How Much Does An Affenpinscher Cost?

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How Much Does An Affenpinscher CostAffenpinschers are energetic, cute button-eyed dogs that never cease to amaze people around them. These dogs are the perfect loyal companions to have around the house. This breed, whether a puppy or an adult, is very compact, making them ideal apartment pets.

If you are looking to buy an Affenpinscher, then congratulations! But before jumping on to the price list, you must decide whether to bring home a puppy or a senior. Read further to know about the price ranges for both.

The avergae cost of Affenpinschers

The canine comes in various hues like black, black-tan, grey, etc. However, black Affenpinschers are the most commonly available ones. The dog weighs about 7-8 pounds and is a small dog measuring 9-11 inches.

Affenpinscher is a really rare breed that got famous only after 2002. Due to its rareness, these dogs are costlier than other dogs its size.

An Affenpinscher would cost you around $700 to $1500 on average.  Additional factors such as quality, health, color, and the breeder’s demand also come into play.

It is also important to note that there will be additional expenses in the future. Taking care of a dog means medical bills, toys, accessories, dog food, etc. These can get expensive at times. But it is all worth it when it comes to this cute little furry buddy.

Affenpinschers feed less as it’s smaller in size. They also need fewer vet visits and are prone to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, your Affenpinscher will require a lesser amount to be spent on its maintenance. This cost comes to be around a handy $10 to $14 per month.

How much does an Affenpinscher puppy cost?

When it comes to the age of the canine, the younger dogs cost more. If you are looking at the Affenpinscher puppy, it will surely come out to be nothing less than $935 to $1500.

Additionally, the cost also depends on whether you buy the dog from a well-reputed breeder or a puppy mill.

If you are looking to go for a rare and expensive breed like the Affenpinscher, we suggest that you make room for some extra budget. After all, these fluff balls will have to be your companions for long, and so, buying them from a reputed breeder is best.

How much does an Affenpinscher senior cost?

When it comes to buying an Affenpinscher senior, it would surely be cheaper than the puppy or the younger ones. The reason being that the dog has grown and would have lesser time to be with you. A senior would be trained differently and would take time to get along with you.

A senior Affenpinscher would cost you around $650 to $935. The figure varies considering the dog’s health, origins, and whether or not it is trained. The terriers are also priced according to their looks or any special factor that they have.

When it comes to a senior, additional factors such as health and regular vet visits may also cost you money.

If you get lucky, adult Affenpinschers can sometimes (though very rare) be found in some shelters for adoption at more affordable prices.

To sum up

Affenpinschers are adorable dogs, and dont require much care either. These are perfect pets to have around the house to brighten up your day. Even if you are working most of the time, this breed is ideal, as they like their individual time as well.

If you are planning to get an Affenpinscher, be sure to consider certain factors such as the dog’s health, origins, and additional costs that you may have to recur after buying the dog. That being said, once you get an Affenpinscher, it will bring so much happiness to your life that it’ll all be worth it.


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