How Long Do Afghan Hounds Live?

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How Long Do Afghan Hounds LiveAre you looking for a stylish dog? Someone who can make you feel safe but also be a center of attention as soon as you walk in a crowd? If that is the case, then the Afghan Hounds are one of the most beautiful creatures you will ever see.

This is an elegant and noble-looking breed that will completely capture your heart. They are loving and caring but at the same time, are free spirits. Afghans have their own exceptional, spectacular personalities that are unmatched.

If you want to raise an Afghan Hound, get to know more about their lifespan and how to care for them in this article.

The average lifespan of Afghan Hounds

Afghans Hounds are tough and spirited dogs that are not scared to do what they want. This courageous quality in the breed is the reason why they make such excellent watchdogs.

Their physical and mental strength is also what usually helps them lead a long and healthy life. This is why Afghans tend to live for about 12-14 years of age, which is more than the average lifespan of its other large cousins. However, they need a lot of care from your side to keep them in good condition.

Afghans are prone to genetic disorders and even bacterial infections. In fact, thyroid diseases and cataract problems are a major concern in this breed. Unlike other large breeds, hip and elbow dysplasia is not that common in them. Although, it does occur more frequently in Afghans than in the case of other sighthounds.

The fatal issues that Afghan Hounds are at risk with is a blood-clotting disease and laryngeal paralysis. To make sure that you are providing the best health care, ask the breeder about their lineage, and if they are prone to any particular issue. Also, consult a reputed vet to know the appropriate measures to take care of them.

How can I make an Afghan Hound live longer?

Afghan Hounds have a pretty good idea of themselves and often tend to not listen to their owners. But when it comes to loving and protecting you, they are the best dogs to have. Once you learn to deal with their dominant yet aloof nature, bonding with this breed is a piece of cake.

Even though they showcase an independent nature, they are always looking to form strong bonds with people. Creating a strong relationship with an Afghan not only helps both of you in coming closer, but it also improves their overall well-being.

This breed has the stamina of a hunter dog, and they tend to be quite restless. This is why Afghans need to run a lot more than other dogs. If they do not get enough time in the day to be active and stretch their body, their muscle growth can slow down immensely. This can lead to a deteriorating health condition in them.

However, one of the fatal causes in Afghans is being hit by a car. So, make sure to put a leash on them whenever you take them out for a run.

Now, in terms of feeding, these sighthounds have low body fat, so feeding them a vet recommended a strict diet is the safest option. Also, keep a note of the food that they like eating and work around those.

To Sum It Up

Afghan Hounds prefer physical activity. So to keep them healthy, indulging them in a good run and an exercise routine is the best way to ensure that your Afghan lives long. A stimulating environment can make them feel at home, which is a source of joy for them.

A happy, healthy, fun, and lively home is all they need. And if you are someone who feels comfortable in such a surrounding, then the Afghan Hound is the right choice for you.


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