How Can I Help My Itchy Dog?

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How Can I Help My Itchy DogThe sound of your dog’s incessant itching is enough to drive you up a wall! If it’s making you crazy, imagine how your poor pup feels? There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having an itch that you just can’t scratch!

As a pet parent, your pooch looks to you to provide him with the care that he needs. You want him to live the most comfortable, happiest, and healthiest life possible, so you always do your research to ensure you are offering him the best possible products. You’ve made sure that he is sleeping in the most comfortable dog bed; you only fill his dog bowl with trusted dog food brands; you make sure that he’s wearing a well-fitted dog collar or dog harness so he can enjoy regular walks safely, and you also offer him an array of interactive dog toys, like puzzle toys for dogs, automatic fetch machines, rope and tug toys, and plush dog toys.

As a responsible pet owner, when your dog is constantly itching, it’s also your job to offer him relief. How can you do that? Skin problems aren’t uncommon for canines; flea bites and allergies are common causes of itchiness. In order to figure out the best treatment, speak to your vet to pinpoint the problem so you can find an effective solution. In the mean time, here are a few tips that can help to settle that irritated, itchy skin.

Give Him a Bath

A bath can help to relieve that itchy skin, especially if you scrub your furry pal down with a medicated dog shampoo, like MoconaHex+Triz Shampoo for Dogs and Cats. It’s an antimicrobial, antifungal, moisturizing shampoo that helps to combat bacterial infections and topical fungal, so if these are issues that are contributing to the itching, this shampoo will certainly help. It’s also made with ceramides, which repair, restore, and moisturize dry skin, providing further itch relief. This shampoo is also free of perfumes, which are a common allergen in canines and contribute to dry, irritated skin. When used as directed, it can certainly help to alleviate your pup’s itching woes; plus, it will leave him fresh and clean.

Change His Food

If your pup suffers from allergies, changing out his dog food to a formula that is specifically designed for sensitive skin may be able to help his itching. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach offers an extensive line of formulas that are formulated to reduce skin irritations and relieve itching. They’re made with minimal ingredients and are free of ingredients that are known allergens in canines. By feeding your pup a specialized food, there’s a real chance that you’ll see a marked improvement in his itching.

Use a Flea Treatment

If you suspect that your pooch has fleas, using a flea treatment for dogs will more than likely eradicate the problem. Fleas are the arch enemy of canines and their human pack members. By using a premium quality flea remedy, you can kill off any pests that have taken up residence on your furry friend – and keep them at bay.

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