How Much To Feed An Affenpinscher?

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How Much To Feed An AffenpinscherStrong, smart, and inquisitive, Affenpinschers are an excellent company to have around. These dogs are incredibly brave and can go to any lengths to defend their owner.

A face that looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon show, these hilarious little dogs bring an enormous source of happiness and entertainment to their family.

If you own an Affenpinscher, knowing how much to feed your little ball fur is the first step towards taking care of it. The better the food, the better their beginnings as a healthy and loyal companion. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about feeding your Affenpinscher.

How much to feed an Affenpinscher?

Affenpinschers are small but energetic dogs. Hence, their food requirements reflect that. The recommended daily amount of food for an adult Affenpinscher is ¼ to ½ cup of high-quality dry dog food given two times a day.

While feeding an Affenpinscher, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

How much is too much?

It should be noted that the amount of food may vary depending on the size of your dog, metabolism, and activity level. Dogs, like their owners, don’t all require the same amounts of food.

You should feed your Affenpinscher twice a day, in small amounts, for proper digestion. This will also reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems, which is caused when they eat too quickly.

Potential For Weight Gain

Affenpinschers are susceptible to weight gain, but even a pound of extra weight can be harmful to your little dog. The excess weight would put stress on their joints, and Affenpinschers are likely to suffer from orthopedic diseases.

If you find your Affenspincher to have irregular eating habits, then make sure to contact a vet.

How much to feed your Affenpinscher puppy?

An adult dog’s food would not sit well with a puppy, as their nutrition and protein intake has a vast difference. Puppies need more protein for them to grow into healthy adults.

An Affenpinscher puppy, anywhere between 8-12 weeks old, needs four bows of food daily, divided into two bowls each meal. When the puppy is six months old, you should feed it three meals a day with one cup of puppy food for each meal.

When to stop feeding puppy food to your Affenpinscher?

An adult Affenpinscher has more nutritional requirements than a puppy, and therefore, you should not continue to give them the wrong food. The same goes the other way, too.

Puppy food has more protein in them as they are essential for the growth of your puppy.

Puppy food should be switched to adult dog food when your furry little guy turns into an adolescent. Usually, you can transition from puppy food when your dog is 8-10 months old.

How much to feed a senior Affenpinscher?

A senior Affenpinscher should be given dog food with fewer calories than the food given to younger Affenpinschers. However, the food should have adequate protein as it maintains muscle strength. Giving them ¼ bowls of food twice a day with enough fiber and minerals would keep your companion healthy and happy.

Dry food is a good source to help dental issues as they make your dog’s gums stronger and considerably decreases the chances of tooth decay.

However, in the case of senior dogs, giving them dry food might not be the best option as they will have weaker gums, and the food will be harder to chew.

To provide the best for your companion who has stayed beside you for years, give them mixed food with both wet and dry dog food. You can even mix in broth or water with their dry food to make it easier for your senior dog to chew.

To sum up

Affenpinschers are extremely adorable dogs to have as a pet. These dogs don’t require much attention and special care provided you feed them well.

Even though their small size gets them in harm’s way when it comes to overeating, it can easily be kept under check with proper diet and exercise. Feeding your Affenpinscher the right amount of food is essential for its health. If you notice any health issues related to overweight in your dog, make sure to visit the vet.


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