How Much To Feed A Maltipoo?

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How Much To Feed A MaltipooMaltipoos are adorable dogs that make for a loving pet. This cute mix of Maltese and miniature poodle requires good care and nutritious food.

Are you wondering what, when, and how much you should be feeding your Maltipoo? Small dogs usually need more calories per pound than larger dog breeds as they have a higher metabolic rate.

Additionally, depending on your dog’s age, their food requirements vary. Continue reading to find out what the right amount of food is for your little friend.

How much to feed a Maltipoo puppy?

Puppies need more nutrition, and smaller dogs like Maltipoo require food specifically generated for their size in order to boost their immunity.

From 2-months to 3-months old, you must free-feed your puppy. Fresh food should always be available to your puppy.

After three months, there should be regular feeding time. You can provide their meals at intervals that match your own food timings, or a little before or after your meal.

As a general guideline, their first meal of the day must be within an hour of their waking, and dinner should be several hours before bedtime. A snack can be given between each meal and an hour or so before your dog goes to bed.

What and what not to feed your puppy?

Protein plays an important role in your puppy’s diet. Choose high-quality protein foods like lamb, chicken, turkey, and fish. High-quality and homemade foods are a secret to their health.

Avoid products with generic meat and meat by-products. Also, avoid foods that contain artificial additives and fillers with few nutrients. We also advise you to stay away from high-fat content and wheat-based food for your puppy.

When to stop feeding puppy food to a Maltipoo?

Feeding an adult dog puppy food may cause excessive weight gain. A Maltipoo becomes a young adult at the age of one, by when, it’s growth would have almost stopped.

It is necessary to switch from puppy food to regular dog food during this time, and this transition must be slow. You can follow the same regularity in meals with only changes in the food given.

It is necessary to visit a veterinarian before you start this transition.

Changing from a puppy’s diet

You can start by mixing three-quarters of the puppy food with one-quarter of regular dog food for the first two to three days. Then give equal portions of both food for the next two to three days.

Next, combine three-quarters of the new food with one-quarter of the old food for a few days. At this stage, you must be able to completely phase out the old food.

It’s important to closely monitor your dog during this transition process. If your Maltipoo develops any digestive problem like stomach cramps, indigestion gas, vomiting, or diarrhea, consult a vet as soon as possible.

How much to feed a Maltipoo senior?

As your Maltipoo reaches ten years, it requires special attention for its nutritional requirements. Though Maltipoos are more active compared to other senior dogs, they still face many illnesses.

 As they get older, their bones and joints become weaker, and it becomes essential to feed them proper meals catering to these health issues.

Proteins and calcium are a necessity in their regular food. Care should be taken that they do not become overweight or underweight. It is best to give them their regular meals, but with extra proteins.

At this age, you must visit the vet regularly, as Maltipoos can develop eye and dental problems in their senior years.

Summing up

Maltipoos are small cuddly dogs that never fail to impress us with their cuteness and love. Since they are a mix of two breeds, they carry both the breeds’ pros and cons. Since these dogs are small, their nutritional requirements vary as compared to regular sized dogs.

A lot of love and little care is all they require from you for a healthy life. Providing a nutritious diet will help them stay active and cute always!


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