How Much To Feed A Yorkipoo?

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How Much To Feed A YorkipooYorkipoos are small, crossbreed dogs that make for the perfect companion dogs. These dogs are energetic, and their food requirements compliment their lifestyle.

These cute and fluffy dogs require special care regarding their diet. Without a healthy diet, they are susceptible to health risks, depending on the traits inherited from the puppy’s parents.

If you own a Yorkipoo, it can be challenging to know how much and when to feed your dog to ensure that it stays healthy. Continue reading to know about how you can take proper care of your Yorkipoo’s food requirements.

How much to feed a Yorkipoo puppy?

Yorkipoo puppies need more protein and fat in their diet. A nutritional ratio of 22% minimum protein and 8% fat is ideal for them. Yorkipoo puppies are at a higher risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Therefore, you can consult a vet for the necessary supplements.

We recommend you introduce solid food to your Yorkipoo puppy at about three to four weeks of age. Mix half cup of dry puppy food with one-third cup water and give this soaked food to your puppy. This will make it easy for your dog to consume food. Feed your puppy three to four times a day between eight weeks to three to four months of age.

Yorkipoos have great potential to develop gum diseases and tooth decays. Therefore, you must not rely on wet food alone to provide the necessary nutrients to your pet.

When to stop feeding puppy food to a Yorkipoo?

After four to six months of age, reduce your puppy’s feeding to twice a day. This will help in smooth transitioning to adult food. You can switch to adult dog food when your puppy is approximately one year old.

Switch gradually by mixing one-half puppy food and one-half adult dog food for the first few weeks, gradually decreasing the amount of puppy food in it.

Always remember to consult a veterinarian before making the changes to make sure that your pet is ready. You must stop if there are any signs of digestive issues such as diarrhea or vomiting.

How much to feed a Yorkipoo senior?

How much food your adult dog consumes depends on its age, size, metabolism, build, and activity level. Usually, adult Yorkipoos require between ½ and 2/5 cups of food daily.

If you are unsure whether your dog is healthy or overweight, give it the eye-test and the hands-on test. First, look down at your dog. You should be able to see a waist. Then place your hand on its back and you should be able to feel (but not see) its ribs without having to press hard. If you can’t, your dog is mostly overweight and needs less amount of food.

Dog food with real meat should always be the first ingredient, complemented with fruits and vegetables. The best Yorkipoo food will contain a lot of protein, healthy fats, and high-quality oils.

It must always be kept in mind that human food should not be given to your dog. Yorkipoos should only eat food that is typical for small-sized dogs.

Summing up

A Yorkipoo is a fun-loving, intelligent, and affectionate dog. It is a crossbreed dog, which makes it like a gift package: you never know what’s inside as it is a combination of two breeds. 

Yorkipoos are extremely cute and

playful dogs that require a good quantity of food for their active lifestyle. The quantity of food depends on your Yorkipoo’s size. But you can never go wrong with a balanced diet with high protein content and healthy fats for your little buddy!


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