How Much to Feed a Dachshund?

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How Much To Feed A DachshundThe Dachshund is a German-origin hound. Although it is a very tiny breed, it is born with a natural hunting instinct and a loud bark. It is a brave species and has a unique body structure. They’re a popular choice for a pet.

Dachshunds have a long back and small legs. They are blessed with a very sharp mind. These furry friends make excellent companions. Don’t forget their award-winning loyalty!

These fur-babies love being fed and pampered by their owner. Treats are a definite way to their mind as well as their heart! Many families prefer Dachshunds because of their all-round characteristics.

Isn’t it wonderful to raise a Dachshund? We’re positive it is. Wondering what to feed your new family member? Don’t worry! We’ve got it all covered from scratch!

How Much to Feed a Dachshund Puppy?

Dachshund puppies are extremely adorable. You can barely keep your eyes off them. However, you need to keep an eye on what you feed them. Puppies should be fed soft, dry food that mainly consists of good fats as well as proteins (22.5%).

Nutritious puppy food helps in strengthening bones as well as their muscles. Puppies have a good metabolism, so they should get three meals per day. You can also change the quantity of food you serve, depending upon your puppy’s weight and age.

The ideal time to serve your puppy dinner is before 6 pm. This helps in digesting the food better. Is your little one begging for food off your plate? No, don’t fall for the puppy-dog eyes! It’s not healthy for pups to eat adult food.

When to Stop Feeding Puppy Food to a Dachshund?

Your little Dachshund is a “puppy” till he is 12 months old. 12 to 14 months is the best time to start with adult food. It is ideal to transition slowly to adult food. A great way to introduce adult food is to purchase a brand that your puppy is used to.

Adult dogs don’t need too many carbs, fats, or proteins. If fed too much, they can become obese. Adult Dachshunds should be fed a balanced diet. They should also be taken on frequent walks. This helps them digest their food.

Metabolism in adult dogs is way slower than that of puppies. They require only two meals a day (preferably 3/4th cup of dog food). You should never overfeed your dog. Feed your pups right and let them grow the right way!

How Much to Feed a Dachshund Senior?

Has your puppy grown up? Wondering what to feed him now? Well, as a senior, his food habits are bound to change. Dachshunds become “seniors” after attaining seven years of age.

At this age, their feeding routine purely depends on their health. If they’re spending too much time sleeping or don’t exercise as much, feed them very little food. You can feed them one meal a day. However, you must make sure to include a lot of fiber for good digestion!

Senior Dachshunds who are more than 11-12 years old should have one meal split into two portions in a day. This meal could consist of half a cup of dog food. Smaller meal portions prevent bloating as well as help in keeping your dog healthy!

Summing Up

Dachshunds are so delightful to be around. They are extremely versatile dogs that have so much to offer. They’re affectionate, loyal, playful, smart, and also make undeniably great watchdogs!

Want your puppy to grow up to be a healthy dog? Our advice to you- feed them sensible portions, take them for walks and vet visits, and you’ll see the best results!

Your dog’s health is your responsibility. We’re here to help you become the best dog parents!

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