Highland Maltie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Highland Maltie is a companion dog that can turn your day around for you. The reason for this positivity of the Highland Maltie is the parents of the Highland Maltie. The Highland Maltie is a cross between the Maltese and the West Highland terrier. The Highland Maltie is considered a family-friendly breed that enjoys being around all of its humans.

How much does it eat? How is it with other breeds? What should you be expecting with the Highland Maltie in the house? The answers to all of these questions have been answered comprehensively in the next few paragraphs.

Highland Maltie History

Highland Maltie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Highland Maltie is a crossbreed. The first parent of the Highland Maltie is the West Highland terrier. The history of this breed is related to the Greek and Romans of centuries ago. The birthplace of this breed is the sweet land of Malta, according to some experts. Others believed that the breed was birthed in Asia. Irrespective of its birthplace, the breed charmed the hearts of the people no matter where it went.

The Westie, on the other hand, was bred to hunt small vermin and dogs. The breed was developed in Scotland. The breed was developed entirely to become a companion dog and eradicator. It was pretty good at its job, which is why the people loved it. The breed was developed in the 17th Century, according to a local tale. The AKC accepted the breed in 1906.

Highland Maltie Characteristics

The Highland Maltie has the poise of the Maltese. From all perspectives, there is no way you can avoid falling in love with the Highland Maltie. It will have a fine smooth coat and small beady eyes. The Highland Maltie will have small paws and strong muscles. The Highland Maltie will have a medium-length coat and long ears. The facial features of the Highland Maltie will shift more towards the Highland Maltie side.

How Big do Highland Maltie Get

The Highland Maltie has an imposing figure with a not so imposing height. The male Highland Maltie will usually be 10 to 12 inches tall. The female Highland Maltie will usually be 10 to 11 inches tall. The weight of the Highland Maltie will be 11 to 16 lbs for males and 10 to 15 lbs for females. The weight of your buddy should remain between that range; otherwise, obesity is going to be waiting around the corner.

How Long Does Highland Maltie Live

The Highland Maltie is a healthy breed with immunity that is commendable. Genetically, it has a safe gene pool; thus, the Highland Maltie will normally live long. The average lifespan of the Highland Maltie is believed to be at least 12 to 15 years. However, the figure for its lifespan can be increased with a good diet and amazing exercise.

How Much Does a Highland Maltie Cost

The price range for the Highland Maltie is usually between 900 and 1400 dollars. We determined this price based on how rare and the breed is. The actual price is pretty hard to determine because of the lack of marketplaces for this breed. Health is one of the foremost determining factors for the cost of the Highland Maltie.

Highland Maltie Temperament/Personality

The Highland Maltie isn’t just any old simple dog. It has the fearlessness and strength of giants. It has the compassion of small dogs in its body too. The most prominent feature of this dog is its fearlessness. It will never back down no matter how strong the opponent is. When it comes to protecting its turf and family, this dog is ruthless. It will be friendly with other breeds if you train it to be friendly with other breeds.

Training the Highland Maltie shouldn’t be that hard. Yet, there have been reports of it being stubborn. We recommend taking guidance. We also recommend being steady and compassionate in its training. The Highland Maltie does not like being yelled at in any way. It has a sensitive nature, and positive reinforcement is the best technique for it to learn.


Caring for Highland Maltie

Like most small breeds, the Highland Maltie will require your attention and help regarding its health. For this specific reason, we believe that this section is vital for your buddy to remain healthy.

Highland Maltie Nutrition

The Highland Maltie has a giant parent, but its height remains short. It means that you will have to give it at most one cup per day. You can give him food from brands like Purina Dog Food or Merrick Dog Food.  You may give it another brand depending on your won feasibility. If you want other options for your buddy, you should give the Dog Food section a thorough look.

How to Groom a Highland Maltie

Even though the coat of the Highland Maltie doesn’t shed much, it still tends to matt and tangle up. To stop the coat from matting and tangling up, you will have to brush the coat daily. You will also have to bathe the Highland Maltie about once per month. Finally, you should trim its nails after every three weeks. You may trim its nails based on the distinct click sound coming when it walks.

Highland Maltie Activity Levels

The size and inherent energy levels of the Highland Maltie will probably give you a hard time. Why? The Highland Maltie requires at least an hour of physical exercise in the day. If you don’t take it out often, then it will develop severe frustration. Your furniture will be the first victim, followed by your yard. Keeping everything covered with a Dog Furniture Cover would help. It would be best if you also kept it in a Dog Harness once outside, lest it wanders away.

Caring for Highland Maltie

This section contains most of the general things you can look forward to for your buddy’s health. The first thing is keeping its ears clean. If you can’t do that, then infections will, unfortunately, plague your buddy. The second thing is keeping it beside you. Long durations of separation are not recommended.

Highland Maltie Health

The Highland Maltie is a hybrid breed, yet it remains relatively healthy. The secret to this lies in the years that it has evolved over. However, certain conditions threaten the Highland Maltie. These conditions are Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, Cataracts, and various Ear/Eye infections. Some of these conditions are very generic.

Either way, to keep your buddy safe, we recommend giving him consistency in his checkups. You should also ensure that his/her diet remains healthy. Anything unsightly or unhealthy will push his/her health beyond limits. So you will have to be super-duper careful about stuff like that.

Breeds Similar to Highland Maltie


Best Dog Food For Highland Maltie

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Highland Maltie is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. The evolutionary diet comes with a chicken recipe that is good for muscle development. This recipe also includes all kinds of nutrients like chicken meal, peas, menhaden fish meal, dried eggs, flaxseed, etc.

  • The recipe uses only natural flavor and vegetable extracts for coloring the kibbles.
  • Mixed with 10% of moisture, the adult dog food is high in calories.
  • Leading vets have approved this meal to be safe for dogs

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Best Puppy Food For Highland Maltie

Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Highland Maltie is Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites Dry Dog Food. The small kibbles of this puppy diet can be swallowed easily by the dogs, and the thoughtful recipe is good for hormonal balance. The nourishing food has fish oil, beet pulp, chicken meal, wheat, etc., for healthy weight gain.

  • Packed with 15% of crude fat, the food improves the skin quality of little puppies.
  • Designed for cognitive development, the recipe keeps the digestive tract clean and makes odor-free stool.
  • Rich in DHA and vitamins, the diet takes care of all the vital organs of your Highland Maltie puppy.

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Best Dog Bed For Highland Maltie

Aspen Pet Self Warming Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Highland Maltie is Aspen Pet Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Color Varies. Apart from classic red, the bed is available in maroon, black, brown, and many other colors. All of these models come with a separate square-shaped cushion and furry top layer.

  • The Sherpa bed is 100% eco-friendly.
  • This high-quality bed helps the Highland Maltie feel relaxed and smell fresh.
  • Designed for curling-up and napping, the pet bed uses polyfill material to make it fluffy.

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Best Dog Crate For Highland Maltie

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog & Cat Kennel

The best dog crate for Highland Maltie is Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog & Cat Kennel. The unforeseen model comes in two colors only- one has medium tan on the upper half, and the other has medium blue. Its steel door makes it impossible for the Highland Maltie to escape in your absence.

  • Generally, the steel door features a facility to attach a food cup and water cup too.
  • It facilitates the housetraining process for you and your Highland Maltie.
  • This ergonomic dog crate is lightweight, but it can carry the load on top of it.

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Best Dog Harness For Highland Maltie

Petsafe Easysport Nylon Reflective Back Clip Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Highland Maltie is PetSafe EasySport Nylon Reflective Back Clip Dog Harness. The durable harness doesn’t come in the way of your Highland Maltie’s active lifestyle. Unlike other harnesses, it has a special handle to carry your dog in a time of need.

  • The nylon-made harness is quite comfortable, and it soaks the sweat easily.
  • There is a padded lining under the front leg.
  • It is available in various vibrant colors.

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