How Cats and Dogs Can Get Along in the Same Home

How Cats and Dogs Can Get Along in the Same Home

If finding true love wasn’t hard enough already in today’s world, imagine what it would feel like should you try to move in with your loved one and be faced with the dilema of how Whiskers, your kitty cat, is going to get along with Princess, your beloved one’s faithful dog.

Some couples fight over this. Others break up. Some never even date. But rest assured there is a silver lining in this “dark cloud”.

One of the most peculiar and popular “myths” that has been handed down over countless generations is that cats and dogs can’t get along. You can blame all those cartoons like Heathcliff, Top Cat, Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety. Yes, it’s true, Dinsey to Warner Bros. to Hanna Barbera…they’ve all contributed to this misplaced belief over the years.

Let me say this again: Cats and dogs can get a long. Both animals are domesticated and very caring and make wonderful companions. However, since we are dealing with two distinct species, a certain amount of care is requires when raising them, but rest assured, both animal can live together in peace and harmony.

First of all, it’s a lot easier to get them accustomed to each other if both are still very young, but if they aren’t, the scenario will require a little extra care on your part, that’s all.

Second, the breeds of both animals play a big role; for example, some breeds of dog won’t get along well with other species of animal, and sometimes they won’t even get along with other dogs; and the same goes for cats. Always consult an experienced veterinarian to get some good advice.

Finally, conditioning is a key factor when trying to get two different species to live together. Let’s say you already own a dog and decide to raise a cat as well. It would be a good idea beforehand, to observe how your dog reacts around other animals, including other dogs. If he doesn’t show signs of agitation or aggression and seems to “not have a problem”, the best approach would be to introduce the cat in stages, letting them get a feel for each other initially and gradually letting them spend more and more time (initially fully supervised, then pop in from time to time), until you are confident that they can be left alone.

Now if you already own a cat and decide to get a dog, it’s best to just wait and see if friendship develops naturally. If you have and adult cat, be cautions, as they don’t tend to tolerate the playing around that most puppies like to do such as biting and knocking down. Observe if your cat, bothered by it’s new roommate, doesn’t change it’s eating habits (in some case not eating at all) as this could affect its health. In this case it’s best to keep them in separate locations, allowing for a much slower “getting used to one another” stage, making sure the cat’s territoriality is respected, especially when it comes litter boxes and dog bowls and automatic dog feeders.

Provided you learn to understand the behaviors and peculiarities of each animal, and show them equal amounts of love and attention, getting cats and dog to live together can be done by just about anybody.

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