Hortaya Borzaya Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Hortaya Borzaya is a relatively new breed with multiple possible bloodlines coursing through its veins. We start with the Whippet, Italian Greyhound, and Borzoi, to name a few possible ancestors. Theoretically, any one of these could be the parents, but its lineage isn’t our problem. So instead, we are here to determine whether it is a good choice for you or not.

To do that, you will have to read about its needs and various other defining traits. Then, after understanding all of it, you will have to make that decision for yourself. So please read on and learn about this amazing breed.

Hortaya Borzaya History

Hortaya Borzaya Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Hortaya Borzaya is a pure breed dog with its history steeped in mystery (See what we did there). Centuries ago, it just appeared out of thin air and became the breed that we know today. The Birthplace of this breed is an area close to the Black Sea. This area is more commonly referred to as the General steppes of Eurasia. Over the next few centuries, it quickly slipped into numerous different territories, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

The Hortaya Borzaya gained considerable traction in Russia. Here it became a well-known breed and was developed over the centuries. According to analysts and experts, the Hortaya Borzaya was developed as a hunting dog and working dog. The standards for the Hortaya Borzaya were first laid down in 1951 by the RKF in the USSR. The Hortaya Borzaya is, to this, a rare breed and is rarely found outside Russia.

Hortaya Borzaya Characteristics

The Hortaya Borzaya is a breed meant to be the best of the best. It has evolved to withstand rugged terrains. Accordingly, the Hortaya Borzaya has one of the strongest bodies. It has long legs and lean muscles. In addition, it has a firm jaw that can probably break into anything. The coat of the Hortaya Borzaya will be short and mostly white, brown, or black. It will have sharp eyes and erect ears.

How Big do Hortaya Borzaya Get

The Hortaya Borzaya is a giant breed with an imposing figure. The male Hortaya Borzaya will be 26 to 30 inches tall, while the females will be 24 to 28 inches. The weight ranges for the males will be 18 to 35 lbs. The females will be 18 to 30 lbs. The weight will have to be kept in check because obesity isn’t healthy for it.

How Long Does Hortaya Borzaya Live

The Hortaya Borzaya is considered a healthy breed with a relatively strong immune system. Accordingly, the Hortaya Borzaya lives a long and healthy life. The Hortaya Borzaya is usually between 13 years of age to 15 years of age. However, the best thing about the Hortaya Borzaya is that with the right care and love, the Hortaya Borzaya can live an even longer life.

How Much Does a Hortaya Borzaya Cost

Putting a price on the Hortaya Borzaya is almost impossible. The Hortaya Borzaya is one of the rarest breeds. Therefore, the Hortaya Borzaya will usually be very hard to find. If you find a breeder with this breed, we recommend separating a generous sum for its purchase. The initial purchase can cost you anything between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Hortaya Borzaya Temperament/Personality

The Hortaya Borzaya has been developed to be a family dog. With it around you won’t have to worry about your friends, family or anyone. Why? It loves being around people. It doesn’t have the violence in it to attack. With the right approach, you can transform the Hortaya Borzaya into the friendliest of breeds. It would be best if you had it socialized with other breeds and people in its youth.

Training won’t most likely be a problem. The Hortaya Borzaya has a high trainability ratio. In simple words, it means that the Hortaya Borzaya will most likely be a good student. Again approach matters. If you don’t know how to go about training it, then it will not listen. The other important thing is to understand that the Hortaya Borzaya isn’t a breed for passive membership. It will remain active, and you should expect it to remain active.

Caring for Hortaya Borzaya

Every breed deserves and needs some care. It is your job to give your buddy care with tender and loving hands. Our job to guide you in how to take care of your buddy properly.

Hortaya Borzaya Nutrition

The Hortaya Borzaya will gobble up just about anything. You don’t have to be worried about its diet majorly as long as everything is healthy. You could use various Dog Food brands like Blue Buffalo Dog Food or Pedigree Dog Food. If you don’t like those choices, you are more than welcome to look at the other choices in the Dog Food section.

How to Groom a Hortaya Borzaya

The coat of the Hortaya Borzaya is short and easy to manage. You will only have to brush it twice or thrice per week. You may brush it more often if you have the time. The second thing is bathing the Hortaya Borzaya. You don’t have to bathe it frequently. A quick rundown with a damp cloth will do the trick too. It would be best if you focused on trimming its nails and brushing its teeth as often as possible. The nails have to be shortened after every two or three weeks.

Hortaya Borzaya Activity Levels

Activity is the Hortaya Borzaya’s middle name, well, not really, but it is very active. The Hortaya Borzaya will require at least two hours of daily activity. It may become a problem inside the house. Giving it Toys for Hyper Dogs will also help calm it inside the house. You should look for a good mixture of both physical and mental activities to keep your buddy sane. Please keep it in a Dog Harness when you take it outside.

Caring for Hortaya Borzaya

The Hortaya Borzaya, like every other breed, needs to be kept safe from the sun. This remains especially true in Hortaya Borzaya’s case because it tends to warm up severely. Therefore, you should keep it inside the house if the summer sun is out. You should also keep your buddy safe from vigorous exercise in its younger years. Finally, the ears of the Hortaya Borzaya need to be cleaned as often as possible.

Hortaya Borzaya Health

Despite popular belief, the Hortaya Borzaya has almost no weaknesses. It will live a healthy life free of any hidden conditions or susceptibilities. You should look at the Hortaya Borzaya and understand that it is a breed with flawless immunity. Yes, it still suffers from the common Food Allergy. But, apart from that, it doesn’t have any vulnerability.

It would be best if you took it to the vet about once a month. First, give it the standard run down of examinations to determine any deficiencies. Once that is done, everything will play out perfectly. It would be best if you also kept an eye on its diet. Consult the vet about both its diet and exercise. Once that is taken care of, your buddy will remain as healthy as ever. 

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