How To Care For An Afghan Hound?

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How To Care For An Afghan HoundAfghan Hounds are one of the most enigmatic breeds there is. If you own an Afghan Hound, then you might know how friendly and adjusting they are to their surroundings.

Although Afghans are free-spirited, which makes it a bit difficult to train them and make them listen to you.

Are you looking for an easy way to take care of them? Keep reading to find out!

How to care for an Afghan Hound puppy?

Afghans develop an independent nature from a very early stage. However, they do require firm and loving care, which can eventually make them bond with you.

This breed is comparatively more laid back than others. Although, because of their hunting genes, they are naturally active. And due to this, they need plenty of exercise regularly.

You need to give them time and space for free running so that they stay fit and happy. As a puppy, you have to make them exercise early during the time it wakes up, but always in an enclosed space.

Afghan puppies need less food in their daily diet. You can feed them around 1 to 2 cups of puppy food, and that would be safe and healthy for them.

Afghans are usually aloof. So, if you show them too much affection, it will probably repel them. But you must make them understand that you are the owner so that you can avoid being disobeyed. 

How to care for an Afghan Hound senior?

Because they are hunting dogs, Afghans will grow to be very protective and affectionate towards you. But this can only happen if you pay a lot of attention to them and their needs.

The unique feature of this breed is its thick, long, and fine coat. So naturally, this is a part of their body that needs the most care. In fact, they need to be groomed daily to avoid their coat from matting.

If you are in search of a good brush, then we recommend you to buy one that has an air cushion behind the tufts. These are smooth and strong and can easily run through an Afghan’s coat.

Now when it is about their diet, a complete, nutritious diet would include about 2 to 3 cups of dry food every day which should be made into two meals. You can supplement the dry food with wet food if you want.

How to care for a disabled Afghan Hound?

The Afghan Hounds are comparatively healthy than other breeds and are prone to fewer health issues. However, the most common problems that they face as they grow older are joint problems and hip dysplasia. They also have sensitive eyes and can suffer through cataracts.

If you want to take care of an Afghan Hound with any sort of disability, then you need to actively work alongside a reputed veterinarian to develop proper nutrition based and preventive care plan for them.

Watch their diet closely, and make sure they get a suitable amount of activity on any kind. Adhere to the vaccination schedule and check-ups. Besides that, you need to sign up for pet health insurance for them.

Most of what you can do is make a healthy home for them that is filled with happiness and love.

To Sum It Up

Afghan Hounds are a delight to own. They can be one of the most caring breeds, and even though they are known to be a little aloof, they can shower you with love and affection in their unique ways.

All you have to do is treat them gently and lovingly. If you are someone who has too much time on their hands, then an Afghan Hound is a perfect fit for you.


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