much as other dogs can. It is a small, cute and adorable dog that can grow up to 9 inches or 23 cm. So, people who are scared of big and horrible dogs can be one of their priorities. It is a cute, tiny, and delightful dog.

How Long Does Havachin Live

The lifespan of Havachin is about 13 to 15 years. Life expectancy depends upon the quality of life. If the breed is well kept and properly cared about its health and food and loved and given attention, it can live long.

How Much Does a Havachin Cost

The cost of Havachin ranges from 650 to 1800 USD. The price of a dog depends upon the health and the age of the dog. If the dog is healthy and fits, then its price is high.

Havachin Temperament/Personality

Havachin is a very friendly, civil, and man-loving dog. It loves its owner and always be around and whirl around him like a spinning top. It is not a shy dog and loves to be generous and friendly with people. The affectionate and jolly nature of this cute little puppy not only provokes people to love it but also to play with it.

This furry being loved and enjoyed the company of people and feels anxious and stressed when left alone. It has a very sensitive nature and can suffer through anxiety. Lack of proper attention and love results in the distressed behavior of your puppy. It can even destroy by scratching, chewing stuff, and barking loud if proper attention is not given. Normally, this hybrid is not yappy but smart enough to train.

Caring for Havachin

As every dog need care and attention, this tiny dog needs extra care in health, maintenance, and nutrition. Following are the cares that an owner must attain.

Havachin Nutrition

Havachin dog needs a proper healthy diet with a cup of dry dog food per day. It does not have to feed a lot, taking its smaller tummy. Its physical activity is not too much, so it needs a balanced diet specially made for small pups to remain healthy and fit.

How to Groom a Havachin

Havachin has long and beautiful hair that is slightly curly, although it can also have straight hair depending upon the dominance of its parent. This cute tiny breed has a coat of long and silky hair, so it needs combing daily. This dog needs routine teeth brushing. Dog-safe toothpaste should be used for this purpose, as fluoride in human toothpaste can harm your dog. This dog has very little shedding, so it does not need combing twice or thrice a day.

Havachin Activity Level

The Havachin needs daily walking and less intense physical exercises. Daily walking is very crucial for its health. Dog toys and automatic fetch machines are also good to meet its activity needs.

Caring for Havachin

Havachin needs proper care and probing. It needs not only care but also attention which will keep it away from anxiety and stress. You have to give care to your pup in every aspect, particularly when in the puppyhood of your dog. The owner must use a dog crate for the extra safety of the little-sized dogs.

Daily walking is significant for its health and its good temperament and behavior; otherwise, it may get sick and anxious and can be a cause of destruction. An owner can track its pet activity by pet tracker.

Havachin Health

Hybrid dogs have this fortune that they have reshuffling genes to not get sick easily as other dogs. They have both of the disease-resistant genes of their parents. They rarely have diseases that plagued their parents, such as portosystemic shunts mitral valve disease. For the pup’s well-being, the owner must go to the proper vet and give medications for dogs suggested by the vet.

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