How Much Does A French Bulldog Cost?

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How Much Does A French Bulldog Cost 1024x680Even though its ancestors were bred for bull-baiting and pit fighting, the Frenchie is a petite breed of Bulldog that was created in the 1800s for companionship. As companions, they were created in Normandy, France, where they remain now. Unfortunately, this happy pooch has a slew of health issues that need to be addressed, so he or she needs a caring home to protect him or her. They are one of the oldest dog breed and among the most popular dog breed in France. typically, French bulldogs cost between $1,200 and $2000. You should expect to spend less in Asia since these canines are more prevalent. You’ll pay between $2,000 and $3,000 for a puppy price with prize genes.

As a family pet and friendly dog, a French Bulldog is just what you’re looking for. However, these dogs are not French and were produced in London by the English Bulldog. Pet lovers are drawn to them because of their little stature and unique personalities, but they need a significant financial commitment, which most people cannot do. French bulldogs with good bloodlines might be affordable even if you’re worried about the cost of your favorite dog breed. Note: variations of this breed can be more costly. For instance, the Blue French Bulldog is more expensive usually due to its rarity and newness to the French Bulldog breed. That is something to consider when looking to get a new puppy. 

One Time Costs: French Bulldog

The price of getting a dog is a one-time expense. Apart from spaying and neutering or microchips, you’ll keep on playing regularly for other essentials like vet appointments, food, and cleaning. Although many individuals already consider these expenditures in their daily lives, the upfront cost is what they’re most concerned about. Puppy mills should be avoided.

French Bulldog Breeders

There is a fee to pay for a French Bulldog, but it isn’t prohibitive if you purchase from a reputable breeder with a long history of success. The French Bulldog puppy may cost anything from $1,500 to $3,000. People anticipate spending more, but in the long run, you’re likely to save money since dogs that originate from subpar breeders tend to have more health concerns that might cost you a lot of money in the long run.

A good breeders of French Bulldog will cost you around $1500-$3000.

French Bulldog Adoption

Adopting one of these dogs would likely need going via a breed-specific rescue. Increasing numbers of individuals are adopting pets. Adoption expenses are lower and generally include the cost of spaying or neutering and the first round of vaccinations. Adopting a French Bulldog may cost anything from $250 to $500. This pricing may vary based on where you live and whether or not the dog’s past is known to the sitter. If this is the case, the puppies are often a mix of different breeds due to unintentional mattings.

Adopting a French Bulldog will cost around $250-$500.

French Bulldog Free

Unless you’re bringing in a dog for someone that can no longer respect them, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to receive a French Bulldog free. Ask as many inquiries as you can to ensure that you aren’t taking in an undesired puppy from a total stranger and that you aren’t obtaining the dog from one total stranger. Before committing, it’s good to get their medical records from their veterinarian or take him in for a checkup.

French Bulldog Setup & Supplies

To introduce a dog into your house, you don’t need to do a lot of preparation. The first item you’ll need is high-quality dog food, which typically costs $2 to $3 a pound or $55 for a 30-pound bag. You’ll want to acquire a mattress to rest upon if you don’t like them on your couch. To properly care for a French Bulldog, you’ll need many items. Even though they are essential for just a new dog, most of them are essential for a French Bulldog of any age.

And so, as a French Bulldog gets older, you’ll have to review whether or not anything has to be updated because of wear or because of a new size, kind, level, or other necessity. An ID badge & collar, brush, bed, toys (yeah, they are required), carrier. Choosing the correct plates for both food & clean water is critical, even though it seems one of the easiest things to have.

Your French Bulldog will benefit from a bowl that’s the right size to avoid obstacles to eating, such as banging the rim or a bowl that’s too deep to grasp without overstretching the dog.

The setup and supplies of a French Bulldog will cost around $143-$400 per month.

Monthly Costs: French Bulldog

The maintenance of the French Bulldog requires careful consideration of several issues. In addition to the upfront fees, you need to factor in the additional monthly costs. Once a month, a 30-pound dog food container is about what you can expect to spend. At the very least, they’ll need to be groomed once a month. With prescriptions and visits to the veterinarian, even those who buy pet insurance, this might rack up to a greater sum than what you’re pleased with.

The monthly costs of a French Bulldog will cost around $270-$810.

French Bulldog Dog Food Costs

Even though French Bulldogs are indeed a shorter breed, they are active and consume a decent quantity of food despite their tiny size. The average amount of food consumed by a dog of this breed in a single month is 30 pounds.

When it comes to food, it’s important to think about the brand you’ll buy. Short-term and long-term health may be adversely affected by poor-quality food items.

You should avoid foods that contain chemicals since they may cause dry skin, itchy skin, and hair loss. This is entirely dependent on how much food your dog consumes. Puppies require anything from 1 to 3 cups of food every day. However, as they grow older dogs, they will require a minimum of a cup of water every day. A 30-pound bag, which costs around $60, holds around 120 servings of food. This implies you’ll have to restock once each four months if they only consume 1 cup each day (they may eat more at times).

Dog foods will cost you $20-$60 per month.

French Bulldog Grooming Costs

As a rule, French Bulldogs are short-haired dogs that do not require hair grooming but still demand a great deal of attention and regular grooming. Dog grooming specialist recommends bringing your dog to a specialist 4 – 7 times a year. The yearly cost should be about $320 if you pay $40 to $60 every visit. However, the dog’s health and well-being will be improved by taking it to a professional groomer. This includes a wash and shampoo, nail clipping, teeth brushing, and eye & ear cleaning for dogs groomed professionally. Various variables, including dog height, hair condition, health, age, canine behavior, and the services ordered, influence the cost of dog grooming. If you would not want to bring your pet to a professional groomer, a DIY cleaning kit is an option. On average, they can be purchased online or at a shop for $75, and they come with everything you need to care for your French Bulldog at home!

The grooming of a French Bulldog will cost you around $40-$60 per month.

Entertainment/Toy Costs: French Bulldog

French Bulldog need just a little amount of physical activity and dog sports. Most dog owners can handle this on their own. Nevertheless, if you will be gone for long periods, you may want to consider hiring a dog walker regularly. We strongly urge that you prepare to walk your dog as often as possible to avoid these charges.

Many dog walkers cost between $15 and $25 for a one-hour outing with your pet. There’s not much here. Paying $60-$100 per week for a dog walker if you need them five days a week isn’t unreasonable. In certain cases, need solitary walks due to their inability to get along with other dogs. This will be an additional expense, and the total cost to you may be large.

You may anticipate paying between $15 and $30 a month if you get the right toys. If your dog’s toys seem to be disappearing quicker than usual, it’s time to invest in bigger, more durable options. Firehose and other comparable materials may be used to make various products. These might be a little pricey, but they’ll last longer.

You may find yourself spending less money on toys as your dog ages. After six or seven, they’ll probably cease playing rough and more often trash their toys. On the other hand, French Bulldog Puppies are far more likely than French Bulldog adults to engage in physical play. As a result of this, you’ll be able to save money by purchasing smaller toys.

The Entertainment and Toys of a French Bulldog can cost you around $400.

French Bulldog Veterinarian Costs

You’ll spend the most money on your dog’s medical care since the expenses rise swiftly in this area.

Flea prevention, as well as any drugs they need, will cost money. The expense of dogs with underlying illnesses is much higher than that of dogs without any underlying issues. This is where the bulk of your expenses will be incurred.

Veterinary care fees will eat up a large chunk of your dog’s monthly expenses. Puppies are costlier than adults since they need more preventive care than older dogs. You may anticipate seeing the veterinarian three times if you have a puppy. Vaccines and parasite prevention are included in these appointments and a physical examination. If your breeder has already paid for the initial test, it will save you money.

Adults just only one yearly checkup for preventive care. This visit, though, will be more comprehensive. Due to their increased size, parasite prevention will cost little extra costs. Puppies are cheaper than adults on average, although the difference isn’t huge. Most dog owners spend about $40 a month caring for their pets, but most are spent on a few doctor appointments.

The Veterinarian cost of a French Bulldog is $25-$70 per month.

Potential Additional Costs: French Bulldog

The budget above does not account for all potential expenses. Certain conditions are hard to foresee, appearing with some dogs but not others. For example, if you don’t have pet insurance, a pet’s medical bills may quickly spiral out of control. However, they’re not something you can plan for. It’s impossible to predict when your dog’s health may worsen.

If French Bulldogs are not properly socialized as pups, they may need further behavioral training.

Pet Insurance Costs: French Bulldog

If We strongly suggest that you get insurance for this kind of animal. However, they are susceptible to a lot of health problems that may be quite expensive to cure. Hip dysplasia, a dental disease, renal dysplasia, for example, may cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix and these are common problems.

Pet insurance comes in a variety of types. The lowest plans only cover physical injuries, such as a dog breaking a leg or sustaining a wound. In contrast, these policies do not provide coverage for sickness. You may even have to shell out money if you want diseases covered.

Pet Insurance for a French Bulldog will cost you around $45-$50.

How to Save Money Owning: French Bulldog

If you’ve already decided you want a French Bulldog, there are a few methods to save costs. Instead of bringing your pet to the kennel, wash & cut their nails yourself. Consult your veterinarians for recommendations on low-cost brands of high-quality food. Toys that are on sale may be a good option. Toys from the previous season are often discounted.

The Bottom Line: Cost to Own a French Bulldog Summary

Dogs of the French Bulldog breed may cost up to $4,500. They aren’t as pricey as other breeds, but plenty of less costly options are. Even if they aren’t ideal for individuals on a tight budget, these canines are more than affordable for most families. Those who appreciate French Bulldog will find these animals to be exceptional investments.

A pup from a responsible breeder will cost you between $1,400 and $2,200 this is the average price of a pup. Most of the $300 in dog supplies must be acquired before bringing your new pet home. Most French Bulldog owners will stick at the low end of the scale of the $65-$600 monthly expense range. It costs roughly $100 a month if you don’t take your pet to the groomer and employ a dog walker. You may expect to spend $1000 as an annual cost on French bulldog maintenance.

  • Breeder Cost $1500-$3000
  • Adoption Cost $250-$500
  • Setup & Supplies $143-$400
  • Monthly Costs $270-$810
  • Dog Food Costs $20-$60
  • Grooming Costs $40-$60
  • Entertainment Cost $25-$80
  • Veterinarian Cost $25-$70
  • Pet Insurance $45-$50

Mixed Breeds Similar to French Bulldog

Best Puppy Foods for French Bulldogs

Here are our French Bulldog puppy food reviews.

1. Royal Canin French Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin French Bulldog dry puppy food is tailor-made nutrition created just for your purebred French Bulldog puppy.  An exclusive mix of antioxidants and vitamin E supports their developing immune system to keep their bodies growing strong. Highly digestible proteins and high-quality carbohydrate sources support healthy digestion.

  • Exclusive tailor-made kibble helps a French Bulldog easily pick up and chew their food.
  • The formula reinforces the skin barrier with essential nutrients to support healthy skin and wrinkles.
  • The ingredients in Royal Canin help reduce gas in your developing puppy.
View on Amazon


2. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken 24 Lb

Blue Buffalo Freedom is a puppy approved, delicious, grain free formula that contains no gluten. All Freedom puppy recipes feature high-quality real meat with no chicken by-product meals. In addition, Freedom small breed puppy formula contains ingredients like DHA fatty acid to support healthy growth and development of your French Bulldog puppy.

  • BLUE Freedom grain free puppy food for small breed dogs is made with DHA and ARA, important fatty acids found in mother’s milk, to help support your puppy’s brain and eye development.
  • Freedom is formulated with a careful balance of carbohydrates and protein to support a French Bulldog’s unique needs.
  • This formula contains BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bit, which is a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support immune system health.
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3. Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost is a better way to feed your French Bulldog puppy, because it combines grain-free, high-protein kibble plus freeze-dried raw in one bag. Each recipe starts with real meat like cage-free chicken, USA-raised beef, or grass-fed lamb.. Instinct is made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world.

  • Made with calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones plus natural DHA for brain & eye development.
  • Raw Boost mixes natural, high protein, grain free dog food with our freeze dried raw dog food toppers in one bag.
  • Cage free chicken is the #1 ingredient in this recipe.
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4. Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Puppy

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein

Roasted bison and roasted venison blend in this grain-free recipe, providing ideal amounts of highly digestible energy for your growing French Bulldog puppy.  The robust flavors from roasted meats, vegetables, and fruits in a small kibble size make it easy for puppies to enjoy.  Because of the guaranteed levels of DHA and perfectly balanced nutrition, this formula is great for pregnant or nursing mothers and other adult dogs as well.

  • Real meat is the number one ingredient.
  • An optimal amino acid profile and added protein support lean, strong muscle development.
  • This formula also contains added probiotics for your puppy’s digestive system.
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5. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food

1. Purina One Smartblend Natural


Purina’s puppy food is crafted with protein-rich real meat, poultry or fish. Every serving of this dry puppy food contains DHA, a nutrient also found in mother’s milk, to support his vision and brain development. And, the antioxidant blend helps to promote your French Bulldog puppy’s strong immune system.

  • This puppy formula is highly-digestible for the puppy’s sensitive stomach.
  • Purina ONE also has natural sources of glucosamine to help support healthy joints.
  • Purina uses zero fillers to ensure that each high-quality ingredient has a purpose.
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French Bulldog Puppy Food Buying Guide

Your French Bulldog puppy is no doubt a beloved member of your family that you want to keep happy and healthy! One of the best ways to support your puppy’s growth is to feed them a very high-quality diet! Frenchies are unique dogs, and this does mean that they have unique dietary needs. Because French Bulldogs have sensitive stomachs and are prone to allergies, it’s important that you select dog food that will help your puppy grow, and not unintentionally make him or her sick. We believe there are four main factors that you should consider when shopping for your puppy’s first food.

DHA and added nutrients.

Your puppy is still growing and developing, so it is important to provide a diet that supports bone and body growth. Look for formulas which have DHA, Vitamin E and even glucosamine. THese formulas will support your puppy’s immune system, while also protecting their joints. Some formulas, like Taste of the Wild, also add probiotics, which can be especially helpful for your Frenchie’s sensitive stomach and overall health.

Appropriately sized kibble

French Bulldogs have short snouts and an underbite, which makes it important that the dog kibble that you purchase is small enough not to cause a safety hazard for your pet. Look for dog food that notes that is specifically designed for the small muzzled dog. This will prevent injury and help your Frenchie process his or her food better.

Minimally processed with meat as the first ingredient

Just as in human food, the most minimally processed dog food will be the best. Look for dog foods that have simple ingredients and with meat as the first ingredient. The less ingredients, the less chance that something within the dog food will upset your pet’s stomach.

No artificial flavors or added fillers

As previously mentioned, French Bulldogs have extremely sensitive stomachs. They are particularly sensitive to wheat, but products that feature excess corn or chicken by products should be avoided. This will prevent any digestive distress and can also prevent the Frenchie from exhibiting allergies.

Additional Recommended Products for Your French Bulldog