How Much Does A Jack Russell Terrier Cost?

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How Much Does A Jack Russell Terrier CostJack Russells are adorable dogs that are a part of the Terrier family. They mostly have a smooth, white body with a coat, which could be of any color. They are renowned for their high energy level.

If you are planning on getting one for yourself, you wouldn’t be disappointed in these loyal companions. Depending on how they are bred, the price of a Jack Russell Terrier can vary significantly. Adopting these dogs from a registered breeder can range anywhere between $800 to $2,000. Many other factors also alter your expenses when it comes to getting a dog.

As you read, we will also discuss additional costs that you may acquire once you adopt a Jack Russell Terrier, and the cost of a puppy vs. that of Jack Russell terriers senior.

Additional factors that affect the cost

As you might already know, the adoption cost isn’t the final price that you’ll have to pay. Your Jack Russell Terrier comes with additional responsibilities. Maintaining a pet might be less costly than a baby, but it still requires a cut from your savings. When getting a Jack Russell Terrier, here are some cost factors to consider.

Dog food

On average, the food required by a Jack Russell Terriers can cost about $6 to $7 per week. This isn’t a lot, but you must consider it before getting yourself a little companion.

Vaccines and health

Taking your dog for regular check-ups to the vet is one of the most important roles that you, as a dog parent, will have to play. Although these dogs are not as vulnerable to diseases like some other breeds, routine check-ups are necessary.

Also, tick removal and other such activities require a vet. Some breeders might have already completed this task, but the follow-up check-ups are still necessary.


After getting your Jack Russell Terriers, quite a bit of money would be spent on toys, bowls, treats, leashes, and other accessories. These are some of the basic needs you should fulfill and make your dog more comfortable in their new home.

Especially since Jack Russells are very energetic and active dogs, they might end up spoiling or chewing their toys. However, once properly trained, this behavior can be taken care of.

How much does a Jack Russell Terriers puppy cost?

The basic cost of getting a Jack Russell Terrier is about $1500. Adding to it, your puppy would need proper vaccination courses and extensive training. To provide the proper training, you might hire a trainer who can cost you $30 to $100 per session.

Additional costs for Jack Russell puppies would include special puppy food and other accessories like puppy pads. Hence, the puppies cost more than adult dogs and require more patience and attention.

How much does a Jack Russell Terrier senior Cost?

An adult Jack Russell Terrier may already have all the vaccinations and training that a dog needs. Moreover, they are not as delicate as puppies and are used to human interaction, especially if they come from another home.

However, older dogs are more prone to health issues like arthritis, deafness, lens luxation, etc. Thus, they need proper health check-ups for that matter. Your health care costs might go up with a Jack Russell senior.

You will have to get reliable information from the breeder about the dog’s health and genetic diseases when buying a senior dog. On average, Jack Russell seniors’ price falls on the lower range of around $1000.

Summing up

Jack Russell Terriers are lively little dogs filled with energy. The cost of getting one depends on where you buy it from and its age. Puppies generally cost more than seniors. Also, buying from a pure breeder would be more costly. However, the amount of joy that this dog can bring into your life makes the cost totally worth it!