How Much To Feed A Great Pyrenees?

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How Much To Feed A Great PyreneesAre you struggling to plan out a suitable diet for your Great Pyrenees? Knowing when to feed them can be a bit tricky, but with the right guidance from a vet and hopefully this article, you will be good to go!

The Great Pyrenees are large dogs, and that makes them susceptible to bloat. To avoid the risk of diseases, a healthy and well-balanced feeding habit is a must for this breed.

Continue reading to know more about how to care for your Great Pyrenees’ food requirements.

How much to feed a Great Pyrenees puppy?

A Great Pyrenees puppy takes a while to mature. So, to make them strong and healthy, you should feed them large-breed puppy food during their first two years.

A lot of their health depends on their coat. If your puppy is being fed right, then it will show on its coat. Therefore, your puppy needs lots of healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6 in its daily diet.

Between 8 weeks to 3 months of their age, puppies should be fed at least four times daily. This includes moderate portions of dry puppy food mixed with warm water or moist food. To figure out what portions work best with your Pyrenees puppy, begin by feeding them one and a 1/2 to 2 cups of dry food and then gradually adjust till they are comfortable.

The Great Pyrenees, though mighty dogs, are very fragile, and are more prone to infections. Therefore, it is essential to keep their immune system healthy as a top priority. Moreover, if you don’t provide them with a high-quality, nutrient-rich diet from their early ages, they are at risk of developing mites under the hair follicles. Yes, you heard it right! Parasites can indeed develop due to immunity problems.

When to stop feeding puppy food to a Great Pyrenees?

When your Great Pyrenees is a puppy, it needs a lot more nutrients and calories than an adult, which is why puppy food is essential. They have higher levels of protein and fat to promote growth and make your puppy strong.

Once your puppy is transitioning into an adult, feeding them puppy food can quickly lead to excessive weight gain. This is why switching into a healthy diet without puppy food is important. 

Now, a Great Pyrenees puppy reaches adulthood by one year of age, but it is not until the age of two, that it completely matures. We recommend that you switch over from puppy food to a regular diet very slowly. It is best to take around 7-10 days to gradually lessen the puppy food in their diet and increase the ratio of adult food.

Keep in mind that before you start this transition, always visit a reputable veterinarian first. They can give you more appropriate and careful guidance explicitly catered to your dog.

How much to feed a Great Pyrenees senior?

Elderly Great Pyrenees face issues like fatigue, difficulty in standing up, and limping. Thus, they need much more attentive care, especially with their diet. Now, because of their athletic nature and size, you need to be careful of the type of food you choose to feed them in their old age.

This is why you should have a proper dog food diet for your senior Great Pyrenees. You must feed your senior Pyrenees food rich in protein, with low fat and calorie content to prevent excessive weight gain.

Mature Great Pyrenees dogs require more oil in their diet to lubricate their bones. Well-balanced nutrient-based dog food can help relieve your aging dog’s health issues.

A recommended amount for these senior Pyrenees is between 4 to 6 cups of high-quality dry food daily, divided into two meals.

To sum up

A Great Pyrenees dog has a natural instinct to care and protect the ones they love. Having this breed in your home is bound to make you feel safer, and their love comes in abundance. All that they ask for in return is to value them and keep them healthy. Providing your Great Pyrenees with a healthy diet will help it stay active, wagging its tail all the time!


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