How to Get Respect from a Great Pyrenees?

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How To Get Respect From A Great PyreneesIf you own a Great Pyrenees, you would know how majestic and noble they are. In a way, you are not their master; they are yours.

So what do you do if you want your furry friend to respect you? You make sure that you have earned their respect, and they start seeing you more as their friend than their master.

Your dog’s hostile behavior does not mean it doesn’t love you! We’re here to help you develop the bond between you and your dog and gain their respect!

How smart is a Great Pyrenees?

Great Pyrenees is a leader by nature and is extremely smart and intelligent. If you have Great Pyrenees, you would have surely noticed that they like being on their own and hardly follow orders as most breeds do. These dogs will not listen to your instructions if they love and respect you.

Since these dogs are smart, you must consider them as equals. Commanding your dog may not be the best option when it comes to Great Pyrenees.

How to get your Great Pyrenees to like you?

Creating a strong bond between you and your furry friend is necessary if you want to train it and ensure that it listens to you. Building this relationship will take a lot of time and patience, especially with breeds such as the Great Pyrenees.

Due to their dominant personality, they find it hard to listen to commands and take more time to get trained. Remember that no matter how hard it gets, you should never blame your dog.

You would have to motivate it with treats or tricks and maintain a level of enthusiasm when communicating with the dog. Even if your dog is not listening to you, in the beginning, keep motivating it and say the right things. Trust us, they understand whatever you are saying, and the right gestures will slowly lead them to love and respect you.

Some ways to ensure a positive and respectful environment are:

  • Keep your dog well fed. A hungry dog will not pay attention to anything and will be irritated from the start.
  • Keep it away from any distractions so that it can concentrate on you.
  • Calm your dog down before you start your training so that it is not hyper.
  • Reward it when they do something right so that it understands that you are happy with its actions.

No matter what their personality is, a dog, by nature, tries to keep you happy. When they get positive reactions from you, they will be more inclined to follow your command.

How to get your Great Pyrenees to like kids?

Dogs in general bond quicker with kids than they do with adults. This is because kids and dogs share the same level of innocence and playfulness. It would be much easier for your dog to like you if you have a kid at home.

Let the kid play with the dog, but keep a keen eye so that you can notice any mood changes in your dog and tend to that. However, Great Pyrenees are generally very fond of kids.

Summing up

Great Pyrenees are strong independent dogs. Hence, they can take some time to like you. But once they start to love and respect you, you have a friend and savior for life!

With time, you will come to terms with this strong personality of Great Pyrenees, and it will learn to listen to your commands. Keep them happy and motivated at all times, and you will most certainly have one of the best dogs in the world!


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