Havanestie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Havanestie is a hybrid dog and is a mix between a Havanese and a West Highland White Terrier. The American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dog Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, etc., all recognize this hybrid.

It is a toy-sized doggo with dense and medium-sized fur, usually white. It is a hypoallergenic hybrid that sheds moderately and needs regular brushing. Continue reading to know the rest.

Havanestie History

Havanestie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Havanese is an old breed going back to the days of the Spanish Empire. It is a small-sized dog whose progenitor is the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana – “little white dog of Havana.” It was the national dog in Cuba and famous among the royals and eminence. This breed faced near extinction at one point in history but regained in 1959 and made its way to the US. In 1996, the Ameican Kennel Club officially registered it.

On the other side, the West Highland White Terrier, widely known as Westie, is a Terrier dog that started in Scotland. We can trace various Scottish Terrier breeds in its lineage, including the Dandie Dinmont, Cairn Terrier, Scottish Terrier, and the Skye. This small-sized active dog was used for hunting badgers and other vermin. This adorable canine with a signature white silky fur is also named White Scottish, Roseneath Terriers, and Cairn. The AKC recognized it with the name Roseneath in 908; they changed the name to West Highland White Terrier.

Havanestie Characteristics

The Havapeke is a toy-sized hybrid with dense and medium-sized fur. Its double coat of white hair resembles the West Highland Terrier; however, the coat may take on other colors. It has large and set wide apart eyes, while the ears are short and slightly drop down. The skull is round, while the muzzle is tapered with a black pointy nose.

How Big to Havanestie Get

The small-sized Havanestie stands between 8.5 and 11.5 inches at maximum and does not weigh more than 17 lbs. On average, this pup stands approximately 10-11 inches weighing around 11-17 lbs at the withers.

How Long Does Havanestie Live

The life expectancy of a Havanestie is that of a small variety canine, and smaller pups live more than larger ones. Expect him to live somewhere between 14 to 16 years. You can also increase this value with good care and investing in your pup.

How Much Does a Havanestie Cost

A Havanestie is a hybrid dog, and the hybrids have cheaper rates as compared to purebred dogs. Procuring a hybrid dog could be a bit of a challenge. These dogs don’t often show up at shelters or rescue homes, either, so be prepared to hunt around on the internet to find a reputable breeder.

Havanestie Temperament/Personality

Havanestie is a playful, affectionate, and eager to please dog. His cheerful disposition is delightful, and he loves to learn antics that will make you laugh. He is intelligent and fairly easy to train. Positive reinforcement is the key to smooth and effective training.

Overall, it is a well-rounded canine that is not yappy or barky, but it can be barking loud if left alone for so long. Don’t let it suffer from separation anxiety, and take it with you everywhere you go. This doggo is gentle and nice with children while a little shy with strangers. Give proper socialization in his puppyhood to overcome this shyness.

Caring for Havanestie

Usually, people go for a pet or dog that is compatible with their nature and their living style. But if you take such a pup home, you cannot meet its basic care needs; then it is not a good fit for you. Pet parenting needs a lot of time, investment money investment, and basic training to handle your pets. Thus, we have helped you here with the care of your Havanestie dog.

Havanestie Nutrition

Like a little dog, the Havanestie has low dietary needs. However, the appetite of a pup can vary depending on its age, weight, and health. Therefore, it is best to feed this tiny doggo on Food for Small Dogs contains an adequate amount of lean proteins, healthy fats, and other essential nutrients. Don’t exceed its daily diet from 1 cup; otherwise, it can be overweight.

How to Groom a Havanestie

The Havanestie is a hypoallergenic hybrid that sheds moderately. This pup requires daily brushing with the help of a Dog Brush to prevent mats and tangles. You need to trim the hair, especially around the eyes and ears, to prevent dust from trapping. Clean its ears with Dog Ear Cleaners to prevent wax build-up and infections.

Havanestie Activity Levels

The Havanestie has medium energy and needs daily exercise and play sessions. As a small hybrid, it can be burning most of its energy levels indoors. However, fresh air is essential for its physical and mental health. Pay different games with this pup as physical activity and provide Interactive Dog Toys for mental stimulation.

Caring for Havanestie

The Havanestie is a versatile dog with a double coat to tolerate any climate. He mostly prefers warm climates but remembers warm, not hot. In the winter season, please don’t take him out without wearing a Dog Sweater.

The smaller dogs can be more prone to joint issues, making your pup use Dog ramp or stairs to avoid jumping from high surfaces. In addition, this hybrid’s skin is sensitive, so frequent bathing is not suggested.

Havanestie Health

Like other hybrid dogs, the Havanestie could inherit health issues from either parent. As a result, it can be prone to the following major concerns Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Lymphoma. The minor health concerns noted in this breed are Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Dermatitis.

To avoid any of these mentioned ailments, you should ask the breeder to see health clearance not just for the puppy but for the parents too. In addition, take your puppy to your concerned vet regularly to keep him healthy and away from the risks of having this disease.

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