How Long Do Affenpinschers Live?

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How Long Do Affenpinschers LiveAffenpinschers, the “toy-terrier” dogs, are delightful flat-faced furry little animals that capture people’s hearts everywhere they go. Everything from their unique personality to their loud and confident temperament invokes giggles and fondness.

Their funny monkey-like face, their Einstein hair, add up to make them all the more adorable. These dogs adore their family and are fiercely loyal to them.

Continue reading to know how long these dogs live. In this article, we shall also discuss how you can expand its life with proper care.

The life expectancy of Affenpinschers

This is one of the hardest questions that you might find yourself asking as pet owners. As difficult as it is, knowing about your pet’s life span is essential.

Affenpinschers are a healthy breed that lives for an average of 12-15 years. Although this may seem like a short period for you, these dogs stay strong past their teenage years.

However, proper care and maintenance are needed for your Affenpinscher to live to its maximum capacity. Although these dogs are incredibly energetic and playfully fierce, they are very delicate. So make sure to visit a vet for regular check-ups.

How can I make an Affenpinscher live longer?

An Affenpinscher is known to live well past its adolescent age and age gracefully into adulthood. Despite their adaptive qualities, they have to be carefully taken care of to avoid any health problems.

Here are several factors that affect the long-term health of your dog and should be kept in mind.

Getting an Affenpinscher from a trusted breeder

Getting your puppy from a well-established and reputed breeder would help prevent any hereditary health issues that could potentially reduce its life. However, it goes without saying that you should always be prepared for signs of illness and regularly consult a vet.

Put your Affenpinscher on a leash

Affenpinschers are possessive dogs and display signs of aggression when they feel that their possessions or family are threatened. They tend to approach other canines, sometimes even twice their size. This puts them in harm’s way as they can injure themselves in a fight.

In such cases, it is better to have your dog on a leash to control their erratic behavior. 

Proper environment needs

Affenpinschers are adept at adapting and can handle hot or cold weather conditions. However, remember to keep an eye on them if you live in a place with extreme temperatures as these dogs can be delicate at times.

Give ample exercise to your Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers’ playful behavior might seem like it’s all the exercise they require, but that is not the case. They need regular exercise to be healthy and fit. A walk in the morning, playing in the park, and a little tug of war with your dog will keep them healthy, as well as strengthen your bond.

Feed your Affenpinscher proper food regularly

Small-sized dogs are easily overfed if the owners don’t keep an eye on their food intake. If you want your Affenpinscher to live a long and healthy life, give them nutritional food in the right amounts. Any weight-gain can do much harm for these dogs as it causes strain on their weak joints.

Vaccinations are essential for your little friend

Just like humans, vaccines are essential for your furry friend as well. Having them take all the necessary shots gives them an immunity boost and keeps life-threatening diseases away.

Besides regular vaccines, getting your dog spayed or neutered will also be highly beneficial for its health. Paying regular visits to the vet is also necessary.

Final thoughts

With their tiny and adorable size, Affenpinschers may deceive people into thinking that they’re fragile, but their bold nature and fearlessness can intimidate dogs much larger than them. Often, they believe themselves to be much larger than they actually are. Due to this, they’re affectionally called “diablotin moustachu,” or mustached little devil in French.

Though these dogs live only an average life, they are very entertaining to have around the house.


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