Horizon Dog Food Review – Recalls, Coupons, Comparisons (Updated 2020)

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Horizon Dog Food Review Recalls, Coupons, ComparisonsHorizon is a family owned Canadian dog food brand that was founded in 2006. Their mission is to “formulate, source, manufacture and ship from their own production facility directly to the market.” This is unique among dog food brands, as many outsource their manufacturing and almost none locally source their own ingredients. However, Horizon’s location in the heart of Canadian agriculture land makes this possible. The brand also strives for transparency in their business practices and has high standards for safety and ethics.

Types of Horizon Dog Food

Horizon offers four different lines of dry dog foods: Pulsar, Amicus, Legacy and Complete. The Pulsar line is grain-free and made with minimal ingredients with one meat protein source and one carbohydrate source. The Amicus line is formulated specifically for small dog breeds. The Complete line is grain-friendly and made with whole ingredients designed to be low-glycemic. The Legacy line is designed to mimic dogs’ ancestral diets and is focused around whole meats and fresh vegetables as well as being grain-free. Horizon does not currently offer any types of wet canned dog food.

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Following is a complete list of Horizon’s dog food products:

Dry Dog Food:


Horizon’s recipes are centered around what they call “purposeful ingredients”, which is all the right ingredients combined at the right levels to ensure optimal nutrition. They use limited ingredients that are everything you want and nothing that you don’t.

Choice animal meats are the first ingredient in all of their recipes, which include wild-caught salmon, chicken and turkey. All of Horizon’s meat sources are all free from steroids, growth hormones and preservatives. Pulses such as peas and lentils are included in all of their recipes, which are high in plant-based protein and fiber as well as many important vitamins and minerals. Inclusion of ingredients that are high in plant protein is important to note in the overall evaluation of protein, as it is harder for dogs to digest and absorb plant protein than protein from meat. Fruits and vegetables such as carrots, apples and blueberries are included in all of their recipes, which are nutrient dense and full of antioxidants. All their ingredients are guaranteed to be free from GMO’s, by-products and chemical preservatives.

Horizon also includes a variety of supplements in their recipes. Prebiotics are added, which function to support the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines. Salmon oil and flaxseed are also added, which are natural rich in EPA and DHA type omega-3 fatty acids, which have high bioavailability depending on their quality. Chelated minerals, which are minerals attached to a protein, are also included. Chelation makes minerals easier to absorb and are a common addition in higher quality dog foods.

While nutrition varies a bit between their different product lines, all are satisfactory in their proportions. On average, 43 percent of calories in their formulas are from carbohydrates, 29 percent are from fat and 28 percent are from protein. The estimated fiber content is 3.3 percent, which is in line with the recommended value for dog foods.

Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Horizon is a moderately expensive dog food brand – certainly more expensive than your average grocery store kibble but cheaper than many other natural dog food brands. It is important to always keep in mind that the added cost goes towards higher-quality ingredients that you should expect to pay more for. Their Complete line is the most affordable at around $43 for a 25-pound bag, while their Legacy line is the most expensive at around $72 for the same size bag. Their dog food is sold in a variety of sizes, which is great if you want to test if your dog likes a new recipe or flavor.

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Recall History

Horizon has never been affected by a product recall, which is reflective of their high standards for quality and safety in all their products. This is no surprise considering that their manufacturing facilities are company-owned and they only use local ingredients that have undergone extensive quality testing.

Coupons and Discounts

Horizon can be an expensive brand for many dog owners, so you will be glad to hear that there are plenty of ways to find discounts and coupons to save you some money. Horizon is sold at a variety of independent pet food stores as well as more widespread pet store chains like Mud Bay. These stores may offer coupons for the brand from time to time. However, your best bet for finding the best prices is looking at online pet food retailers such as Chewy and Amazon, which often offer free shipping and promotions. You cannot buy their dog food directly through their website but you can follow their Facebook page for updates on new products and promotional offers.

Horizon Dog Food Review Conclusion

We give Horizon a final rating of “very good”. They are a great brand to support, with the highest safety standards and quality products your dog is sure to enjoy and benefit from. Their commitment to local sourcing of ingredients also sets them above most other dog food brands.

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