How Long Do Great Pyrenees Live?

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How Long Do Great Pyrenees LiveYou must be aware of their majestic personalities. Great Pyrenees are brave, powerful, and wary, and make for the most pleasant dogs to own. This breed, whose origins make them inherent protectors, know how to take care of the ones they love.

Do you have a Great Pyrenees? Are you thinking of adopting one? If you want to know how long they live and how you can stretch their lifespan, you have come to the right place!

Continue reading to find out more about their lifespan and their potential to live longer.

The average lifespan of a Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a breed that is strong and sturdy. Although they fall under the large category of dogs, their lifespan is not as long compared to their cousins. And this goes for almost all larger breeds.

According to a US breed study, the average lifespan of a Great Pyrenees dog is up to 10-12 years. Their longevity can stretch to 1 or 2 years additionally, only if they are properly looked after. So, if you own or are considering adopting a Great Pyrenees, you need to take care of a few vital things to care for them.

Since these are purebred dogs, they tend to be prone to genetic health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Heart problems and cancer of bones or reproductive parts are also a big concern when it comes to Great Pyrenees.

They are also susceptible to vision and hearing problems. And because of their deep-chested body, they are at a higher risk of bloat, a gastrointestinal syndrome.

This is why we recommend you to first know all about the dog’s origin and family before parenting one. It will help you in knowing what you need to care for the most while raising your dog.

To have a healthy and strong Pyrenees, make sure you get in touch with a good, verified breeder who can give you a written documentation of the vet examines, health problems, and overall information about your dog.

How can I make a Great Pyrenees live longer

The Pyrenees, unlike their tough and rugged behavior, will need a lot of care, affection, and sensitivity from you. Many factors affect the lifespan of a Great Pyrenees Dog. These include their size and general health conditions.

Although this is a watchful and protective breed, they are moderately active. This does not mean that they do not need any exercise. A routine of play and exercise is essential to keep your dog’s energy flowing. Even a short walk or a brisk run every day can suffice to keep them healthy. Also, because of their mountain heritage, they make a really good hiking companion.

Early, frequent socialization is crucial to prevent them from becoming jealous or afraid of anything new or different. This helps to keep their mind sound and cause less stress.

The most important factor in keeping your Great Pyrenees healthy and eventually increasing their lifespan, is how happy you keep them. Treat them as a family member, shower them with love, and they’ll stay healthy!


Every Great Pyrenees dog is looking for a home that understands them. They want someone whom they can rely on and feel safe. Being guard dogs themselves, they need someone to protect them and take that little step forward in communicating with them. If you want to raise this breed, then giving them affection, warmth, and taking care of their health, can eventually make them live longer than their expected lifespan.


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