How Many Calories do Dogs Need?

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How Many Calories Do Dogs NeedEnsuring your canine companion eats a highly nutritious dog food is vital for his overall health and well-being. Not only should you select a dog food brand that is made with the most wholesome ingredients, but you should also consider the calorie content of his chow. Why? – Because if he’s eating too many calories, he’ll end up packing on the pounds; and just like excess weight is unhealthy for humans, it’s also unhealthy for canines.

Canine obesity can lead to a variety of health complications; it can contribute to joint issues, reduce mobility, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, just to name a few problems that could arise if your pooch is overweight.  Don’t just assume that just because you are putting less dry dog food or wet dog food in your pup’s dog bowl that you’re reducing the amount of calories that he’s eating; if  it has a high calorie content, no matter how small the portion sizes may be, he can still end up gaining weight. Make sure that you read the ingredient list provided on the package to find out how many calories the food contains.

But trying to determine how many calories your pooch should be eating can be tricky. After all, a calorie refers to the unit of energy a food serving provides, and your pup does need his energy. So, how many calories does your furry friend need? According to animal nutritionists, in order to maintain a healthy weight, the majority of canines require between 25 and 30 calories per pound of body weight. Your pup’s activity level also needs to be taken into consideration when determining how many calories he needs; for example, if he would rather spend the day snoozing away in his dog bed than playing with interactive dog toys, then he’s going to need less calories to avoid weight gain; however, your four-legged pal loves chasing squirrels, is constantly asking you to strap him into his dog harness (well, maybe not verbally asking you, but you know what we mean), and if you two are always playing tug-o-war with his rope and tug toys, he’s going to need more calories to fuel his energy needs and to prevent him from losing weight (being underweight is unhealthy for canines, too).

So, let’s say that your pup weight 30 pounds and he’s moderately active; he’s going to need to eat around 800 calories a day in order to maintain his ideal weight. But what if your furry friend weight 15 pounds or 95 pounds? How can you tell how many calories he should be eating on a daily basis? You can use one of the many canine calorie calculators that can be found online; just input the necessary information to find out how many calories your fur-baby should be eating every day. Or, you can speak to your vet.

Remember when you’re determining your pet’s daily caloric intake, don’t forget to factor in those dog treats, as they calorie content from those tasty treats can really add up.

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Image Source: BBC