How Much Does An Afghan Hound Cost?

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How Much Does An Afghan Hound CostAre you looking for a pet that is great around children and has endearing qualities? Well, the Afghan Hounds are your perfect fit! These elegant and fashionable looking dogs have so much to offer.

Being one of the sixteen basal breeds, Afghan Hounds are very majestic looking dogs. These dogs have very distinctive features that make them easily identifiable from the crowd! The shiny long-haired coat and the most adorable curly tail add to its beauty.

Afghan Hounds were originally bred to survive in the harsh weather conditions on the Afghan mountains. These energetic and brave Hounds were loyal companions to the huntsman. Even now, they possess the speed and agility to run long distances.

Through the centuries, Afghan Hounds have developed into comical and free-thinking canines.

If you are looking to get yourself this dog, there are a few factors to consider about its cost. Continue reading to find out more about these adorable dogs’ pricing.

Factors that affect the cost of an Afghan Hound

Before we delve into rough pricing for your clownish yet grand Afghan Hounds, let’s go over some factors that may affect their pricing.


Choosing a reputable breeder is a huge determiner in the amount of investment you will have to put down to procure an Afghan Hound. The assurance of good quality Afghan Hounds is expected from breeders. We recommend you check the reputation of the breeder before settling.

Another essential thing to note is that the price of any breed is not set in stone. There is always a range of prices that you can preview to choose the Afghan Hound for your home.


The price you pay for an Afghan Hound can be costly. Additionally, well-trained Afghan Hounds make for expensive buys. But who wouldn’t want an already trained Afghan Hound?

The training includes preparing the Afghan Hound for a safe and happy life with you. It includes important aspects like housetraining, potty training, socialization, and physical exercises.  

Health and Well-Being

Before you bring your elegant Afghan Hound home, ensure that the dog’s health and medical history is recorded. Healthcare is an important aspect that you need to look into for your Afghan Hound’s long and happy life.

If your Afghan Hound is dewormed and has had the required puppy vaccines, then the pricing will get affected.

We recommend you visit a vet to take all necessary health precautions concerning your Afghan Hound.

How much does an Afghan Hound puppy cost?

The Afghan Hound is a naturally very active breed. The canines possess hunting instincts and tend to chase after small critters.

If you’re looking to get an Afghan Hound in your life, its best to get them as a puppy! The Afghan Hound puppies are very enthusiastic and fun creatures. An Afghan Hound puppy will cost you an upwards of $1000.

How much does an Afghan Hound senior cost?

If you’ve missed out on the chance to bring home an Afghan Hound puppy, then you can get an Afghan Hound senior! These gentle animals are perfect dogs for a family or even singles.

Typically an Afghan Hound senior costs around $1500-$3000. When buying an Afghan Hound senior, make sure they are cleared medically. As you’re already taking home a mature canine, they must have proper checkups and vaccines done until then. 

To sum up

Afghan Hounds are a very interesting and attractive breed. Although this breed was rare, the rise in the number of breeders and quality assurance has made Afghan Hounds a popular choice.

These dogs might be on the more expensive range, but their unique traits and temperament make them really good pets. We recommend you go through all the factors thoroughly before you bring home your noble companion.


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