How To Get Respect From A Yorkipoo?

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How To Get Respect From A YorkipooYorkipoos are fun-sized hybrid dogs resulting from cross-breeding a Yorkshire terrier and a Toy Poodle. Besides being intelligent and gentle, they can be emotional at times and need your infinite love & support.

Are you feeling distant from your dog? Are you worried about your Yorkipoo pup drifting away from you lately? Sudden mood swings are common when dogs lack proper love and care. It is essential to look for early signs and know how to gain the respect of your pup. Read on to learn more about this!

How smart is a Yorkipoo?

For a small stature, these little goofballs shelter a lot of intelligence. Being a hybrid child of Yorkshire Terriers and Toy Poodles, Yorkipoos inherit some dominant personality traits of both its parents. Though the intelligence quotient depends upon the parents’ lineage, Yorkipoos are adaptable, understanding, and forever friendly dogs.

They can be bossy and may have high self-esteem, but are easily trainable. Their small playful size makes them the best walking companion. If you own a Yorkipoo, you already know how vocal and barky they can be. This alertness and consciousness of their surroundings make them a perfect candidate for watchdogs.

Yorkipoos are invariably smart and, therefore, a quick learner. They have ample energy throughout the day and can easily detect changes.

How to get a Yorkipoo to like you?

Yorkipoos love goofing around the household. A simple toy would not suffice. Their temperament depends on your behavior. Your little Yorkipoo will reciprocate your action. So to get it to like you, you must shower it with love.

Yorkipoos are low maintenance pets. They love kisses and hugs and are perfect lap partners on a comfy sofa. They do not like being dictated commands, therefore give them time to learn skills.

If it’s your first time being a dog parent, it is essential that you know just how strict you have to be with your dog. Being too harsh and commanding can cause your dog to be afraid of you or dislike you. However, melting at everything your dog says is not going to play in your favor when you want to gain their respect.

Regulation of freedom may seem harsh, so always keep an eye on their comfort. Also, frequent treats are welcomed abundantly. Maintain a healthy habit of talking to your dog in a calm voice to boost trust.

Patience and perseverance are necessary for any relationship. Regular engagements and spending more time together will prove fruitful in developing a strong bond between you and your dog.

How to get a Yorkipoo to like kids?

If you own a Yorkipoo, you would agree that these dogs can be a lot to handle due to their mischievously active nature. So engaging them with kids might not be the best idea. However, they are quite an entertainer when it comes to teens.

We recommend that you do not let them hover near small kids as kids may playfully injure the pup or vice-versa.

A group of kids can be overwhelming for these little beings. Always make sure your dog is attended under your supervision when it’s with a small kid. Biting is not common in such breeds. However, precaution needs to be taken around intimidating toddlers.

To sum up

Yorkipoos are ever ready for playful sessions or calm comfort cuddles on the sofa. They are usually very friendly and sociable, and you shouldn’t have much trouble connecting with your dog.

To get your Yorkipoo to love and respect you, ensure that you give it the same treatment. These dogs are highly emotional and reciprocate your feelings. As long as you don’t resort to negative reinforcement methods with your dog, you are good to go!


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