How to Connect Your Labrador’s Home Behavior with Its Hunting Skills

How to Connect Your Labrador's Home Behavior with Its Hunting Skills

Despite the Labrador’s abilities at hunting and tracking, it has also been proven that they make excellent guide dogs for the handicapped and the blind. Combine this with their kind and obedient temperament and you have a dog that is an obedient companion and helper. What makes them equally unique is the fact that have adapted to these multiple roles so effectively. There talents at fetching, hunting, and swimming are nothing short of remarkable. Suffice it to say, they are appropriate viewed as a universal pet.

Labrador Retrievers are the consummate result of generations of breeders who used a very stringent set of criteria for developing the breed. When the breed came into being, it was done so by combining several key factors. Their breeders were desirous of having an animal that was motivated enough to jump into the iciest of waters, swim against swift currents, and return to shore with the heaviest waterfowl possible in their jaws.

At the same time, those jaws are gentle enough so that the quarry comes to shore unharmed. They are a genetically engineered composition of determination, endurance, and strength combined with a mental toughness that is capable of withstanding the pain and rigors or their tasks. Additionally, they are capable of keeping that prey in the grips of their jaws whether it is still alive or not without damaging the meat.

The Labrador’s skills combined with the stresses they endure while they are hunting and retrieving are the key factors behind the sharpness and strength of their psyche as well. Considering these levels of determination and motivation that the Lab is capable of, it becomes even more apparent as to how and why this particular breed is so adept at finding the fallen prey when its location is so obscure. It also explains how and why the dog can find that prey despite the difficulty of the terrain it has to maneuver through, recover that prey, and return it to its hunter/master unscathed.

Is it possible for humans to learn from the Labrador’s skilled behavior? In a word yes, due most likely to the determination and motivational factors of the dog’s personality while out in the field hunting and tracking. This is also an excellent way to understand why the Labrador behaves in the home the way it does. Whether or not you have gotten a Labrador Retriever for hunting and tracking purposes is not the issue. The critical issue is that you understand how very capable they are of performing these tasks in order to effectively train the dog to be an obedient companion.

Due to their superior coordination and intelligence, Labradors make their decisions and react according to their natural hunting abilities, hence it is difficult to train them for ordinary household details. Even giving them the dog food for labs can be difficult. However, having an automatic dog food feeder and dog bowl would be a good idea. However, put them in either the hunting or service arenas and their skills are unparalleled. Therefore, your responsibility as the owner should come from a better sense of the Labrador’s physical skills and their psyche.

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