How Much is a Polydactyl Cat Worth?

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A polydactyl gene can affect various cat breeds and is a genetic abnormality that can be costly Polydactyl cats, also known as “ mitten cats ” or “ Hemingway cats,” are felines with extra toes. This genetic condition isn’t boggled down to a specific breed, can have anywhere from six to eight extra toes (resulting in wider paws than normal cats), and they can be found in a variety of breeds. They are best known for the genetic mutation, which is a dominant gene.  Polydactyl kittens have been around since the 19th century and were popularized by Ernest Hemingway. So how much is a polydactyl cat worth? Let’s take a closer look. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Polydactyl Cat? 

Apart from being aesthetically unique and interesting to look at, there are several benefits to having a polydactyl cat instead of having one without the extra digits. For starters, American Polydactyl cats tend to be more agile since their genetic abnormality gives them better traction on slippery surfaces like tile floors and counters. They also tend to be more dexterous than other cats since their extra toes give them greater dexterity when trying to grab things like toys or food out of midair. Additionally, if your average cat loves climbing trees or playing outdoors, then they are likely going to benefit greatly from having additional digits as this gives them greater grip when climbing up surfaces like walls or tree branches. Finally, many cat owners report that their poly cats are incredibly affectionate and loving animals – so if you’re looking for an incredibly loyal companion, then this could be the type of cat for you! Think of all the toe beans!

The Cost of a Polydactyl Cat 

The cost of a polydactyl cat will vary depending on the breed and where you buy it from. The congenital physical anomaly means the mutated gene adds more than the normal number of toes, but it can affect separate breeds altogether. Generally speaking, multi-toed cats can cost anywhere from $0 – $ 2,000 USD depending on their breed, age, health condition, and other factors. Some rare breeds can cost up to $ 4,000 USD or more if they are exceptionally rare or sought after. For example, polydactyl Maine Coons tend to cost more than regular Maine Coons due to their rarity. Good luck if you can find one!

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Polydactyl Cat 

When discussing the cost of a polydactyl cat, there are several factors to consider. The first is the type of polydactyl cat you want. There are two types of polydactyly—thumbed and regular polydactyls—and each type will come with its own price tag. Generally speaking, thumbed polydactyls tend to be more expensive than regular ones because they have an extra toe on their front paws, making them even more unique than regular polydactyls. 

Another factor that can affect the cost of a polydactyl cat is where you purchase it from. Some pet stores may charge higher prices for these cats due to their rarity, while others may give them away for free or at discounted prices if they have too many in stock and need to get rid of them quickly. Additionally, breeders who specialize in breeding these cats may also charge higher prices due to the fact that they spend time perfecting their breeding program and raising healthy cats with strong genetics. 

Finally, your location can also influence the price you pay for a polydactyl cat; some areas may be more expensive than others simply because there is greater demand for these unique cats in certain places. The United States is usually an expensive place, so finding a cat breed without the usual number of toes can be challenging. South west England may also be where a cat lover can find a cat with extra claws.

Value-Based on Breed 

The value of a polydactyl gene largely depends on the breed of cat and lineage. Some breeds–such as Maine Coons–are more valuable than others, so the price for a kitten with the polydactyl trait will be higher than for other breeds. Additionally, certain lines of pedigree cats may be worth more due to their rarity and breed standards. For example, if you purchase a polydactyl from a line with championship show wins in the past, that kitten may cost significantly more than other kittens from less sought-after lines. 

Value-Based on Health Status 

Just like any other animal, the health status of your polydactyl cat will also affect its value and price tag. If your kitty is healthy and has all necessary vaccinations up to date, it will command a higher price than one with potential medical issues or who has not been properly vaccinated or dewormed. Of course, if you are looking for a pet rather than show quality stock or breeding material, then these health factors should be considered first before any value concerns come into play. Keep in mind cats with a number of extra toes have a higher chance of developing health issues like ingrown toenails and arthritis, which can affect the quality of life and the average lifespan. This can mean they need special care.

Personality Traits 

Finally, the personality traits of your polydactyl cat should also be taken into account when determining its worth. Some cats may be shy, while others may be sociable; some may even act like dogs! Whatever the case, it’s important to ensure that your polydactyl cat has been socialized properly so that it can get along with other animals and people in its new home environment. A friendly, outgoing polydactyl cat will definitely cost more than one that is timid or aggressive! 

Adopting vs. Buying 

When it comes to getting a polydactyl cat, there are two options: adopting or buying one. Adopting is generally cheaper since you don’t need to pay for the cat itself, but there may still be some fees associated with it, such as adoption fees and veterinary costs. On the other hand, buying a polydactyl cat can be more expensive, but you may get access to better pedigree lines and breeders specializing in this particular type of feline.   

Breeders & Rescues                   

If you decide to buy your polydactyl cat from a breeder, then you should do your research beforehand. Make sure that the breeder is reputable and has experience breeding these types of cats before committing to purchasing one from them. Additionally, if you decide to adopt, then make sure that the rescue center is reputable as well so that you know your money is going towards helping animals in need instead of lining someone’s pockets unnecessarily. 

In Summary

Polydactyl cats are unique creatures with an interesting history dating back centuries ago when Ernest Hemingway popularized them in his writings. Today they continue to fascinate people around the world with their extra toes! The cost of these cats varies greatly depending on the breed, age, health condition, and other factors, so make sure you do your research before deciding whether or not this type of feline is right for you! Whether you choose to adopt or purchase one directly from a breeder – remember that all animals deserve love and care!