How To Care For A Dachshund?

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How To Care For A DachshundAre you planning to add a furry little dachshund to your family? If yes, then you must get started with your research already! Other than lots of love, your pet requires proper care and a structured routine as well.

A dachshund is an active and cheerful family dog that loves to bond and spend time with the owners. They are from the hound family, and thus they naturally like to chase, frolic, and hunt.

So, it might require exercises and an age-appropriate diet to let it thrive. Continue reading to find out how you should take good care of your dachshund!

How to nurture a dachshund well?

Dachshunds have a long back and short little limbs. This body structure makes them prone to IVDD (Intervertebral disc disease), which is a hereditary back disease. One in four dachshunds faces back problems in their lifetime.

This makes it necessary to keep a check on their diet, the way you hold them, and strenuous physical activities they indulge in. So, how must you start with nurturing and planning a proper care routine for your dog? 

Well, this depends on the age and the condition of your dachshund. Read on while we discuss everything that you need to know to care for your dachshund.

How to care for a dachshund puppy?

If you have a choice, you must adopt them at the age of 2-2.5 months. At this age, you will be able to determine their physical health well. Also, they start barking too quickly, so you might need to softly cuddle it down to sleep initially.

You must get all the background details of the puppy, including vaccinations, parental data, diet, routine, etc. This will aid you in designing the routine structure according to its needs. Also, it will let your pet settle into your home comfortably.

These little puppies must be kept warm, dry with 9-11 am regular sunbathing, and age-specific diet. They are likely to chew/swallow items and thus must be taken well care of. You must not bathe it daily and take the right precautions while doing so. 

How to care for a dachshund senior?

On average, a healthy and well cared for dachshund lives up to 14-15 years or even longer. However, that frolicking and cheerful pet of yours will start to slow down and as he gets older. The changes will be noticeable, and you must consult a vet to keep a check on it.

You must do a little research about the common old-age diseases so that you stay alert and notice any symptoms. Keeping your dachshund senior healthy means avoiding over-feeding it and adding some diet supplements to increase its immunity. Also, regular but less strenuous activities are necessary to keep your pet active and positive.

How to care for a disabled dachshund?

If your dog has disabilities, you must make sure that you hold a lot of patience, time, and love for your little pet. A disability may or may not be recoverable and might even hinder mobility. As a result, you might have to take good care of your pet’s needs.

You must consult your vet to suggest the right set of exercises and diet for your dachshund. Regular exercises can keep your dog positive, healthy, lively, and cultivate a bonding as well.

A set routine, adequate bathing, supplements, and age-appropriate diet must be ensured. A disabled dog might also show symptoms of anxiety, which can only be cured with proper attention and positivity around.

Bottom line

Dachshunds are very lively and loyal companions once they befriend you. While adopting or purchasing a dog, you must remember that you need you to stay alert to your dog’s behavior and activities. Especially for a newborn, disabled, or a senior dog as they are easily prone to diseases. But, consulting your vet and staying informed will always help you take good care of your pet.

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