How Much Does A Yorkipoo Cost?

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How Much Does A Yorkipoo CostA Yorkipoo is a cross-breed of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. This makes the peculiarities of the pup unpredictable because you wouldn’t know whose features will be dominant, and whose will be recessive. Regardless, these puppies are as cute as a button, and we wish we could adopt every single one of them.

Whether you are buying one for yourself or gifting it to your beloved ones, you must have many unanswered questions regarding their cost. Continue reading to know everything you need to know about the cost of a Yorkipoo so you can make an informed decision before getting one.

Factors to consider before buying a Yorkipoo

With it’s spreading favoritism and popularity, the demand for these hybrids has significantly risen. Thus, directly affecting the prices of these puppies. As per recent market value, these cute dogs can cost you anywhere between the range of $400 to $1000.

Yorkipoos are classified as designer dogs. Despite belonging to this status, there are still several Yorkipoo puppies that depend upon animal shelter care. True dog lovers understand the pain of dogs in shelter care. If you want a Yorkipoo, then you should consider adoption as a viable option too.

The cost of the breed depends upon a lot of factors. The bloodline of the puppy, age, location, color, breeder, etc., all play an important role in deciding the cost. The cost will increase if the dog is a result of pure Yorkipoo breeding too.

How much does a Yorkipoo puppy cost?

Puppies generally cost more than the senior dogs, and the same trend is followed by Yorkipoo puppies too. It’s friendliness, intelligence, and other characteristics have led to its prices soaring through the roof. The approximate cost of a Yorkshire puppy is between $1200-$1500.

Furthermore, the cost of the puppy might reduce if you purchase it from a breeder with little or no paperwork. The average cost then would be between $800-$1000. However, we do not recommend this as you would require proper information on the dog’s medical history and lineage in the future to adequately care for it.

Additionally, after buying a puppy, you would also have to spend on the necessary vaccines and spaying/neutering procedure. Puppy food and accessories are other factors that are best not forgotten.

How much does a Yorkipoo senior cost?

As mentioned above, a senior Yorkipoo dog will cost you less than a Yorkipoo puppy. The estimated cost of a senior Yorkipoo is between $400-$1000.

While buying a senior Yorkipoo, it is essential that you ensure that the previous owner has kept the dog up to date with all the necessary vaccines and shots. Since seniors are more difficult to train, getting one that is already trained is a great option, though it might increase the cost.

If a pure breeder doesn’t fit your budget, you could try going to the local animal shelter, and you might find a Yorkipoo for less than $500 if you are lucky. These shelters also have adoption policies in place to help you adopt a puppy for free.

Due to its growing popularity, it may be difficult to locate the exact type you want. As a result, you can try out rescue organizations for better chances of finding your perfect Yorkipoo.

When getting a senior dog, it is essential that you factor in the medical expenses as well.

To sum up

The expenses of Yorkipoo doesn’t end with just buying them. Although they are low-maintenance, you must consider additional costs such as their food, toys, vet visits, etc.

The prices may be slightly high for a small dog, but those cute little eyes and button nose are completely worth every single penny. They are a perfect companion for kids, adults, and seniors alike. Their liveliness is enough to cheer up an entire room!


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