Havapeke Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Havapeke is a hybrid mix of the Havanese and the toy-sized Pekingese. The American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dog Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, etc., all recognize this hybrid. It is a toy-sized hybrid and is usually white with dense and medium-sized wiry fur. Continue reading this article if you want to explore all about this incredible and intelligent hybrid dog.

Havapeke History

Havapeke Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Havapeke is a modern breed, and its history is not available. Thus, we are going to look at its parent breeds. The Havanese is an old breed going back to the days of the Spanish Empire. It is a small-sized dog whose progenitor is the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana – “little white dog of Havana.” It was the national dog in Cuba and famous among the royals and eminence. This breed faced near extinction at one point in history but regained in 1959 and made its way to the US. In 1996, the Ameican Kennel Club officially registered it.

 In a closer comparison, the Pekingnese is an ancient dog that originated in China and is named after China’s capital city Peking, now known as Beijing. For many years, this dog was a favorite among Chinese eminence. It has been around two thousand years ago and was kept safely at Chinese palaces. The dog made its way to England when the English army invaded Peking at the time of the Opium Wars (1860). in 1909 the American Kennel Club recognized this breed.

Havapeke Characteristics

The Havapeke is a toy-sized hybrid and is usually white with dense and medium-sized wiry fur. The breed has large and set wide apart eyes, while the ears are short and slightly dropdown. The skull is round, while the muzzle is tapered with a black pointy nose. Its curly fur all over the face, ears, and body give it an immensely cute look, and t would not be wrong to say that Havapeke is another name to cuteness!

How Big to Havapeke Get

The height of the Havapeke designer breed is approximately 7-12 inches at the withers. Besides, it weighs almost 9-14 lbs. The bitch is marginally smaller, weighing around eight: 7-13 lbs.

How Long Does Havapeke Live

Expect your Havapeke to live for about 14-16 years. Below in this article, we mentioned the important aspects of improving your dog’s health and taking its care for increased longevity.

How Much Does a Havapeke Cost

For a Havapeke puppy, expect to pay around $800 for one from a reputable breeder. Make sure you do some research and find a trustworthy breeder. There are initial items to pay for once your puppy comes home. These items include Dog Stroller, Dog Crate, Dog collar and Dog leash, food bowls, etc. These are canine’s non-medical expenses that will cost about $240.

Havapeke Temperament/Personality

The Havapeke is a friendly, smart, sweet-natured, and playful doggy. Both of his parent breeds are happy and affectionate dogs who make great family pets; thus, this hybrid also inherits this tendency. Being jolly and fun-loving, it preferably does well in homes with children.

This canine has a lot of energy for a small pup, and you will find him running, hopping, jumping, and circling most of the time. However, they are not yappy or barky unless they see a stranger coming towards home. To avoid them barking on every unknown person, you must teach in their puppyhood training about the difference between suspicious and trustworthy people.

Caring for Havapeke

Havapeke dog requires moderate maintenance and a ton of consideration. You have to give your pup appropriate care and concern. Moreover, the more you invest in your pup’s medical and non-medical needs, the more you will keep him healthy, fit, and up to date.

Havapeke Nutrition

The Havapeke is a little dog, so its dietary needs are low. However, the appetite of a pup can vary depending on its age, weight, and health. So feed this tiny doggo on a free of grains and contains an adequate amount of lean proteins, healthy fats, and other essential nutrients.

How to Groom a Havapeke

Havapeke needs brushing two to three times a week to remove any mats or tangles. He does not shed much but not also hypoallergenic. So, whether or not you intend to show the dog, you must get him trimmed after 2-3 months. If you are an expert dog keeper, you can do it by yourself using Dog Grooming Clippers; otherwise, the best option is to take the pup to a professional groomer for this purpose.

Havapeke Activity Levels

Your Havapeke does not need heaps of activity but will need moderate exercise and playtime to keep fit and healthy. They can adapt well to apartment life, but you must take them outside daily for a walk for at least 50-60 minutes. You can complete this activity time dividing twice a day morning and evening.

Caring for Havapeke

Havapeke is not a very demanding pup. The pup will remain healthy and happy if you give him the right grooming, sufficient diet, and attention. Trim the pup’s nails when they grow long enough to produce sound on scratching.

Check his ears regularly and clean them with a cotton swab at least once a week. They do well in warm climates rather than cold, so don’t leave them outside for any wintertime. It would be best if they have their dog sweater on before going outside in the winter season.

Havapeke Health

As a designer dog, the Havapeke hybrid side-step the health issues that can plague their pure-bred parents; however, it may inherit if not all but fewer concerns, including patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, Cataracts, Hypothyroidism, and Liver Shunts.

Fortunately, you can save your pup from all of these diseases on the off chance that you keep a daily practice of taking it to a veterinarian specialist.

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